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Most Affordable Countries to Study in Europe 2023 – Study Abroad


Most Affordable Countries to Study in Europe 2023: Costs associated with studying abroad include tuition fees, lodging expenses, travel, and study materials. If you are looking for a low-cost study destination with excellent academic alternatives, you may be interested in Europe’s most affordable study destinations.

The following are the five most affordable European destinations: Depending on your inclinations, these countries, which range from Mediterranean coastal regions to central and eastern Europe, offer diverse educational opportunities.


5 Most Affordable Countries to Study in Europe


Italy, located in the center of Europe, offers a variety of cosmopolitan cities and charming historic towns, making it a fantastic destination for study abroad. It is also one of the most affordable countries in Europe, with accommodation costs that are 50 percent less than in London and food costs that are 23 percent less than in Paris.


Italy has generally lower tuition rates than other European nations. Private universities may charge higher tuition, but the majority of public universities charge between €500 and €4,000 per year. Some Italian universities even offer reduced tuition based on nationality, allowing international students to incur even lower costs.
Depending on your location and dining preferences, average monthly living expenses in Italy should not exceed €1,500.


Due to its inexpensive tuition fees, Germany is a popular destination for international students. In many U.S. states, international students are exempt from tuition fees and are only required to pay a modest administrative fee of approximately €250 per semester.

To study in Baden-Württemberg, which includes cities such as Freiburg, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, and Mannheim, you will be required to pay €1,500 per semester or €3,000 per academic year. Despite this, it is still significantly less expensive than in France and the United Kingdom.
When it comes to living expenses, cities such as Munich and Frankfurt can be relatively expensive. Other major German cities, however, offer more affordable alternatives. In Berlin, the capital city, rental costs are 10 percent less than in Paris, and supermarkets and restaurants are generally less expensive as well. The German government estimates that you would need approximately €867 per month to study in Germany, with rent comprising slightly more than €300 per month.

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Portugal is the ideal destination if you’re searching for a place with abundant sunshine and low living costs. You can experience a pleasant climate with an average of 300 sunny days per year. The average monthly cost of living while studying in Portugal should not exceed €800.

Different universities in Portugal charge different tuition rates. They range between roughly €2,000 and €6,500 annually on average. Even though this may be higher than in some other countries, Portugal’s overall cost of living is significantly lower.

In terms of transportation, the average monthly cost for public transportation is between €20 and €30. Moreover, a restaurant supper is available for as little as €12.


Hungary is a popular destination for visitors who wish to rest along the Danube River, explore the vibrant city of Budapest, and explore the country’s beautiful mountainous landscapes. In addition, it is one of the most cost-effective countries in Europe for higher education, making it an attractive option for international students.

The annual tuition expenses at state universities in Hungary are generally affordable, ranging from €2,500 to a maximum of €8,000. Citizens of the European Union or the European Economic Area may even locate universities that provide tuition-free education, making studying in Hungary extremely cost-effective.

Living expenses in Hungary are also affordable, particularly in Budapest. Apartments in the city can be rented for as little as €250 to €350 per month. If you choose university housing or reside in a smaller city, your rental costs will be reduced even further. Overall, international students can live adequately in Hungary on a monthly budget of €500 to €700.


Poland is the most affordable European country for higher education, attracting an increasing number of international students. From the academic years 2020-2021 to 2021-2022, the country’s international student enrollment increased by 5.6%, reaching nearly 90,000 students. Students are drawn to Poland because of its rich history, distinctive culture, and low cost of living and tuition.

International students studying in Poland can expect to pay between €2,000 and €6,000 per year, which is significantly less than in comparable countries. Additionally, with a student visa, it is possible to work part-time in Poland to cover living expenses.
Students may not even be required to work due to the low cost of living. In Warsaw, where numerous prestigious universities are located, it is recommended to have between 2300 PLN (€500) and 2800 PLN (€610) for rent, food, and entertainment.

Poland is the most inexpensive country to study in Europe, but there are several other countries on this list with substantially lower costs. Consider studying in Hungary, Poland, or Germany if you’re concerned about expenses while studying abroad. In these countries, your monthly expenses will be significantly lower than in other European countries.

People Also Ask

  1. What is the least expensive country in Europe to study abroad?

    Europe’s inexpensive countries for higher education:
    Overall, Slovenia (reduced cost of living) and Germany (more study and work opportunities) are the top two countries.
    As an undergraduate, I studied in Germany and Portugal.
    As a Master’s student, I traveled to Greece and Portugal.
    As a doctoral candidate in Estonia and Poland.
    As a citizen of the EU, EEA, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Greece.

  2. Which country offers Pakistani students the most affordable education?

    Your first step in planning to study abroad will be to create a list of countries that fall within the category of affordable study and living costs. Australia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland, France, Germany, and South Africa are among the countries that offer Pakistani students affordable tuition fees.

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