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German Embassy Announces Hike in Visa Fees – Latest Update


German Embassy Announces Hike in Visa Fees According to the German High Commission in India, the fees for both Schengen and National visas will alter. All forms submitted to the consulate will be subject to the additional costs.

Adults now have to pay 7200 INR for a Schengen visa, a significant increase above the current price. The cost for those under the age of 18 will remain at 3600 INR.


Similarly, the application price for a National visa will be 6800 INR for adults and 3400 INR for minors.


Germany Revised Visa Fees

Visa Fee ForEUR INR
Adults75 EUR6,800 INR
Minors 0-1737.50 EUR3,400 INR

It is crucial to note that application dates for VFS sites outside of Mumbai may be a few days earlier, but the new fees will still apply if the application is submitted to the consulate by April 26, 2023.

Visa fees can be paid in any of the following ways:

CityAcceptable Modes of Payment
New DelhiDemand Draft or Cash
BangaloreOnly Demand Draft
KolkataOnly Demand Draft
MumbaiOnly Demand Draft
ChennaiOnly Demand Draft

The German High Commission in India has not stated why the admission costs have been raised. It is also unclear whether these adjustments will affect the number of applications.

German Embassy Announces Hike in Visa Fees
German Embassy Announces Hike in Visa Fees

Previous Hikes in Visa Fees

The German embassy has already raised admission costs, so this is not the first time. The German Consulate General in Mumbai would have hiked visa fees in December 2022. The most recent Schengen visa application fee was 6800 euros for adults and 3400 euros for minors. Adults had to spend $6400 and children had to pay $3200 to apply for a National visa.

Prior to this increase, the fee for a Schengen visa was merely 6400, while an adult national visa from the German consulate was 6000.

People interested in applying for a visa should visit the German High Commission in India’s website or phone the office directly for more information and assistance.

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The change in visa fees comes at a time when more people want to travel and explore new areas. As more countries open their borders, more people strive to obtain passes to travel to other regions of the world. The increase in visa fees could be to help cover the costs of processing these applications.

People Also Ask:

  1. What is the visa processing fee for Germany?

    A German Schengen visa costs approximately €60. In addition, there is a processing fee associated with your application. Depending on how quickly you need the application assessed by professionals, the price can range from USD $170.49 to USD $175.49. You can begin your application online and then go to your interview afterward.

  2. What is the Schengen visa charge at the German embassy?

    For Bangladeshi citizens, the Schengen visa charge is €80 (equivalent to BDT 9,432.48)*.

  3. Is it difficult to obtain a Schengen visa for Germany?

    With a 93.31% acceptance rate, obtaining a visa to Germany from the United States is simple. The Embassy of Germany and its Consulates in the United States received 13487 visa applications in 2022.

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