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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Malaysia for Foreigners

If you’ve ever wanted to work in Malaysia, is a great year to do it because many companies will help with foreigners’ visas. Getting a work visa is necessary to legally work in Malaysia. Learning how the process works is the first thing you should do to make your job goals come true in this exciting country.

Malaysia Work Permit Process

Before looking for work, it’s important to understand how to get a work permit in Malaysia. Getting a Malaysian work permit, which is also known as a work visa, is part of the whole process. To work in Malaysia, you must first find a job with a Malaysian company that will hire you. After that, your employer will ask for a work permit for you.

Before you can start working in Malaysia, your work pass has to be approved. It needs to be checked out and approved by the people in charge of handling work permits for foreigners.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Malaysia for Foreigners 2024

  • Strategic Communications Coordinator
  • IT Auditor (Information Security Management System)
  • Lead Consultant – Public Sector
  • Customer Experience Specialist – Arabic Speaker (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Security Supervisor
  • Lead Artist
  • Housekeeping Attendant – Rooms
  • Guest Services Attendant – Bellman
  • Experienced Associate – Corporate Finance
  • Residences Concierge (Residences Move-In Coordinator)
  • Commis 2 – Baker
  • Associate – Oracle

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Malaysia for Foreigners

  • Legal Authorization: Visa support lets people from other countries legally work in Malaysia. This takes away the chance of working without a permit, making sure that immigration rules are followed.
  • Employment Opportunities: Sponsoring a visa increases the number of jobs that outsiders can get. They can use it to apply for jobs in Malaysia that might need skills or knowledge that are hard to find among Malaysians.
  • Long-term Stay: People who get visas often have the option to stay in Malaysia for a long time, which gives them job security and safety. This is especially helpful for people who want to make a more lasting commitment to their career.
  • Cultural Exposure: People from other countries can fully experience Malaysian culture by working there with a visa sponsor. This kind of exposure can help you grow personally and professionally by giving you a better idea of the country and its people.
  • Professional Development: Malaysia’s economy is growing, which means there are chances to advance in your career. Jobs that sponsor visas may give foreign workers the chance to grow and improve in their careers, which can help them gain more skills and knowledge.
  • Multicultural Work Environment: There are a lot of different kinds of people working at many companies in Malaysia. When foreigners work through visa support, they can work with people from different backgrounds, which makes the workplace more lively and welcoming.
  • Networking Opportunities: Working in Malaysia gives people from other countries the chance to make business connections. For career growth, networking is important, and working in Malaysia can help you find new people and chances.
  • Quality of Life: Malaysia is known for having a good quality of life and a lot of different cultural and fun things to do. People from other countries who work in the U.S. on a visa can have a good work-life balance and enjoy a usually comfortable living environment.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in Malaysia is cheaper than in many Western countries. When it comes to rent, transportation, and daily costs, foreigners may find that their money goes further.
  • Gateway to Asia: Malaysia is in a great spot that makes it easy to get to other Asian countries. Foreigners who work in Malaysia can easily visit and explore nearby countries thanks to the country’s well-connected transportation system.

Types of Malaysia Work Permits

It is very important to know about the different kinds of work permits in Malaysia. These are some important groups:

  • Temporary Work Permit: This pass is only valid in certain businesses and countries for up to two years.
  • Professional Visit Passes: To work for a foreign company in Malaysia for a short time (up to 12 months).
  • Employment Permit: For highly skilled work in Malaysian companies, an employment permit is given out. It can be renewed for one to five years, depending on the length of the job.


  • Educational Qualifications: In Malaysia, most jobs that need a visa sponsor usually need at least a bachelor’s degree, though some may accept a high school diploma or something similar.
  • Skills and Expertise: The exact skills and knowledge needed depend on the job, but they might include being able to speak and write English fluently, having technical knowledge, working in the same field for a long time, and being able to work alone or with others.
  • Language Proficiency: For jobs in Malaysia that support visas, you usually need to be able to speak and write English well.

Criteria for Acquiring a Malaysia Work Visa

What kind of work permit you have determines whether you can get a work visa in Malaysia. You need to have the right credentials, appropriate work experience, and a monthly salary in a certain range to get an Employment Pass.

For a Temporary Employment Pass, you need to be a certain age and be a citizen of a certain country. Professional Visit Passes are for foreign workers who work for companies outside of Malaysia.

How to Obtain a Work Visa in Malaysia

The person you work for will apply for a work visa on your account. Before they can ask for an Employment Pass, they need to get an Expatriate Post or Quota Approval from the right people. Different groups, like MIDA, MDeC, BNM, BiotechCorp-BC, SC, or the Expatriate Committee, are involved in the approval process. It depends on the business.

The Malaysian Immigration Department can help your boss get a work visa once the Expatriate Post or Quota is accepted.

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Bringing Family Members to Malaysia

In Malaysia, people with Employment Passes can bring their families with them. With the Malaysia Dependent’s Pass, a visa holder’s partner and any children under 21 who rely on them can travel with them. With the Long Term Social Visit Pass, this right is extended to spouses and children over 21 who rely on them. Parents, common-law wives, children over 21 years old, and stepchildren can visit with a Social Visit Pass.

Best Websites to Find Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Malaysia for Foreigners

  • JobStreet
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster Malaysia

Salary Expectations for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Malaysia

In Malaysia, jobs that can sponsor a visa pay an average of RM4,500 per month. Salary levels depend on the job, though. Starting pay starts at RM2,500 and goes up to or above RM10,000 for senior-level jobs.


Starting on the path to work in Malaysia with a sponsored visa can be a choice that changes your whole life. People who are ready to deal with the challenges and benefits of working in a foreign country will find a wide range of jobs, a lively culture, and exciting new experiences. Your world will open up in ways you never thought possible as you look into these chances.

  1. How can I get a work visa in Malaysia?

    The company you work for will apply for a work visa on your behalf. Before they can ask for an employment pass, they need to get expatriate post or quota approval from the right people. Different groups, like MIDA, MDeC, BNM, BiotechCorp-BC, SC, or the Expatriate Committee, are involved in the approval process. It depends on the business.

  2. How much salary can I expect from visa sponsorship jobs in Malaysia for foreigners?

    Around RM4,500 a month is the going rate for jobs in Malaysia that help people get visas. For junior jobs, pay can start as low as RM2,500 a month and go up to or above RM10,000 a month.

  3. Is getting a job in Malaysia easy?

    As a non-local recent graduate, landing a full-time job in Malaysia can be challenging. Malaysia has government policies that prioritize hiring local Malaysian talent, as seen in the Foreign Workers and Expatriates Application Guide by its Ministry of Human Resources.

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