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US Jobs in Multinational Companies: Because of the fierce competition in the American job market, it’s crucial to weigh all of your possibilities before making a decision. People who desire to work in a multinational setting and want the flexibility to travel around the organization might choose this choice.

To assist you in beginning your search for the ideal positions, we’ve put together a list of 15 of the top ones.


Here is a List of US Jobs in Multinational Companies

Careers at Walmart

Walmart is one of the most well-known international corporations looking for employment in the United States. Walmart has more than 11,000 locations across 27 countries, and it offers a range of options for job seekers.


Walmart offers employment options whether you’re looking for work in retail, support services, distribution centers, management, retail stores, or corporate positions. Additionally, with locations across all 50 states, there is probably a Walmart nearby.

Check out Walmart’s website for further details if you’re thinking about applying for a job there.

Additionally, you can get advice on how to write a résumé and conduct job interviews. The annual compensation range for a Walmart employee is from $20,448 to $381,071.

Careers at Chevron Corporation

An international energy company with its main office in San Ramon, California, is called Chevron Corporation. With activities in more than 180 nations, it is among the biggest oil firms in the world.

Jobs in engineering, finance, and marketing are among the many positions the corporation has available in the US. Additionally, Chevron is firmly committed to environmental sustainability and provides a variety of green jobs.

The annual compensation range for a Chevron Corporation employee is about between $62,209 and $276,601.

Careers at Amazon

One of the most well-known international corporations in the world, Amazon is constantly seeking bright people to join its teams. There is no better country than the United States of America to find that talent.

Be sure to look at Amazon’s job vacancies in the USA if you’re interested in working there. You could be able to get employment as a software development engineer, a warehouse worker, a data manager, a product manager, an IT manager, etc. at one of their many fulfillment centers spread out over the nation.

Whatever your credentials, there’s a strong chance Amazon has a job that’s perfect for you. Check out Amazon’s job vacancies in the USA right now if you’re seeking an exciting and challenging position with a global organization. The annual wage range for an employee is about between $25,000 and $341,500.

Careers at United Health

In search of employment with a multinational corporation in the USA? There are several choices offered. With operations in more than 75 countries, UnitedHealth Group is one of the biggest healthcare organizations in the world.

They provide a wide range of healthcare services, including primary care and insurance, and are constantly seeking talented and motivated staff members to add to their team.

The most sought-after roles at UnitedHealth USA, including customer service and claims, healthcare consultants, case managers, doctors, etc., are open to applicants.

UnitedHealth Group is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to work for a multinational organization that is changing the globe. The annual salary range for a UnitedHealth Group employee is between $36,491 to $363,997.

 Careers at Apple

One of the most well-known multinational corporations in the world, Apple, has employment opportunities for anyone looking for a stimulating and demanding career in the United States.

Numerous careers, including those in sales and marketing as well as customer service and support, are available at Apple shops across the nation. Whatever your qualifications and experience, Apple is likely to have a position that is a perfect fit.

Apple is undoubtedly the place for you if you’re interested in working for a business that is continually innovating and altering how we live and work. Visit their website right now to find out more about available positions and how to apply. The annual wage range for an Apple employee is about between $31,115 and $402,143.

Careers at AT&T

One of the top telecommunications providers in the US is AT&T. They provide several different services, including wireless, broadband, digital TV, and others.

They are constantly seeking talented and motivated individuals to join their teams. Within the organization, there are numerous prospects for development and progress. AT&T provides a competitive benefit and compensation package.

AT & T is hiring for a number of positions, including senior software engineer, sales representative, finance manager, supply chain, etc. The annual compensation range for AT&T employees is $56,596 to $241,254.

Careers at Berkshire Hathaway

One of the biggest international corporations in the USA is Berkshire Hathaway. The corporation operates in a number of sectors, including retail, utility, and insurance.

If you’re looking for a job that will last a long time, Berkshire Hathaway is a terrific place to work. In addition to retirement savings plans and health insurance, the corporation provides a wide range of perks.

As vacancies occasionally open up, those who are interested in working with Berkshire Hathaway should keep a watch on the company’s job advertisements.

The annual compensation for a Berkshire Hathaway employee ranges from $230,568 to $261,283.

Careers at McKesson

One of the biggest international corporations in the US is McKesson. They provide a wide range of goods and services, such as medication, medical equipment, and medical technology. They are well-established in both the offline and internet industries.

If you want to work in the healthcare sector, McKesson is an excellent place to do so. They always seek out outstanding individuals to join their team and provide competitive salaries and perks.

There are several employment options, including those for warehouse workers, customer service representatives, clinical pharmacists, operations managers, marketers, and salespeople, among others.

Check out McKesson’s website for any employment openings if you’re interested in working there. The annual compensation range at McKesson is between $56,398 and $349,489 on average.

 Careers at Costco

With more than 140,000 employees around the country, Costco is one of the biggest employers in the country.

There are many prospects for growth, along with competitive salaries and benefits. The most sought-after positions at Costco are those for warehouse associates, stockers, cashiers, and sales associates, among others.

There are always possibilities for individuals who are prepared to put in the effort and work their way up the ladder because the organization is dedicated to promoting from within. The annual wage range for a Costco employee is from $35,835 to $335,884.

Careers at P&G

A multinational corporation with many prospects for expansion is P&G. It ranks among the most creative businesses in the world.

The organization has numerous roles available in a variety of disciplines, including Business Development Manager, Human Resources, Brand Marketing Manager, Marketing, and Engineer. P&G additionally provides top-notch perks, such as health insurance and a retirement plan. Consider applying for a job at P&G if you’re seeking a demanding and fulfilling career.

The annual wage range for a P&G employee is from $37,000 to $125,000.

Careers at AmerisourceBergen

One of the biggest healthcare organizations in the world is Amerisource Bergen. Within the organization, they provide numerous various job prospects. Customer service, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources are a few of the positions that are open.

AmerisourceBergen provides full-time employees with competitive benefits packages that include medical insurance, a 401(k) matching program, college tuition assistance programs, paid time off (PTO), wellness initiatives, and more.

AmerisourceBergen is the firm for you if you’re seeking an exciting and lucrative career in the pharmaceutical sector.

The annual compensation range for an AmerisourceBergen employee average between $38,000 and $357427.

Careers at CVS Health

Employers at CVS Health are hiring for positions as clinic personnel, retail associates, pharmacists, and more. One of the top healthcare organizations in the US is CVS Health.

The business provides a variety of healthcare services, including walk-in clinics, retail, and pharmacies. For those seeking careers in the healthcare sector, CVS Health also offers a variety of jobs, including those for Registered Nurses, Retail Sales Associates, Clinical Pharmacists, Doctors, Store Managers, and many more.

Because they provide fair salaries, benefits, and chances to work on various projects, CVS Health is a great place to work. Send them your resume if you’re interested in applying because they are always searching for outstanding individuals to join their team. The annual salary range at CVS Health is $45,310 to $157,143.

Careers at Kroger

One of the biggest grocery store chains in the US is called Kroger. Cashiers, stockers, and supervisors are among the various positions for which they are now hiring. Kroger is a fantastic place to work because it provides perks and fair pay.

For those with various skill sets and interests, Kroger has a wide range of employment opportunities. They provide roles with excellent chances for promotion at all corporate levels. Additionally, the corporation provides financial aid for employees who wish to continue their education and training.

The most sought-after roles at Kroger, including grocery clerk, delivery driver, stock clerk, cashier and checker, and store manager, are open for applications. Kroger is the firm for you if you’re seeking one that values its employees. Average annual salaries at The Kroger Company range from $35,538 to $125,228.

 Careers at ExxonMobil

One of the biggest oil and gas businesses in the world, ExxonMobil has many employment possibilities in the United States. ExxonMobil is hiring for a variety of positions, including those requiring engineers, accountants, and IT specialists.

Graduates, Master’s degree holders, and engineers can apply for the most in-demand jobs, including petroleum engineers, lab technicians, chemical engineers, and mechanical engineers.

The company is always looking for talented and ambitious people, and it provides a competitive benefit and pays package. ExxonMobil is a fantastic alternative to take into consideration if you’re interested in working for a significant oil and gas firm.

The annual wage range for an ExxonMobil employee is somewhere between $40,000 and $361,530.

Careers at Microsoft

A wonderful place to start your career is Microsoft. There are numerous prospects for development and progress within the organization. Numerous initiatives and programs have also been put in place to support staff.

The highest-paying positions at Microsoft, such as Program Manager, Senior Project Manager, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, and Researcher, offer career options.

Microsoft provides a range of perks to its staff, including stock options, health insurance, and retirement savings schemes. Microsoft also offers opportunities for professional growth for its staff members.

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