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Unskilled Jobs in UK over 40000


Unskilled Jobs in UK over 40000 This new article from NewNowGh discusses the most recent employment news in the United Kingdom. The emphasis will be on UK companies hiring unskilled seasonal overseas employees. Furthermore, these companies provide seasonal VISAs to successful applicants. The seasonal VISA for the United Kingdom will be covered here.

This falls under the heading of unskilled. This means that almost 40,000 unskilled people are required in horticulture and poultry. It is covered by the VISA for seasonal employees. The VISA for seasonal employees is not a new concept. The only news is that the UK requires more unskilled foreign labor.


This is a temporary VISA, not a permanent one. This sort of VISA, on the other hand, permits you to visit and work in the UK for a maximum of six months. Horticulture (picking fruits, vegetables, or flowers) is one example of a job. In addition, you can work in the poultry industry).

The issue is that every candidate will require a corporation to sponsor their VISA. This will be addressed in the following article.


  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a sponsorship certificate.
  • Have enough money in your account to cover your first stay in the UK.


A corporation in the UK must be registered with the UK Home Office in order to sponsor a job seeker VISA. There is a website that lists all licensed companies that can provide you with a VISA sponsorship. Currently, 65,191 businesses have been authorized to sponsor both skilled and unskilled workers. Only six of these sponsors are permitted to sponsor seasonal workers.

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  1. AG Recruitment & Management Ltd
  2. Concordia (UK) Ltd
  3. Fruitful Jobs Limited
  4. HOPS Labour Solutions Limited
  5. Pro-Force Limited
  6. RE People Limited

From the above,

  1. Concordia (UK) Ltd and Fruitful Jobs Limited do not sponsor people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Africa.
  2. All are welcome to apply to AG Recruitment & Management Ltd, HOPS Labour Solutions Limited, Pro-Force Limited, and RE People Limited.


1. AG Recruitment & Management Ltd

AG Recruitment & Management’s business style is always changing to market situations in order to provide the most agile and flexible service to our clients in the UK and abroad. Its knowledgeable and experienced team strives to be the most dependable seasonal labor provider to the UK agricultural industry.

Unskilled Jobs in UK over 40000
Unskilled Jobs in UK over 40000

2. HOPS Labour Solutions Limited

HOPS provides seasonal agricultural labor in the United Kingdom, assisting the major British farms. It is very proud to support the absolute best practice in the sector in order to generate pleasant and rewarding experiences for farmers, producers, and their workers in the land-based economy by employing a happy, safe, and dependable workforce that is ethically supplied.

HOPS is pleased to announce that it has been granted a Seasonal Worker Scheme license. To apply, please complete the following form:

3. Pro-Force Limited

The bespoke recruitment models have ensured that its clients regard them as strategic business partners, with whom they collaborate to raise performance and production standards, boost efficiencies, and maximize profitability.

Pro-Force Limited works with some of the country’s most famous companies and groups. As part of the Seasonal Worker Scheme, the company assists thousands of people all around the UK, EU, and the world in finding work. Their unrivaled passion and commitment distinguish us from other recruitment firms.

4. RE People Limited

Too many agencies are more concerned with moving people than with finding the right person for the job. RE Recruitment prefers to let its track record as the UK’s fastest-growing recruitment agency speak for itself.

For almost 20 years, the RE Group has provided dependable, flexible, and creative recruitment solutions. You deserve a better recruiting experience, so why not contact them?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the UK now hiring 40000 unskilled foreign workers?

    This means that horticulture and poultry require approximately 40,000 unskilled labor. It is covered by the VISA for seasonal workers. The VISA for seasonal workers is not a new concept. The only news is that the UK requires more unskilled foreign labor.

  2. Who are the unskilled laborers in the UK?

    Unskilled labor or unskilled occupations are jobs that do not require any special education or training. The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines low-skilled or unskilled labor as work that requires little or no expertise or training to do or consists of routine tasks.

  3. What is the 40000 seasonal visa for the United Kingdom?

    In 2023, the UK government plans to give 40,000 unskilled positions that do not require a lot of education, language abilities, or work experience. Working in agriculture, horticulture, poultry, farming, and collecting fruit and vegetables or flowers are examples of these jobs.

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