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Accountant Jobs In UK with Sponsored Work Visa 2024


Finance companies in the UK are looking for people they can trust who can work quickly and accurately. Accountants can expect to work with a lot of numbers, handle multiple jobs with deadlines, and give management reports that are clear and full. You should know a lot about accounting and financial rules and practices, as well as how to use computers and talk and write clearly.

Accountants need to be on time, honest, detail-oriented, efficient, and analytical to be successful. The best candidates will have great presentation skills and be able to explain difficult quantitative data to people who make decisions.



People from all over the world come to work in the UK because of its diverse job market and friendly attitude toward workers from other countries. As of now, the UK is looking for skilled accountants to help its economy grow. This post will tell you how to get a sponsored work visa to work as an accountant in the UK.


Demand for Accountant Jobs In UK

Due to the strong financial sector and large number of multinational companies in the UK, the need for accountants has been steadily growing. Accountants are needed to make sure that businesses stay legal and profitable from a financial point of view.

Responsibilities of Accountant Jobs In UK

  • following all company, city, state, and federal rules about accounting and money.
  • putting together, analyzing, and reporting facts about money.
  • putting together reports like balance sheets, profit, and loss accounts, etc., regularly.
  • Putting information in front of managers, buyers, and other groups.
  • keeping correct records of money.
  • doing checks and figuring out what went wrong.
  • figuring out taxes.
  • staying up with the latest laws that affect finance and accounting.
  • putting together budgets and financial plans to help management make decisions.

Requirements For Accountant Jobs In UK

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related area.
  • It may be better to have more education or practice.
  • There may be a need for special licenses or certifications.
  • strong skills in computer use, conversation, and analysis.
  • understanding of math, budgeting, and the way money works.
  • act honestly.
  • attention to detail.

Benefits of Accountant Jobs In UK with Sponsored Work Visa

  • Authorization by Law: With sponsored employment, individuals are granted legal authorization to work in the United Kingdom. This resolves any apprehensions regarding legal matters about residency and employment.
    Advancements in Professional Development: Accountants in the United Kingdom frequently have access to opportunities for ongoing professional development. Organizations may offer certifications, training programs, seminars, and workshops to maintain employees’ knowledge of industry standards and skill development.
    Compensatory Competitiveness: In addition to competitive salaries, employers who offer sponsored work for accountants in the United Kingdom may also furnish supplementary perks, including relocation allowances or incentives.
    Exposure on an International Scale: As an accountant, one gains exposure to diverse financial environments and international business practices, as the United Kingdom is a global financial center.
    Career Advancement: Accountants who obtain sponsored employment in the United Kingdom might be presented with prospects for professional advancement. The nation’s dynamic economy and diverse industrial sectors foster an environment that is advantageous for career progression.
    Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Working in the United Kingdom affords opportunities for accountants to network. Opportunities abound in the business and financial communities of the nation to establish significant professional relationships.
    Availability of Superior Education:
  • There are numerous prestigious educational institutions in the United Kingdom. Accountants may be granted access to continuing education and professional development courses of superior quality.
    Culturally Diverse Environment: The cultural diversity of the United Kingdom is frequently reflected in the workplace. Accountants operating within the United Kingdom might be presented with the prospect of engaging in collaborative endeavors with practitioners hailing from diverse cultural heritages.
    Social Advantages: Social benefits are provided to employees in the United Kingdom. These benefits consist of pension contributions, healthcare access through the National Health Service (NHS), and various other statutory benefits.
    Life-Work Balance: The United Kingdom values work-life balance highly. A considerable number of employers endorse flexible work arrangements, which assist accountants in upholding a harmonious equilibrium between their professional and personal spheres.
    Maintaining Financial Stability: Britain’s economy is renowned for its stability. Working accountants in the nation derive advantages from operating within a financially stable setting.
    The Life Quality: Aside from cultural amenities, recreational opportunities, and superior healthcare and education, the United Kingdom provides an exceptional standard of living.

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  • Pertemps – Stirling, Scotland, fk7 7qa
  • £40,560 per year

Are you a systems accountant with a lot of experience looking for a new and interesting job in the public sector? We are looking for a talented person to join the finance team of one of our public sector clients as a systems accountant on a 12-month fixed-term job. this.

More Info

Management Accountant

  • Meridian Business Support – Newton Abbot, southwest, tq12 6rj
  • £50,000 per year
  • plus benefits

My growing client is looking for a management accountant. This is a new position in a production company, and it’s an exciting chance to join a team that wants to move forward and grow a great business. the person who gets the job will have a.

More Info

Divisional Accountant

  • NHS jobs – Newport, np20 2ub
  • £42284.00 to £48388.00 a year per annum/pro rata

Due to promotions, there are now new and exciting chances to work in the finance business partnering team that helps the scheduled care division bulb. These positions are based at the Royal Gwent Hospital and offer the chance to work flexibly.

More Info

Management Accountant- Luton-Based

  • NHS jobs – Luton, lu1 2pj
  • £35392.00 to £42618.00 a year per annum

In the finance team at left, there is a new and exciting job opening for a management accountant. This job is based in Luton, and the person who fills it will be in charge of basic care and community services in Bedfordshire.

More Info

Assistant Directorate Accountant

  • NHS jobs – Cardiff, cf14 4hh
  • £24308.00 to £26676.00 a year per annum

This is a great chance to work with the Primary, Community, and Intermediate Care Clinical Board’s Finance Business Partnering Team. The person who gets the job will help support services in many different areas, like basic care, localities, covid.

More Info

Budget Control Accountant

  • natural resources Wales – wales
  • £41,150 to £46,147 per year
  • £41,150 – £46,147

Type of contract: Full-time, 37-hour work week, forever. Consideration will be given to part-time, annualized hours, shortened hours, or term-time work. Discussions at the interview stage are welcome. Starting pay is £41,150 per year, which rises to £46,147 per year through yearly raises.

More Info


In the end, using the Sponsored Work Visa program to look for accountant jobs in the UK in can be both professionally and personally beneficial. Embracing the challenges and chances that come with it can help you have a job that you enjoy.

People Also Ask

  1. Are accountants in demand UK?

    Overall, the future is still good for people who want to work in finance and accounting. Widespread skill shortages might be a problem for some employers, but they are good news for workers who want to move up in their careers. Visit the Hays pay checker to find out how much you could make.

  2. Is it possible to get a sponsored job in the UK?

    You can sponsor a worker if the job they’re going to do complies with the UK minimum wage and working time regulations; the worker’s visa may be refused and you may lose your sponsor license if it does not. meets the other criteria needed for their visa.

  3. How can I get accounting work in the UK?

    You could start as an accounting assistant with a firm and do professional training while working. You’ll usually need A-level or equivalent level 3 qualifications to apply. Your employer would support you in gaining professional qualifications in accounting while doing your job.

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