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Unskilled Jobs in Switzerland for Foreigners 2023 Visa Sponsorship


Unskilled Jobs in Switzerland for Foreigners 2023: International employment opportunities are not limited to those with advanced degrees and credentials. Job-seekers without a degree or a well-established skill can also reside as employees in some of the world’s best countries.

One interesting aspect of some of these job openings is that international employees tend to receive the same salary and career advancement opportunities as working citizens of the country in which they are employed. Education and employment are the simplest ways to leave one’s home country for another, as the immigration authorities are less likely to deny visas for these two travel reasons.


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Unskilled Jobs are one of the best types of employment opportunities for international applicants without a degree who want to work and live in Switzerland as legal residents while earning a substantial monthly salary. On this page, you will learn everything there is to know about the availability of unskilled jobs in Switzerland with visa sponsorship, as well as how to apply for employment online from your home country.

Unskilled Jobs in Switzerland for Foreigners 2023 Visa Sponsorship
Unskilled Jobs in Switzerland for Foreigners 2023 Visa Sponsorship


Visa sponsorship unskilled jobs are employment opportunities open to international applicants in which an employer of a given country is willing to sponsor a foreign worker’s visa/travel documents in order to bring them to work in his country.

There are two primary types of visa sponsorship jobs, skilled and unskilled, depending on the requirements of the available position.
Visa sponsorship jobs that do not require a high level of education or specialized training typically involve performing routine tasks or manual labor. Examples of unskilled visa sponsorship jobs include retail, food service, and manufacturing positions.

Are there Unskilled Job Opportunities with Visa Sponsorship in Switzerland?

Switzerland has hundreds of unskilled job openings and is recruiting thousands of foreign applicants from Africa, Asia, North/South America, etc. If you are interested in finding an unskilled visa sponsorship job, you may want to begin by searching online job boards or contacting employment agencies that specialize in placing foreign workers in such positions.

Notably, obtaining a visa sponsorship for an unskilled job can be more challenging than for a skilled job, as there are frequently more applicants for these positions and the competition can be intense.

How to Find Unskilled Jobs in Switzerland with Visa Sponsorship

There are few ways to find unskilled employment in Switzerland. Listed below are popular strategies for locating high-paying jobs with visa sponsorship in Switzerland.

  • Numerous Swiss employers post job openings and visa sponsorship opportunities on online job boards. You can search these job boards for positions that match your skills and experience and then submit your application directly to the employer. LinkedIn, Indeed, and Workopolis are three popular job boards in Switzerland.
  • There are a number of employment agencies in Switzerland that specialize in placing foreign workers in visa-sponsored jobs. You can contact these agencies with your resume and job preferences, and they will assist you in locating employment opportunities that correspond to your skills and experience.
  • Numerous professional associations in Switzerland have job boards or career resources that list job openings in their industry, including visa-sponsorship-eligible positions. You can search these resources and apply to employers directly.
  • Numerous Swiss businesses list job openings on their respective websites. You can search these websites for job openings that match your qualifications and experience and then submit your application directly to the employer.

Salary Paid to Unskilled Employees in Switzerland

In Switzerland, unskilled workers can earn as much as $2,000 per month. It is essential to note, however, that some employees earn less than or more than $3,000 per month.

Below, you will find a selection of the most desirable openings in Switzerland that foreign, unskilled applicants can fill.


  1. Cashier
  2. Retailer
  3. Food service workers (eg, servers, cooks, dishwashers)
  4. A watchman or watchman
  5. Delivery driver
  6. The landscaper
  7. Construction workers
  8. A maid or house cleaner
  9. Home health aide
  10. Warehouse worker
  11. Forklift Operator
  12. factory worker
  13. Letter carriers
  14. security guard
  15. Customer service representatives
  16. Call Center Operator
  17. Data Entry Clerk
  18. Receptionist
  19. Telemarketer
  20. Office Clerk
  21. Farmer
  22. A fruit picker

How to Apply for Switzerland Unskilled Jobs for Foreigners

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do unskilled Labourers earn in Switzerland in 2023?

    The hourly rate of CHF 23.14 (beginning in 2021) yields a salary of CHF 4,000 per month. Nevertheless, Geneva is among the most expensive places to live in Switzerland.

  • How can a foreigner get a job in Switzerland in 2023?

    Before beginning work, you must apply for a residence permit from the Swiss commune in which you are residing. You are required to submit the following materials: a valid driver’s license or passport. Employer verification of employment or a certificate of employment (e.g. an employment contract).

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