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Latest Unskilled Jobs In Italy 2024 Opportunities

Unskilled work is defined as occupations where employees are not required to apply their skills, judgment, or intellectual faculties regularly.
Most people can work in unskilled labor because there are typically no special educational requirements for their employees.
Businesses depend on unskilled labor positions to function properly, and they make up a sizable portion of the workforce today.
Unskilled labor positions reward aptitudes for managing repetitive activities, controlling machines, and putting processes into practice.


Italy’s job market is varied, so people with a wide range of skills can find work there. Many people don’t realize how important unskilled jobs are to the economy, but they do. Let’s look at what’s happening now and see what opportunities are out there for people looking for low-skilled work.

Current Job Scenario

New numbers show that many businesses in Italy need more workers without specialized skills. Many people are interested in these jobs because they require a lot of freedom and adaptability. Unskilled jobs are becoming more and more important as the country works to get its economy back on track.

Details About Unskilled Jobs In Italy 2024

The following are the majority of unskilled jobs in Italy:

  • Pub/Bar/Restaurant
  • preparation of food Worker
  • Worker Housekeeper
  • Janitorial Assistant
  • Agriculturist Laborer
  • Airport Baggage handler Stocking Associate Taxi Driver Forklift Operator Delivery Driver/Chauffeur
  • Messenger
  • Cashiers
  • store clerk
  • Security Officer
  • worker in construction
  • the box office for movies
  • Steward/Stewardess
  • factory work, lot attendant work, catering work, and many other jobs

Benefits of Unskilled Jobs In Italy

Like jobs in many other countries, unskilled jobs in Italy have a lot of perks for people looking for work. Even though you might not need specialized skills or a college degree to do these jobs, they are very important to many businesses and the economy as a whole. Some good things about low-skilled jobs in Italy are listed below:

  1. Employment Opportunities: People who don’t have a lot of formal schooling or specific skills can get jobs by doing unskilled work. This makes it possible for more people to join the job and make a living.
  2. Income Generation: People who have these jobs can make money and support themselves financially. Even though the pay for low-skilled jobs can be different, it’s usually enough for people to meet their basic wants and pay their bills.
  3. Entry-Level Experience: People who are just starting out in the job market often start with low-skilled jobs. These jobs can help you learn useful skills for the workplace, like how to handle your time, work with others, and talk to them.
  4. Diversity in the Workplace: Unskilled jobs help make the workforce more diverse and welcoming by hiring people from all walks of life, educational levels, and experiences. This variety makes the workplace more interesting and helps everyone have the same chances.
  5. Support for Specific Industries: A lot of unskilled workers are needed in many fields, like agriculture, building, and hospitality. These workers do important jobs that are necessary for these areas to run smoothly.
  6. Flexibility: Flexibility in work hours is common for low-skilled jobs, which can be helpful for people who have other obligations, like students or family members. This freedom can help you find a better balance between work and life.
  7. Job Stability: Sometimes, jobs that don’t require a lot of skill can be more stable, especially in fields that always need workers. This security can be comforting for people who want to keep their jobs for a long time.
  8. Opportunities for Advancement: Entry-level jobs that don’t take a lot of skill may not have specific requirements, but they can help you move up in your career. Workers might be able to learn new skills on the job or go to school to get better jobs that require more skills.
  9. Contribution to Local Economy: By taking part in a variety of economic tasks, unskilled workers help the local economy. The money they spend on goods and services helps local businesses grow and the economy as a whole.
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Available Unskilled Jobs In Italy

Interested parties can apply for a number of job positions at Marriott Careers; note that both foreigners and Italian nationals may do so.

1. Storekeeper:

A Stockroom Clerk is needed for the first W Hotel in Italy, W Rome.

The hotel’s stockrooms are managed by the stockroom clerk, who answers to the purchasing manager.

What you’ll do?

  • Delivering the proper department with the item after receiving and staging it according to the department.
  • Place newly received goods on pallets or carts.
  • Fill out the forms for supplies and inventories.
  • quick notification of low stock levels to the manager or supervisor
  • Obtain deliveries, correctly store perishables, and cycle stock.
  • Verify freshness, cleanliness, consistency, and quality across case lots by looking at deliveries and delivery times.
  • Refuse to accept products that are broken, unsuitable, or inaccurate.


  • previous experience managing a stockroom
  • Italian language
  • knowledge of hospitality stockroom operations
  • Dependability, drive, and meticulousness
  • Positivity and extroverted nature
  • customer-service focused

2. Attendant-Food and Beverage:

Finish closing tasks, which include putting away all reusable things, disassembling objects, cleaning the workspace and all equipment, putting everything back where it belongs, shutting refrigerators, refilling shelves, turning off lights, locking doors, and finishing the daily cleaning checklist.
Establish, stock, and upkeep work areas. All china, glass, and silver should be examined for cleanliness and presentation before use. Maintain work spaces’ cleanliness throughout the day by using clean-as-you-go techniques.

3. Front Desk Agent:


  • Confirm reservations, assign rooms, distribute and activate room keys, and handle all visitor check-ins.
  • Process all forms of payment, including cash, checks, debit, and credit, as well as room charges.
  • All check-outs should be processed, with any late or disputed charges being settled.
  • All visitor calls, messages, requests, questions, or complaints are handled by answering, recording, and processing them.
  • Work with housekeeping to ensure that the rooms are prepared for check-in.
  • Inform visitors and guests on parking procedures, and send out bell or valet employees as necessary.
  • Provide directions and information to visitors about the property and nearby points of interest.
  • Run daily reports on arrivals and departures, note any special requests, and ensure that the reports are accurate.
  • Complete the computer system’s designated cashier and closing reports.
  • Cash traveler’s checks and guest checks.
  • At the beginning and end of each shift, count the bank.
  • In accordance with accounting standards, balance and drop receipts.

4. Service Desk for butlers:

  • All guest calls, requests, inquiries, or concerns are handled by taking notes, logging them, and processing them.
  • run the switchboard for the phone.
  • Answer calls from unregistered guests and handle requests for wake-up calls, screening calls, do not disturb signals, call forwarding, conference calls, and TDD relay signals.
  • Inform the visitor of any messages.
  • Keep an eye on busy or unanswered lines, callers on hold can be checked in with to get status updates, and a message can be left.
  • Clearly and accurately receive records, and relay messages.
  • Depending on the situation, turn on or off the guest room message lights.
  • Inform visitors on how to use the internet; direct those who are having issues to the service provider’s customer support line.
  • To make sure it functions properly, test the communication equipment.
  • Attend to guests’ special wishes and requirements.
  • If necessary, make contact with the proper people or divisions to handle visitor calls, requests, or issues.
  • Follow up with visitors to make sure their needs or issues were satisfactorily addressed.
  • Send out bellmen or valet workers as necessary.

5. Housekeeping director (Bulgari Hotel Roma):

oversees daily cleaning operations and personnel to maintain a clean and well-maintained environment in the hotel’s guest rooms, common areas, and employee areas.
oversees all cleaning tasks and collaborates with the team to make them a success. aims to continually raise customer and employee satisfaction and increase departmental revenue.
accountable for evaluating regions within their jurisdiction and then following up with a strategy to improve outcomes.


3 years of experience in housekeeping or a related field of work; high school diploma or GED.
OR a two-year degree in hospitality, business administration, hotel and restaurant management, or a comparable field obtained from an approved university; three years of experience working in housekeeping or a related field.

Italian Unskilled Worker Salary

There is no mandated minimum rate of pay for employees in Italy because there is no minimum wage there.
A fair living wage must be negotiated directly with the employer through collective bargaining or another negotiation process.
The typical gross annual wage in Italy is about €44,640, or €3,720 per month.

How to Apply in Italy for Unskilled Workers

Use the apply button below to filter for the employment opportunity that best suits you. This page will highlight all of the opportunities that are available through Marriott careers.

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In conclusion, Italy’s untrained jobs offer a wide range of options for people who want to start their careers. Taking on these jobs not only helps you grow as a person, but it’s also very important for the economy of the country. We need to be aware of how the job market is changing and how looking for unskilled jobs can lead to satisfying and rewarding careers.

People Also Ask

  1. How can non-Italian speakers find unskilled jobs in Italy?

    Non-Italian speakers can explore job portals and language-specific programs, and network with local communities for job opportunities.

  2. How do unskilled jobs contribute to the economy?

    Unskilled jobs play a crucial role in economic stability by supporting local businesses and communities.

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