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UAE Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In 2023 – Apply Now

UAE Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In 2023: The Arab States of America A federation of seven states (Emirates), including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah, the UAE is also known as the Emirates. The fact that salaries are tax-free is the best incentive to work here. English is widely spoken there, making it simpler for foreigners to settle and find employment because it is a place where culture and modernity coexist. Even better, a number of businesses now provide visa sponsorship to foreign applicants.


The United Arab Emirates is known for having a strong economy, a high standard of living, and a mix of different countries. For job seekers all over the world, the UAE is a unique chance to work in a busy place and get a visa sponsored at the same time.

Understanding Visa Sponsorship

Before getting into the details, it’s important to know what visa support means in general. Visa sponsorship is when your company pays for your work visa, which lets you work and live legally in the UAE.

Types of Visa Sponsorship

Employment Visa

The most common form of visa sponsorship is the Employment Visa. This visa is issued to foreign nationals who secure employment in the UAE.

Investor Visa

Investor Visa sponsorship is for individuals who invest a substantial amount in a UAE-based business. This pathway offers unique opportunities for entrepreneurs.

UAE Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In 2023

Female Accountant Jobs in UAE With Visa Sponsorship

Technologies Xad

BCOM, MCOM, or equivalent degree is required; experience in the telecom industry is a bonus.

Performs recommendations for financial activities by reviewing accounting choices and executing database backups to protect financial data. prepares payments by requesting disbursements, checking documents, assembling unique reports, ideas, and other tasks given by management.

AE$ 3000 per month as salary

General Hand Jobs in UAE With Visa Sponsorship

Marriott Worldwide

Qualification: Basic familiarity with refrigeration and air conditioning

TV programming, general housekeeping, and inventory-related engineering tasks are among your responsibilities. Before beginning any maintenance work, use the Lockout/Tagout procedure. Perform maintenance on external sprinklers, interior and exterior landscaping, and both. Demonstrate fundamental computer skills, such as entering air handler schedules and changing temperatures.

Pay: Detailed in the contract

IT Support Jobs in UAE With Visa Sponsorship

Solutions for Stallion HR

Experience in IT management is required.

responsibilities include installing and troubleshooting office hardware and installing and troubleshooting the internet.

Pay: Detailed in the contract

Receptionist Jobs in UAE With Visa Sponsorship

Jumeriah University

A professional level of computer and secretarial skills is required, as well as proficiency with Microsoft Office.

responsibilities: Providing an excellent customer experience in all contacts with current and potential parents, guests, staff, and students.

Pay: Specified in Contract

Python Engineer Jobs in UAE With Visa Sponsorship

Database Ltd.

Write software programmes and applications for backend and frontend needs.

Improve the features and functionalities of programmes and apps by analysing them.

Test, debug, and correct any reported bugs in programs.

Qualifications: Excellent Python programming skills and a BS/BE in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical and computer engineering

Pay: US$70,000 per year

Security Officer Jobs in UAE With Visa Sponsorship

Dubai’s Downtown St. Regis

Strong communication skills, a track record of handling pressure well, a team-first mentality, and an attention to even the smallest details are requirements.

Patrol the entire property, help guests with room access, monitor security feeds, perform daily physical hazard inspections, respond to accidents, assist visitors and employees in an emergency, diffuse visitor disturbances, and escort guests off the property as needed are all duties.

Pay: Detailed in the contract

Emirates Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Dubai 2023

Are you trying to apply for jobs sponsored by the UAE with a visa? The United Arab Emirates has published a lot of job openings for people from all over the world who want to work there. Emirates Group has announced that all jobs are tax-free. In 2023, job openings that require a visa sponsorship are open to applicants of any nationality or ethnicity. On the Emirates Airways website, you can apply for jobs as an Emirates Visa Sponsor at your convenience. For UAE visa sponsorship, both men and women from all over the world can apply.

Office Service Senior Associate Jobs in Emirates Visa Sponsorship

Consulting – Maritime – Senior Manager Jobs in Emirates Visa Sponsorship

have the chance to collaborate closely with the most talented consultants in the business. You will start on a quick career path and have the chance to quickly broaden your knowledge of the entire Middle Eastern T&L sector.

Consulting – Director – Accounting Advisory and Structuring Services (UAE)

As the delivery role necessitates client management, project budgeting and finance management, coaching, and resource management on a portfolio of clients, you will also need to have strong project management skills. Creation, review, and delivery of complex client deliverables, such as executive-level reporting and detailed documentation, will be a crucial component of delivery.


As we venture into 2023, UAE jobs with visa sponsorship continue to be a gateway to career growth and global exposure. With the right qualifications and determination, you can embark on an exciting journey in the UAE job market.

People Also Ask

  • How can I search for job opportunities in the UAE?

    There are many ways to find out about job options in the UAE. Start by looking into job portals, both those based in the UAE and those based in other countries, where companies often post job openings. Networking is important, so connect with professionals in your field on LinkedIn and go to job fairs and events for your business. Also, getting in touch with recruitment companies that place people in the UAE can be a good way to find good job openings.

  • Is visa sponsorship common in the UAE?

    Yes, visa sponsorship is pretty popular in the UAE, especially for people who work there from outside the country. Many employers in the UAE are ready to help qualified people from other countries get work visas. However the ability to get a visa sponsored may rely on your job, your qualifications, and the industry in which you want to work.

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