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UAE Job Seeker Visa 2024 – Visa Guide


The UAE Job Seeker Visa could potentially catalyze commencing a professional career in this vibrant and dynamic country.

This visa allows anyone, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals, to gain direct access to the UAE job market. By systematically deconstructing the eligibility criteria, prerequisites, and application procedure, we can enable you to confidently commence your pursuit of employment.


Eligibility, Requirements, and Application Process

Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify for the UAE Job Seeker Visa, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Minimum age requirement: 18 years of age is mandatory.
  • Validity of Passport: Guarantee that your passport remains valid for at least six months.
  • Financial Stability: Accumulate substantiating documentation of an adequate amount of funds to support your vacation in the UAE.
  • Required Academic Credentials: Possess a secondary school diploma or its cognate.
  • Skill Level: Acquire abilities that correspond to one of the specified skill levels. Professionals in scientific, technical, and human fields comprise Level 1, legislators, managers, and business executives comprise Level 2, technicians comprise Level 3, experts comprise Level 3, and writing professionals comprise Level 4. Service and sales occupations comprise Level 5, skilled labor in agriculture, fisheries, and animal husbandry comprises Level 6, craftsmen in construction, mining, and other craftsmen comprise Level 7, and operators and assemblers of machinery and equipment comprise Level 8.
  • A recent university graduate must have completed their studies within a maximum of two years from the date of application.
  • University Ranking: Eligibility is restricted to graduates of the top 500 universities globally.

Required Documents:

It is vital to assemble the required documents to submit a successful application. Ensure that the following is present:

  • A photocopy of the passport
  • A photograph of your government-issued identification document in color
  • Copies of your certifications that have been attested.
  • Evidence of your monetary stability.

Visa Validity Options and Costs:

You may choose between three visa validity periods—60, 90, or 120 days—based on your personal preferences and requirements. Consequently, the cost of the UAE Job Seeker Visa 2024 fluctuates.

  • 60-day visa: AED 555.75
  • 90-day visa: AED 685.75
  • 120-day visa: AED 815.75

Benefits of UAE Job Seeker Visa:

  • Lawful Suspension of Job Search: Generally, a job seeker visa grants individuals the lawful right to remain in the country for a designated period as long as they are actively pursuing employment. This may afford an individual legal and secure standing while engaging in the job search.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Attending employment fairs, participating in industry events, and networking with local professionals are all facilitated by a physical presence in the country. By doing so, the job seeker can increase the likelihood of establishing significant connections with prospective employers.
  • Examination of the Labor Market: Prospective employees can investigate the regional labor market, acquire knowledge of sector developments, and develop an understanding of the occupational milieu in the nation.
  • Job offers and interviews: Possessing a Job Seeker A visa grants individuals the ability to participate in job interviews and, in some cases, obtain a job offer. This may facilitate the process of obtaining a work permit or visa.
  • Cultural Incorporation: Individuals who are granted a Job Seeker Visa are granted the opportunity to fully engage in the local culture, way of life, and business protocols while residing in the country. One may find this cultural exposure beneficial when attempting to acclimate to a new workplace.
  • Route to Employment Visa: A prosperous job search can frequently result in an individual’s job seeker visa being converted to a work visa or permit, enabling them to maintain employment and residency in the country.
  • Factors Influencing Economic Expansion: Job Seeker Visa programs are frequently implemented as a component of a nation’s approach to entice proficient foreign personnel, thereby fostering economic expansion and workforce diversity.
  • Attraction and Retention of Talent: By implementing a job seeker visa program, a nation can increase its appeal to highly qualified individuals who are interested in exploring employment prospects overseas. It indicates an inclusive stance towards the recruitment of international talent.

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Application Process:

The procedure for applying for a UAE Job Seeker Visa is as follows:

  • Navigate to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) online portal.
  • Complete the application form online by providing your personal and academic information.
  • Include the following documents in your upload: a copy of your passport, a photo of your identification card, attested credentials, and financial verification.
  • Select the visa-validity option that you prefer.
  • The desired duration must pay visa fees.
  • Your application should be submitted via the online portal.

Visa Approval and Travel:

Following the submission of your visa application, you will be required to await visa approval. Potentially affecting processing times are your nationality and the completeness of your application. Visa approval can take up to ten business days to materialize on average.

Once you receive your e-visa:

  • Print out a copy of your e-visa.
  • Present it at the immigration counter upon your arrival in the UAE.

More Info

Job Seeking Period:

A visa granting you 60, 90, or 120 days to investigate the job market and network with potential employers has granted you entry to the UAE. Effectively utilize this period to discern appropriate opportunities that align with your aptitudes and ambitions.

In conclusion, the UAE Job Seeker Visa grants access to the UAE’s professional environment in a practical sense. By satisfying the prerequisites, assembling the necessary materials, and adhering to the application procedure, one can gain access to an array of employment opportunities in this vibrant country.

People Also Ask:

  1. Is there a job seeker visa in the UAE?

    You can apply for a job-seeker visa with a validity of either 60, 90, or 120 days. Read about the eligibility criteria and the steps to apply. A foreigner is granted a visit visa to search for new job opportunities without requiring a host or sponsor within the country for one trip.

  2. How much is a job seeker visa in the UAE? 

    The cost of the UAE Job Seeker Visa varies accordingly. 60-day visa: AED 555.75; 90-day visa: AED 685.75; 120-day visa: AED 815.75.

  3. Can I get a UAE visa without a job?

    The UAE’s green visa is a type of residence visa that allows its holder to sponsor himself or herself for 5 years, eliminating the need for a UAE national or employer to sponsor his or her visa. Who can apply for a green visa? Freelancers, self-employed, and skilled employees can apply for a green visa.

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