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PPG Roadlines Inc., located at 90 Saddlecrest Close NE, Calgary, Alberta T3J 5B6, is seeking self-motivated candidates with strong interpersonal skills for the job of Truck driver supervisor. The successful individual will be needed to begin work as soon as feasible. The postings about Permanent or Full-time work.

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Details About Truck Driver Supervisor Jobs in Canada

  • Name of Employer: PPG Roadlines Inc.
  • Position: Truck Driver Supervisor
  • Salary: $40.00 per hour
  • Type of Employment: Permanent Employment, Full Time
  • Location: 90 Saddlecrest Close NE, Calgary, AB T3J 5B6

Description of Truck Driver Supervisor Jobs in Canada

  • The candidate will be expected to provide production reports and other types of reports.
  • The candidate will be responsible for overseeing employees and projects.
  • The candidate must train or make training arrangements.
  • The candidate’s responsibilities will include dispatching bus drivers and monitoring routes.
  • The candidate is responsible for observing and operating the signal and track switch control panel.
  • The candidate will be responsible for coordinating and organizing activities.
  • The candidate must ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.
  • The candidate must give personnel action suggestions.
  • The candidate’s responsibilities will include managing repairs and rentals.
  • The candidate must request or order supplies, materials, and equipment.
  • The candidate will be expected to solve job-related issues and suggest solutions to enhance work procedures.

Benefits of Truck Driver Supervisor Jobs in Canada

  • Competitive Compensation: Truck driver supervisors are generally remunerated competitively, which is commensurate with the expertise and leadership duties they possess in the management of trucking operations.
  • Employment Stability: The transportation and logistics sector maintains a steady need for truck driver supervisors to supervise fleet operations, which is vital to the Canadian economy. This provides security and stability of employment for those in this role.
  • Progression Opportunities in the Workplace: Truck driver supervisors have the potential to attain higher-level management positions within the transportation or logistics industry through the accumulation of experience and further education. This may encompass positions such as fleet manager, transportation manager, or logistics coordinator.
  • Leadership Development: Through the management and direction of a team comprising truck drivers, dispatchers, and other personnel, truck driver supervisors acquire significant leadership experience. They acquire transferable competencies in problem-solving, decision-making, team building, and communication that are applicable to various managerial positions.
  • A Wide Spectrum of Duties: Truck driver supervisor positions encompass an extensive array of obligations, such as route and schedule coordination, driver education, performance assessment, and adherence to safety protocols. This range of tasks maintains the job’s appeal and enables supervisors to cultivate an extensive repertoire of abilities.
  • Contributing to Supply Chain Efficiency: Truck driver supervisors are integral members of the supply chain, as they are responsible for optimizing transportation operations, ensuring the punctual delivery of products, and reducing transportation expenses. Their endeavors enhance the efficacy and efficiency of the supply chain, which is advantageous for both businesses and consumers.
  • Industry Growth: Due to factors including the expansion of trade networks, globalization, and electronic commerce, the transportation and logistics sector in Canada is anticipated to sustain its expansion. The expansion in question generates prospects for employment and professional development within the sector.
  • Work-Life Balance: Despite the occasional on-call obligations and lengthy hours required of truck driver supervisors, numerous employers provide flexible work schedules in an effort to promote a healthy work-life balance. The aforementioned adaptability empowers supervisors to efficiently balance their personal and professional obligations.
  • Health and Safety Protocols: Truck driver supervisors are tasked with the responsibility of implementing protocols to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries among truck drivers and other staff members, promoting a culture of safety within the organization, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Contribution to the Economy: By facilitating the movement of goods and sustaining trade and commerce, the transportation sector is an essential component of the Canadian economy. The effective management of transportation fleets is a way in which truck driver supervisors promote economic expansion and prosperity.

Requirements for Truck Driver Supervisor Jobs in Canada

  • The candidate should speak English fluently.
  • The candidate must have a minimum qualification of a secondary (high school) diploma.
  • The ideal candidate will have at least one to two years of relevant work experience.
  • The candidate must have superior verbal and written communication abilities.
  • The candidate must be well-organized and adaptable.
  • The candidate must be an effective team player.
How to Apply
How to Apply

How to Apply for Truck Driver Supervisor Jobs in Canada

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How do I obtain permanent residency in Canada for trucking?

You are required to begin working for an authorized trucking company with a temporary foreign work permit.
If an approved trucking company offers permanent employment, the truck driver may apply for permanent residence status through the SINP after six months of employment.
You must intend to become a permanent resident of Saskatchewan.

What does a supervisor of truck drivers do?

Oversee, coordinate, and arrange the actions of employees who run trucks, buses, subway trains, light rail transportation, street cars, and taxis, among other vehicles. Develop techniques for meeting work deadlines and coordinating with other departments.

How long does it take to become a truck driver in Canada?

On-the-job training is provided. Completion of an accredited driver training course of up to a month’s duration, through a vocational school or community college, may be required. A Class 3 or D license is required to drive straight-body trucks. A Class 1 or A license is required to drive long combinations of vehicles.

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