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Top Hotel Jobs in Canada 2023 with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Here


Top Hotel Jobs in Canada 2023 with Visa Sponsorship: Are you looking for the best visa-sponsored hotel jobs in Canada? This article was written for you.

Canada is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations due to its many natural wonders, stunning landscapes, and thriving economy. Consequently, the Canadian hospitality industry remains highly competitive, with numerous job opportunities for those seeking employment in the industry.


These positions offer competitive salaries and ample room for advancement. This article discusses the various hotel positions in Canada that offer visa sponsorship programs for foreign workers.


Hotels Jobs in Canada 

Numerous hotels, resorts, and other forms of lodging are dispersed throughout Canada, contributing to the country’s expansive hospitality sector.

In addition, the hotel industry is a major contributor to Canada’s economy, generating millions of jobs.

Jobs for both citizens and noncitizens Included among the hotel jobs in Canada are:

1. Concierge

A concierge is an essential member of any hotel’s reception staff, providing guests with useful information about the hotel and surrounding area. You must have excellent communication and customer service skills to be successful in this position, as you will be responsible for providing advice on hotel amenities and tourism opportunities.

2. Front Desk Agent/Receptionist:

The first point of contact for hotel guests is the front desk agent or receptionist. Receptionists welcome guests, check them in and out, provide directions, assist with luggage, make reservations, and respond to inquiries.

In addition, front desk agents are responsible for providing customer service and keeping track of reservations and cancellations. This position requires excellent communication, computer, and customer service skills.

3. Food and Beverage Attendant

Food and beverage attendants are accountable for serving guests, preparing beverages, and keeping dining areas clean. If you wish to excel in this position, you must be knowledgeable about menu items and ingredients, have a friendly demeanor, and be able to work efficiently in a busy environment.

4. Maintenance Worker

Maintenance personnel maintain the hotel’s facilities and equipment and ensure their efficient operation. In addition, you must have knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, as well as the ability to work independently and prioritize tasks, to excel in this position.

5. Housekeeper/Cleaner:

The responsibility of housekeepers is to clean hotel rooms and public areas. They ensure that the beds are made and that there are clean linens available. Additionally, housekeeping ensures that the bathrooms are spotless and that the rooms are stocked with essentials such as towels, soap dispensers, and coffee makers.

Additionally, they ensure that the lobby, gym, and restaurants are spotless and sanitized. A housekeeper must have acute attention to detail and a solid work ethic.

6. Cook/Chef:

In restaurants and cafes, chefs prepare meals for hotel guests. They utilize fresh ingredients and premium herbs and spices to create the flavors that hotel guests crave. Cooks must have experience following recipes, effective time management, and the ability to multitask.

8. Banquet Server:

Banquet servers work in hotel conference rooms and at special events. They serve customers with food and beverages and clear tables. Banquet servers must have experience with catering, event management, and customer service.

Job Visa Sponsorships in Canada

Canada provides a number of immigration programs for foreign workers. With these programs, individuals with relevant skills can gain permanent employment opportunities in Canada.

Job Visa sponsorship refers to the process by which a Canadian employer sponsors a foreign worker’s visa application, allowing them to legally work in Canada. The visa sponsorship process can be quite difficult, as it requires verification of the employer’s legitimacy, evidence of the job offer, and the qualifications of the foreign worker.

It is essential to note, however, that visa sponsorship does not guarantee permanent residency or citizenship. However, it is an excellent opportunity for foreign workers to gain valuable work experience and potentially increase their future chances of obtaining permanent residency.

Hotel Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

The following are some hotel jobs in Canada that offer visa sponsorship for international workers:

1. Guest Services Associate

The responsibility of the guest services staff is to provide guests with information about the hotel’s amenities and local attractions, as well as answer questions regarding their stay. As a member of the guest service team, you must have superior communication and customer service skills, proficiency with hotel management software, and a pleasant demeanor.

To qualify for a position as a guest services associate in Canada, you must have a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, or a relevant certificate.

2. Chef de Partie

A chef de partie provides food, supervises the kitchen staff, and manages the inventory. Experience working in a high-volume kitchen, knowledge of culinary techniques, and the ability to work in a physically demanding environment are required for this position.

Chef de cuisine positions in Canada require either a culinary diploma or a degree in hospitality management with a concentration in culinary arts.

3. Banquet Server

During events, banquet servers set up and serve food and beverages. This position requires excellent communication and customer service skills, the ability to work in a physically demanding environment, and a flexible schedule.

A Canadian banquet server must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and at least one year of experience in a comparable position.

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4. Room Attendant

Room attendants are responsible for cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, public areas, and employee areas. This position requires an eye for detail, time management skills, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team. In order to qualify for a position as a room attendant in Canada, a candidate must have at least one year of experience in a similar capacity.

Requirements to Work in Canada with Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Your chances of finding employment at a Canadian hotel and obtaining a work permit will rise with the right credentials and paperwork.

To be eligible for visa-sponsored employment in Canada, you must possess the following:

  • A job offer from an employer in Canada.
  • Employers are required to obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to confirm that no Canadian citizens or permanent residents are available to fill the position.
  • To work in Canada, a work permit is also required. To obtain a work permit, you must submit an application along with the required documents and fees to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Documents Required for Hotel Visa Sponsorship Jobs

To apply for a work permit with visa sponsorship for hotel jobs in Canada, you will need the following documents:

  • A valid passport or travel document A letter of employment offer from a Canadian employer
  • A positive LMIA from ESDC
  • A completed application for a work permit
  • Documentation of your credentials and work experience
  • Evidence of financial backing (if required)
  • A police certificate (if required)
  • A medical exam (if required)

Best Websites for Canada Hotel Jobs with Visa Sponsorship Jobs

If you’re looking for hotel jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship, here are some of the best websites to 

check out:

1. Indeed Canada:

Indeed Canada is a popular job search website in Canada that lists thousands of available positions. You can search for hotel jobs by company, location, and job title. Here, employers who provide visa sponsorship list their available positions.

2. Hospitality Jobs Canada: 

Hospitality Jobs Canada is a specialized job board in Canada that lists hotel and restaurant employment opportunities. You can search for employment opportunities by city, province, and job category. The website also contains a visa section.

sponsorship jobs.

3. Workopolis:

Workopolis is another popular job search website in Canada that lists hospitality industry job openings. You can search for hotel employment opportunities by location and job title. Some visa-sponsoring employers include this information in their job postings.

4. Caterer Global

Caterer Global is a job board that lists international hospitality positions, including those in Canada. You can search for hotel employment opportunities by country, job category, and job level. There is also a section on the website for visa sponsorship jobs.


The Canadian hospitality industry provides numerous employment opportunities for individuals seeking valuable work experience. These positions range from entry-level to managerial, with the majority requiring previous experience in the field.

Some of these positions are eligible for visa sponsorship, allowing foreign workers to legally work in Canada.

Visa sponsorship is a difficult process that requires verification of the employer’s legitimacy, evidence of the job offer, and the qualifications of the foreign worker. Nonetheless, it is an excellent opportunity for individuals to gain valuable work experience and potentially improve their future chances of obtaining permanent residency.

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    Status documentation in Canada (if applicable)
    Proof of the status of a family member (if applicable)
    Labor Market Impact Assessment (if applicable)
    Written employment offer (if applicable)
    CV/ résumé

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