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Fruit Farm Worker Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Here


Inglewood, Ontario, Canada, seeks self-motivated individuals with strong interpersonal skills for the position of fruit farm employee. The candidate who was selected may be required to begin work as soon as possible. The openings seek advice on permanent employment or full-time employment. The shift times consist of day, weekend, overtime, early morning, and morning.

Details of Fruit Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

  • Jobs Role: Dairy Farm Worker
  • Location: Inglewood, Ontario, Canada
  • Vacancies: 11
  • Company: William Reid Nancy Reid
  • Salary: CAD 23 Per Hour
  • Country: Canada

Benefits of Fruit Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

  • Seasonal Employment: Fruit farm worker positions frequently offer opportunities to work during the height of the harvest season. Individuals pursuing temporary employment or seeking to augment their income during particular periods of the year may find this particularly attractive.
  • Variety of Tasks: Fruit farm employees are responsible for a diverse range of duties, which encompass planting, pruning, harvesting, sorting, and packaging fruits. This can result in dynamic and engaging work, enabling individuals to acquire practical knowledge and develop new skills in various facets of agriculture.
  • Outdoor Work Environment: Fruit farm laborers commonly engage in outdoor work, which affords them the opportunity to breathe in clean air and observe the natural environment while carrying out their responsibilities. Engaging in this outdoor environment can have a revitalizing effect on one’s physical health and overall well-being.
  • Physical Activity: Fruit farm work frequently entails exerting oneself through tasks such as transporting heavy loads, bending, and lifting. Physical activity can contribute to overall health and wellness and promote fitness.
  • Learning Opportunities: Fruit farm laborer positions afford individuals the chance to acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of farm management, crop cultivation, and agricultural practices. Those with a career interest in agriculture or a related field may find this practical experience to be beneficial.
  • Community Orientation: A considerable number of fruit plantations are family-owned or managed by close-knit communities. Engaging in fruit farm labor can foster a sense of community and camaraderie among employees, who interact with farm proprietors and operators and collaborate with their peers.
  • Employment Stability: The fruit farming industry experiences a consistent demand for labor throughout the planting, developing, and harvesting seasons, which contributes to a relatively stable labor market. This may offer individuals job security and a dependable source of income.
  • Prospects for Progression: Employment as a fruit farm laborer could provide avenues for career growth and development within the agricultural sector. Those who exhibit commitment, dependability, and a robust professional ethos may be afforded the opportunity to assume leadership positions or seek specialized employment opportunities within the agricultural enterprise or its affiliated enterprises.
  • Opportunity for Visa Sponsorship: A considerable number of fruit plantations in Canada are amenable to providing sponsorship for foreign laborers via seasonal agricultural worker programs (SAWP) or temporary foreign worker programs (TFWP). By means of this sponsorship, individuals may lawfully reside and operate in Canada while acquiring significant agricultural expertise.

Job Description

  • The candidate may be responsible for the accumulating brush.
  • The candidate may be responsible for planting trees.
  • The candidate may be responsible for crop cleaning.
  • The candidate could be held accountable for clipping.
  • The candidate may be responsible for fruit tree instruction.
  • The candidate may be responsible for cultivating crops.
  • The applicant may be expected to plant, cultivate, and irrigate crops.
  • The candidate may be accountable for shot placement.
  • The candidate may be responsible for stone and wood selection.
  • The candidate may be accountable for seduction.
  • The candidate may bear responsibility for the wedding.
  • The applicant may be responsible for fertilizing and spraying plants.
  • The candidate may be responsible for crop harvesting.
  • The candidate must be able to operate and maintain farm equipment and gear.
  • The candidate must be able to identify disease and wellness indicators in crops, livestock, and poultry.
  • The candidate may be required to submit daily preliminary progress reports.
  • The candidate may be responsible for sorting and packaging produce.
  • The candidate may be expected to choose row and orchard plants.
  • The candidate must combine and assemble soils.
  • The candidate is responsible for loading, unloading, and switching crates, as well as providing farm produce, livestock, and poultry.


  • The applicant must be proficient in the English language.
  • There are no customary education requirements, such as a bachelor’s degree, certificate, or degree.
  • Training may be provided to the selected candidate.
  • The candidate must be able to manage up to 23 kg (50 lbs) of weight.
  • The candidate should have effective interpersonal skills.
  • The candidate should be well-organized and adaptable.
  • The candidate should have sound judgment skills.
  • The candidate must be an excellent team player.

Work website setting

  • The type of farming operation is a combination of fruits and vegetables.
  • The applicant may be required to work long hours in an outdoor environment.
  • The work environment is noisy, and the candidate must be able to maintain full concentration despite this.
  • The candidate should work in an environment with a strong emphasis on odors.
  • The candidate must be able to work in dusty, hot, and cold (refrigerated) environments.
  • The working environment is smoke-free.

Work setting

  • The candidate may be required to work in different locations.

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Expertise and specialization

Kind of product

  • Products consist of deciduous trees, perennials, and berry bushes.

Kind of crops

  • Crops embrace apples and blueberries.

Extra data

Work circumstances and bodily capabilities

  • The applicant must be able to work in a fast-paced, hectic environment.
  • Regularly, the candidate should be required to perform repetitive tasks.
  • As part of their routine duties, the candidate should be required to manage heavy loads.
  • The candidate must be able to perform physically demanding tasks daily.
  • The candidate should pay close attention to the specifics.
  • Hand-eye coordination will be essential for the candidate.
  • The candidate must be able to work in seated, standing, and walking positions for extended periods.
  • The applicant must be willing to stand for extended periods of time.
  • The applicant must be able to walk for long distances.
  • The candidate must be able to work in bending, crouching, and kneeling positions for extended periods of time.
  • The applicant should be willing to work overtime if necessary.

How to Apply for Fruit Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

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People Also Ask

  1. How much do Canadian fruit farm workers earn?

    Determine the average fruit picker’s salary.
    How much does a Canadian fruit picker make? The average annual wage for a fruit picker in Canada is $28,655, or $14.70 per hour. The starting salary for an entry-level position is $27,788 per year, while most experienced workers earn up to $30,869 per year.

  2. Is agriculture a good career option in Canada?

    Agriculture is a big part of Canada’s economy, accounting for one in every eight jobs and employing over 2.3 million people (Statistics Canada, 2021). The industry has lots of exciting career opportunities in a number of disciplines that go well beyond farming and ranching>

  3. What do farm workers do in Canada?

    General farm workers plant, cultivate, and harvest crops; raise livestock and poultry; and maintain and repair farm equipment and buildings. This group includes operators of farm machinery.

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