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Top Best Medical Colleges in Canada for Foreigners Students


Best Medical Colleges in Canada for Foreigners Students: Medicine is one of the most popular programs for foreign students to study in Canada. This is especially true for Indian students who have just finished their 12th class. This is because Canada has some of the best medical schools and some of the most well-known medical professors. After all, this is where the most advanced scientific research, studies of diseases, and research on how to treat cancer are done.

Still, it is said that Canada may have a huge shortage of doctors and physicians by 2028, especially family doctors. Since Canada’s population is growing and there aren’t enough doctors, medical schools need to train another 30,000 doctors to keep the average number of doctors per community.


This makes Canada a good place for people from India and all over the world who want to become doctors.


In fact, Canada is the most popular place for foreign students to study because of its affordable education system, relatively easy immigration policies, and friendly attitude toward newcomers.

Now, we’ve put together a list of the best colleges in Canada for learning medicine, taking into account the needs and interests of potential students. Let’s check them out.

Top Best Medical Colleges in Canada for Foreigners Students
Top Best Medical Colleges in Canada for Foreigners Students

Best Medical Colleges Overview

College Name    QS Ranking    
University of Toronto10
McGill University22
University of British Columbia27
McMaster University37
Université de Montréal70
University of Calgary83
University of Alberta 90
University of Ottawa 111
Queen’s University, Kingston151-200
Université de Sherbrooke401-450

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List of Best Medical Colleges in Canada

1. University of Toronto

Home to the invention of the cardiac pacemaker, the University of Toronto is one of the leading MBBS colleges in Canada for international students. It is ranked 10 by QS world rankings in the field of medicine. Its style of teaching is ideal for medicine students as it aptly focuses on creating empathetic physicians besides developing the right skills, in a student-centered learning environment.

2. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is another one of Canada’s top medical schools for students from other countries. It is the first and biggest medical school in Canada that can teach in both English and French. It is in the capital city of Canada and has one of the best schools for biomedical and health sciences study impact in the world. It gives bachelor’s degrees in experimental and molecular medicine. Every year, the school of medicine brings in $130–140 million for study.

3. McGill University

McGill University is Canada’s oldest and one of its best medical schools. It is in Montreal. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at this university is known all over the world for its advanced biomedical studies. It is ranked number 22 in the QS world university rankings for medicine. It has four linked teaching hospitals where medical students can work, including the well-known McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

4. University of British Columbia

When it comes to Canada’s best schools, the University of British Columbia is a must-see. This university, which is in Vancouver, has a good name and one of the best locations. Its medical classes combine medical learning with scientific knowledge in a way that makes sense. The MD school here is well-organized, with a focus on technology, new ideas, and care that is centered on the patient. 

5. McMaster University

McMaster University is another good medical school in Canada. It is in the province of Ontario. It opened its School of Medicine in 1965, and in 2004, it became known as the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine. It has programs for medical instruction at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. With a top-notch program, 86% of graduates are working within 6 months and 100% are working within a year.

6. Université de Montréal

The University of Montreal is one of the best public research universities in the world. It has been around for 170 years. Its Faculty of Medicine has three main goals: to teach, to do study, and to make people’s health better through health sciences, basic sciences, and clinical sciences. The curriculum at the school prepares students for jobs in the medical field, such as general and specialist doctors, researchers, and clinical science workers. It works with some of the biggest names in the healthcare business and also takes care of the Quebec government’s healthcare responsibilities.

7. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is another Canadian medical school that gets a lot of attention. It is in the town of Calgary in the state of Alberta, and it offers a wide range of medical degrees and specialization programs. In many fields, the University of Calgary is the best public research university in Canada. It is also one of the less expensive places for foreign students to go to school.

8. University of Alberta

When it comes to medical schools in Canada, the University of Alberta has a good name. Its Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, which has been around since 1913, is the best medical school in the country. UAlberta has the best study facilities and a variety of residency programs. Problem-based learning and case studies done in small groups are used to make learning about medicine more complete.

9. Queen’s University, Kingston

The School of Medicine at Queen’s University was started about 150 years ago. It is in Ontario. It has a wide range of medical education programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to meet the needs of any foreign student interested in medicine. The curriculum is known for the way it combines clinical and basic sciences to prepare students for careers in practice or study. The university is one of the top 200 schools for medicine in the world.

10. Université de Sherbrook

The Universite de Sherbrooke is a French-speaking school in the province of Quebec. It has become a hub for foreign students from all over the world. This university began in 1954, and it has one of the best medical schools in Canada. In 1966, the UdeS Medical School was set up. People know the university for its hard work in the study and its cutting-edge technology. The Faculty of Medicine also teaches in French, so you need to know how to speak it before you apply.


This is the last college on our list of the best places in Canada to study medicine. International students who want to go into medicine should try to get into one of these colleges. They offer affordable, high-quality medical education from widely renowned professors, which helps students become the best doctors, researchers, and other medical professionals.

People Also Ask

  • Can you study medicine in Canada as a foreigner?

    Universities in Canada don’t offer any MBBS-related undergraduate studies to students from outside of Canada. Eventually, they stopped taking 12th-grade-educated foreign students. They only accept students who have already finished their first degree.

  • Which Best Medical Colleges in Canada 2023

    University of Toronto
    McGill University
    University of British Columbia
    McMaster University
    Université de Montréal
    University of Calgary
    University of Alberta 
    University of Ottawa 
    Queen’s University, Kingston
    Université de Sherbrooke


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