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Top 20 Jobs in Canada Work Visa IRCC 2024 – Apply Now

In today’s competitive employment market, professionals and job seekers alike need to remain current on the most in-demand positions. Canada, like the United States, offers a variety of professional opportunities due to its robust economy and diverse industries. This article discusses the twenty most in-demand occupations in Canada. These careers span numerous industries, including marketing, technology, healthcare, and others.

By investigating these in-demand positions, individuals can learn a great deal about the skills and fields with promising job prospects. Regardless of your level of experience or current position in your profession, this list can be a useful tool for navigating the Canadian job market.

List of Top 20 Jobs in Canada

These positions span a variety of industries and provide exceptional opportunities for both Canadian citizens and immigrants. Let’s investigate each occupation in greater depth.

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1. Growth Marketing Manager

Managers of growth marketing collaborate with sales, marketing, and communications teams to develop sales-boosting strategies. Expertise in B2B marketing, email marketing, lead generation, and digital marketing is required for this position. However, Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver are the leading recruiting regions for this position. The probability of obtaining a job outside of Canada is approximately 46.2%.

2. Product Operations Manager

Product operations managers monitor daily company activities to ensure efficiency. Product management, operations management, agile methodologies, and strategy are required skills. Additionally, the Greater Toronto Area is the leading hiring region for this position. In approximately 43.2% of instances, employment outside of Canada is probable.

3. Dispensary Technician or Bud Tender

In a licensed cannabis dispensary, employees assist consumers and package merchandise for sale. This position requires knowledge of medical marijuana sales and retail, as well as cannabis production. The principal region for hiring candidates for this position is Greater Toronto. There are fewer opportunities for this position outside of Canada.

4. Technical Program Manager

Managers of technical programs monitor these initiatives and ensure that they adhere to high operational standards. Among the necessary skills are program management, agile techniques, the software development lifecycle (SDLC), agile project administration, and scrum. The Greater Toronto, Greater Vancouver, and Greater Montreal metropolitan areas are the top regions for hiring for this position. The probability of obtaining a job outside of Canada is approximately 29.3%.

5. Sustainability Managers

Sustainability researchers, policymakers, and practitioners strive to promote environmental responsibility within corporations. This position requires skills in sustainability, social responsibility, environmental reporting, and climate change. Greater Toronto is the premier region for employment. About 10.5% of non-Canadian job applicants are successful.

6. Head of Growth

For businesses to expand and generate more revenue, growth leaders are essential in the creation of marketing plans, product development, and sales strategies. Required abilities include growth plans, market strategies, collaborations, digital marketing, and product marketing. Greater Toronto employs the most candidates. Approximately 66.4% of this position’s applicants will obtain employment outside of Canada.

7. User Experience Writer

User-experience writers create content for digital products that is user-friendly. Required abilities include UX content strategy, content design, copywriting, and usability testing. The principal region for hiring candidates for this position is Greater Toronto. The probability of obtaining a job outside of Canada is approximately 44.7%.

8. IT Associate

IT professionals investigate issues and provide technical support for computer systems. Among the required skills are Active Directory, server troubleshooting, technical support, and network administration. In addition, the most popular employment locations are the metropolitan regions of Greater Toronto and Montreal. However, only 3.3% of non-Canadian applicants are appointed for this position.

9. Site Reliability Engineer

Engineers who monitor computer infrastructure are responsible for ensuring that tools and systems operate effectively. Expertise in site dependability, engineering, and web services is required for terrain modification. In addition, the Greater Toronto Area, the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area, and the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area are the most prominent employment hubs. Additionally, obtaining a job outside of Canada is plausible in approximately 43.9% of cases.

10. Customer Success Associate

To ensure customer satisfaction, customer success representatives answer client inquiries and seek out solutions to problems. Time management, client experience, account management, and client relationship management are required skills. Additionally, Greater Toronto is the region with the highest employment rate. However, approximately 12.7% of registrants will be from outside of Canada.

11. Valuation Analyst

Valuation experts provide financial research and data to facilitate complex financial transactions. Among the necessary abilities are financial modeling, property management, real estate evaluation, and financial analysis. Greater Toronto is the premier region for employment. However, it is less likely to obtain employment for this position outside of Canada.

12. Sales Development Representative

To increase sales, sales development representatives interact with and educate potential customers. Skills such as lead generation through direct calling, B2B sales, and sales are required. Moreover, the majority of available positions are in the Greater Toronto Area. Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area, Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area Other than that, there is a 49.4% chance of finding employment outside of Canada.

13. Security Engineer

Security professionals develop and maintain secure computer networks for businesses. Cybersecurity, security information, event network administration, and security and vulnerability assessment are required skills. The Greater Toronto, Greater Vancouver, and Greater Montreal metropolitan areas are also among the top regions for recruiting. Additionally, in approximately 57.9% of instances, employment can be obtained outside of Canada.

14. Data Engineer

Data engineers construct systems and infrastructure for storing and analyzing data for organizations. In addition, the following talents are required: Data engineering, Apache Spark, Extract Transform Load (ETL), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Python programming Greater Toronto, Greater Vancouver, and Greater Montreal are the top metropolitan regions for employment. In addition, approximately 35.6% of individuals can find employment outside of Canada.

15. E-commerce coordinator

Managers of e-commerce supervise the daily business operations of online stores and collaborate with multiple teams to process online orders. Also required are e-commerce management, Shopify analytics via Google, digital marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). The Greater Toronto, Greater Vancouver, and Greater Montreal metropolitan areas are the regions with the highest employment rates. In addition, there is a 4.8% possibility of finding employment outside of Canada.

16. Technical Product Manager

Technical product managers collaborate with engineering and design teams to create products that advance organizational goals. Product management, scrum, agile methodologies, technical product management, and product road mapping are required competencies. Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver are the most sought-after employment locations. However, approximately 33.1% of people can find employment outside of Canada.

17. Cyber Security Specialists

For enterprises, cyber security specialists provide protection and ensure network security. Cybersecurity, information and event management, network security, and penetration testing are among the necessary skills. Greater Toronto, Greater Montreal, and Greater Calgary are the top metropolitan areas for employment opportunities. In addition, the probability of finding employment outside of Canada is approximately 13.4%.

18. Cruise Scheduler

Schedulers for cruise ships manage flight personnel and transportation system schedules. In addition, capabilities in commercial aviation, airline aviation, crew organization, and flight safety are required. Greater Toronto is the region where individuals are hired most frequently. There are fewer opportunities for this position outside of Canada.

19. Medical Writer

Medical writers produce written material describing study results, the use of medical technology, and treatments. In addition, talents in medical writing, academia, life sciences, medical interactions, and clinical trials are required. In addition, the largest hiring localities are the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Montreal Area. About 56.9% of individuals can find employment outside of Canada.

20. Media Planner

Media planners select media platforms for brands or products and develop advertising campaign action plans. Also required are skills in media planning, media procurement, media planning, digital media, and online advertising. However, Greater Toronto and Greater Montreal are the most sought-after employment locations. In approximately 15.7% of cases, it is conceivable to work outside of Canada.

Nonetheless, understanding the need for these positions can guide your career decisions and job search efforts, whether you are already a Canadian resident or are considering relocating to the country. In addition, your prospects of landing one of these in-demand occupations can be significantly increased by continually enhancing your skills, remaining adaptable, and taking advantage of networking opportunities.

Requirements for Top 20 Jobs in Canada

  • Professional CV
  • Passport
  • Original Degree, Diploma certificate
  • Copy Degree, Diploma certificate
  • Original Experience certificate, if available
  • Copy of Experience Certificate, If available

Benefits of Top 20 Jobs in Canada Work Visa IRCC

  • Diverse Employment Prospects: The employment market in Canada is expanding and diverse, providing prospects in numerous industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and skilled trades.
  • High Quality of Life: A high standard of living characterizes Canada, which provides its citizens with exceptional healthcare, education, and social services.
  • Multicultural Society: Canada is an inclusive and diverse multicultural society, which fosters an environment that is receptive to individuals from various cultural and historical contexts.
  • Stable Economy: The resilient and stable economy of Canada can provide security and stability in the workplace.
  • Excellent Education System: Excellent Education System Canada provides a high-quality education system with numerous reputable schools and universities, which is an advantage if you intend to bring your family.
  • Social Benefits: Social security and healthcare are two examples of the social benefits that Canadian workers frequently receive.
  • Work-Life Balance: A healthy work-life balance is frequently regarded as a priority in Canadian workplaces, which positively impacts employees’ overall well-being.
  • Opportunities for Advancement: Opportunities for Professional Development and Career Progression Numerous Canadian industries provide prospects for career progression and development.
  • Safe and Clean Environment: A comfortable living environment is provided by Canada’s reputation for maintaining a safe and sanitary environment.
  • Global Networking: The opportunity to work in Canada may provide you with the means to expand your global network and establish valuable professional connections.

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  1. What skills are the shortage in Canada?

    ICTC estimates that Canada will need at least 218,000 highly skilled professional workers in information technology.

  2. Which job is most in demand in Canada?

    Generally, careers in the healthcare sector, technology field, and scientific areas tend to be in high demand across the country. In September Canada’s job market experienced significant shifts, presenting numerous opportunities in various sectors throughout the country.

  3. Which field is easy to get a job in in Canada?

     Newcomers can easily get jobs in Canada in the fields of sales and marketing. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. For this occupation, they do not require a license. The average salary for sales and marketing in Canada is $77,350 per year.

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