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Teaching Jobs in Poland 2023-24 – Apply Now


Teaching Jobs in Poland 2023-24: As a foreigner working as a teacher in Poland, whether in an elementary or tertiary institution, many exciting benefits await you. In this post, we will discuss important information about teaching jobs in Poland, as well as some of the benefits of working in Poland and being a teacher.

Details About Teaching Jobs in Poland 2023-24

Candidates must ensure that they meet the specific requirements to avoid disqualification; proceed to the post to learn more about Teaching Jobs in Poland.

Teaching in private and other schools across Poland, you will join a multinational team and teach in schools that provide cutting-edge services and resources.

Furthermore, a teacher in Ireland assists students in gaining knowledge, competence, or virtue, and they can look forward to well-paying salaries and competitive reimbursement in the country.

Teaching Jobs in Poland 2023-24
Teaching Jobs in Poland 2023-24

General Responsibilities

Some of the primary responsibilities of a teacher in Poland are as follows:

  • A teacher is in charge of planning lessons and educating students at all levels.
  • Their responsibilities include assigning homework, grading tests, and tracking progress.
  • They teach and supervise students as they use learning materials and equipment.
  • Their responsibility is to show each student love, respect, and care.
  • They involve students in extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs.
  • They possess educational leadership abilities and must continue to grow and develop as professionals.
  • When the student requires assistance, they must act as a support person.
  • They are people who will have to play multiple roles.
  • They should be able to accommodate each pupil.
  • They should be able to deal with difficult situations patiently.

Teaching Positions in Poland

Teaching is both fulfilling and hard, and it was formerly a strong and steady professional path as the number of student teachers induced to pace further for greater purposes.

The following are teacher positions in Poland that you may apply for as a teacher; now, look through the listings and apply for any that you are qualified for.

The prerequisites, knowledge, and abilities it embodies, as well as what you aspire and tend to acquire, are listed below.

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Polish English Teacher

An English teacher is responsible for teaching students good grammar, writing, and reading comprehension, as well as evaluating student tests and essays, assessing student progress, and teaching pupils the value of English.

They educate kids on how to pronounce words correctly, how to think critically when studying literature and poetry, and how to analyze and challenge media coverage.

They are responsible for crafting lesson plans that will teach students the abilities they require and a few of the primary jobs of an English teacher are answering student inquiries.

Salary: In Poland, an English teacher normally gets roughly 5,630 PLN per month.


Create lesson plans in order to incorporate the entire period of each lesson.
Conduct classes efficiently utilizing various teaching techniques based on the material.
Make lesson plans for students, grade their essays and examinations, keep the classroom tidy, and encourage pupils to read aloud in class.
Create assessments for pupils and provide progress reports for them.
Engage students to create a stimulating classroom environment, and teach them about the structure and content of the English language.


  • Possess a higher degree in philology or linguistics, as well as a certificate (TEFL/CELTA, DELTA).
  • Have a minimum of one year of teaching experience
  • They are enthusiastic about their work and have outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Are innovative and take a personalized approach to education; are trustworthy and professional

Other suggestions

  • Overcome language obstacles and speak effectively in English Develop and maintain cross-cultural relationships with confidence and respect
  • Prepare for English examinations and public speaking competitions.
  • Minimize the likelihood of miscommunication and resolve issues in a fair and professional manner.


  • Our teachers have the option of working flexible hours.
  • Monthly compensation is attractive.
  • Form of job that is adaptable
  • Materials and teaching resources are supplied.

Professional assistance for teachers

They help full professors, guide and oversee graduates and spend time performing research and studies. Assistant professors are also eligible to participate in university committees.

The duties of an assistant professor include delivering demonstrations, directing experiments and investigations, and answering questions in class, by email, or by phone.

They represent the university at conferences and provide presentations as needed, as well as educate and supervise undergraduate and graduate students.

Assistant professor offering input on student achievement to Professors and Department Directors, as well as developing bids to seek research funding.


The average compensation for an Assistant Professor in Warsaw, Poland is PLN 5,698 per month, with an annual salary of PLN 115,584 and an hourly wage of PLN 56 in Poland.


  • carrying out scientific research and publishing the findings in worldwide scientific publications or allied sciences
  • Initiating collaboration with the university environment through commercialization projects, taking on the role of research team leader
  • Teaching classes in the first and second cycles of studies for the following degree programs: National and International Security, Political Science.
  • Completion of organizational tasks in accordance with individual assignment responsibilities.


  • Full-time employment for four years on the basis of an employment contract
  • The principal place of employment is at the university.
  • A 210-hour teaching load per year
  • Task-based working hours
  • Possibility of additional professional growth
  • University employees, their spouses/life partners, and adult children are covered by group life insurance.
  • Private medical care is provided as part of supplemental health insurance for University personnel, spouses/life partners, and children.
  • Possibility of joining the Occupational Pension Plan and the POGODNA JESIE group pension insurance.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Ph.D. in the relevant academic discipline, including an academic curriculum vitae (CV) and motivation letter.
  • Experience teaching at a university level.
  • Publications would be advantageous.
  • Excellent analytical, observant, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Attendance at conferences and academic gatherings are excellent.
  • Outstanding research, writing, and interpersonal abilities.
  • A strong desire to teach and interact with students.
  • Patience, comprehension, and a willingness to assist.
  • Copy of documents attesting to qualifications (including the Ph.D. diploma or certificate granting the Ph.D. degree, and MA diploma or equivalent degree diploma).

How to Apply for a Work as a Teacher in Poland

These are the measures you must rigorously adhere to:

  • Click the ‘Apply Now’ button on the right.
  • You will find a variety of available Teaching Jobs in Poland.
  • Fill up any necessary facts or information.
  • On the other hand, you will see the registered term (click on it)
  • Make sure to look for a variety of teaching positions.
  • Then click the submit button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about becoming a teacher in Poland?

Teachers at public and private schools must have a bachelor’s degree, a teaching license, and excellent references. Normally, at least one year of classroom experience is required.

Are Teachers in high demand in Poland?

About English Teaching in Poland
As a result, ESL teachers are in high demand. Salary ranges from 70-100z/hr ($17-$25 USD/hr) depending on the school type (with more prominent private schools paying more).

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