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Taxi Driver Jobs in Poland 2023 – Apply Now


Taxi Driver Jobs in Poland 2023: Ensuring consumers receive an exceptional driving service
ensuring compliance with Road Safety and Traffic Regulations
All orders and routes will be delivered to your mobile device via the native application. Accounts are activated within 24 hours.

Details About Taxi Driver Jobs in Poland 2023

Taxi Driver Jobs in Poland 2023
Taxi Driver Jobs in Poland 2023

Requirements for Taxi Driver Jobs in Poland 2023:

  • basic English; Valid, spotless Class B driving license;
  • The driving experience of at least one year;
  • Age from 21 y.o. no criminal record certificate
  • Excellent attention to detail
How to Apply
How to Apply

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The position requires an adaptable individual who can operate independently.
This position does not have a set wage, but you will receive a portion of each job you complete. Estimate of the row working full time 5-6 days a week 1,000 PLN (5,000 USD)


The business provides dormitory-style quarters for two to three occupants; however, the employee is responsible for utility costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a driver in Poland?

Before applying for a position, you must have a category of truck driver’s license, a driver’s card for the tachograph, and proof of prior truck driving experience.

How much does a Polish driver earn?

In Poland, the average salary for a Driver is 46,810 PLN per year or 23 PLN per hour. The typical Driver income range is between PLN 35,904 and PLN 54,113 per year. On average, a driver’s greatest degree of education is a High School Diploma.

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