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Taiwan Companies Accepting Immigrants Job Applications 2024


People from other countries relocate to Taiwan in search of better-paying jobs, to change careers, or to advance in their careers. This country’s economy is always increasing, the unemployment rate is low, and pay scales are rising.

Taiwan is a major player in the global electronic products and information technology industry. It sells a wide range of computer-related products and continues to assist industries that rely heavily on modern technology. As a result, firms working in technology and information from all over the world have established operations in the country. Most people travel to Taiwan to work as teachers or for a manufacturing company.


Details of Taiwan Companies Accepting Immigrants Job Applications 2024


  • Diverse Viewpoints: Hiring immigrants can help you come up with new ideas and solutions because they bring a wide range of experiences and points of view to the job.
  • Understanding of Global Markets: Many immigrant workers know more about global markets than native-born workers, which can help businesses reach more people around the world.
  • Language Skills: A lot of refugees speak more than one language, which can help businesses that want to talk to clients and partners around the world.
  • Workforce variety: Hiring immigrants adds to the variety of the workforce by making it more open and friendly, which encourages creativity and teamwork.
  • Getting rid of skill gaps: Immigrant workers may have specific skills and credentials that are needed but not found in the local workforce.
  • Cultural Exchange: Hiring immigrants helps people from different cultures learn about and understand each other, which improves conversation and teamwork within the company.
  • Expansion of the Talent Pool: When companies accept job applications from immigrants, they get access to a wider range of skills and knowledge.


  • Legal Status: People who want to work in Taiwan must have the right paperwork, like a valid work visa or residency pass.
  • Language Skills: Depending on the job, you may need to be able to speak Mandarin Chinese and/or English well in order to communicate well at work.
  • Education and Experience: Applicants must have the appropriate degrees, certifications, and work experience listed for the job.
  • Skills and Competencies: Companies may look for people with certain skills and competencies that are related to the job, like professional knowledge, the ability to lead, the ability to solve problems, and so on.
  • Cultural Adaptability: People who want to come to Taiwan as immigrants should show that they can adapt to different cultures and are willing to work in a diverse setting while still following Taiwanese workplace rules and values.
  • Documentation for Work Permits: Applicants must show proper proof of their work permit status and any other legal documents needed by Taiwanese workforce laws.
  • Background checks: Companies may do background checks on job applicants to see if they meet the requirements for the job and have a past of working for other companies.

List of Job Openings For Immigrants in Taiwan

1 . Maritime Law Enforcement Instructor

Key responsibilities for this role include:

  • Examine if the students grasp the course material, are proficient in the abilities they’ve learned, and can demonstrate how they’ve applied what they’ve learned.
  • When asked, assist with course evaluation, upgrading, and maintenance.
  • Keep the learning environment secure and useful.

2 . Rework Operator (2nd Shift)

Role and responsibilities

  • Sort and open customer items before entering them into the Customer Repair system using Oracle and MS Access.
  • Use standard testing equipment and commodities to check for function, operation, and environmental factors.
  • Send client information and communicate with the customer via a written Service Report to exchange consumer and marine goods.

3 . Reverse Logistics Processor

Key responsibilities for this role include:

  • Rework returned or broken products by entering Engineering Change Orders and ensuring that units match their Bill of Materials Credits for returned items are applied to customer accounts; the product is entered into Oracle and Microsoft Access.
  • Customer service RMAs, aircraft units, and other receipts must be sent to the correct locations.

4 . CNC Operator

Essential Functions

  • Understand and adhere to all normal operating procedures and safety protocols.
  • MS Excel and MS Outlook expertise
  • This list of tasks and responsibilities is not exhaustive, and it may be expanded to incorporate more roles and responsibilities as the company needs change.

5 . Fiberglass Laminator


  • Mounts fiberglass rolls on helicopter gun machine spindles.
  • Fiberglass is threaded through machine rollers.
  • The chopper gun and other laminating equipment are operated and maintained.
  • Controls the speed, temperature, and pressure of the laminating equipment.

How to Apply

All interested parties can follow the link below to learn more about the job and apply.

More Info


It is possible for immigrants to find work in Taiwan in a wide range of fields, such as technology, manufacturing, transportation, and more. These jobs help Taiwan’s economy grow and give the country a bigger presence around the world by letting people learn about other cultures and giving employers more job options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can immigrants apply for jobs in Taiwan if they don’t speak Mandarin or Taiwanese?

    While fluency in Mandarin or Taiwanese is advantageous, it is not usually required for all job positions in Taiwanese organizations. Some employers may require candidates to have a basic understanding of the language, whereas others may offer bilingual support or language training to new employees.

  2. How can immigrants apply for jobs in Taiwan companies in ?

    Immigrants who want to work in Taiwan companies in 2024 might look for job openings on online job boards or the company’s official website. They can also contact recruitment organizations in Taiwan that specialize in placing international workers. As part of the application process, applicants are often requested to submit their CVs, cover letter, and other applicable papers.

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