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Strawberry Picking and Packing Job in New Zealand for International 


Do you want to work and live in New Zealand? You can visit the country of apples and strawberries even if you lack education or experience in any modern or high-tech profession. This post was written with the intention of discussing one such fantastic opportunity with you.

Strawberry Picking and Packing Jobs in New Zealand for International Applicants in 2023 are being discussed. Because Auckland is New Zealand’s “strawberry hub,” we’ll talk about Strawberry Picking and Packing Jobs in Auckland today. Every year, around 15 million pounds of strawberries are gathered. That equates to over 40 million jars of strawberry jam! Strawberries with apples, cranberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines, and other fruits.


Prior to Covid-19, there were roughly 13.5 million strawberry plants in New Zealand in 2020, with a $32.5 million industry value and 9183 tons of strawberry volume. Shortage of international and local employees during and after the pandemic, as well as a reduction in exports due to increasing airfares, produced a large gap in New Zealand’s Strawberry Picking Industry. A strawberry picking/packing job in Canada would be a very satisfying and wise career decision, as strawberries are farmed in every Canadian province. Continue reading to learn more about Strawberry Picking and Packing Jobs in Canada 2023 with Visa Sponsorship:


Strawberry picking jobs in New Zealand have gained immense popularity among international workers seeking temporary employment opportunities. With the growing demand for fresh produce and New Zealand’s reputation for its agricultural sector, these jobs offer a unique experience for individuals looking to work abroad.

Understanding the Demand

Both in the United States and other countries, people want strawberries more and more. Fresh, high-quality fruits like strawberries are always in demand because people are becoming more health-conscious about what they eat.

Why New Zealand?

The mild weather and rich soil in New Zealand make it a great place to grow strawberries. Sustainable farming methods in the country make sure that high-quality strawberries are grown, which brings in workers from all over the world.

Strawberry Picking and Packing Job in New Zealand for International 
Strawberry Picking and Packing Job in New Zealand for International 

Details of Strawberry Picking and Packing Job in New Zealand for International 

  • Job Title: Strawberry Picker/ Fruit Picker
  • Job country: New Zealand
  • Employing Agency: Strawberry Growers NZ.
  • Who can apply: All nationalities are eligible to apply
  • Work Location: Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Experience Required: No
  • Knowledge Required: Not High
  • Age Limit: No
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Expected Salary: $15-20/Hour
  • Free Food: Sometimes, Depends upon the employer
  • Free Accommodation: Yes

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Requirements of Strawberries Picking/ Packing Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship

  • There is no statutory minimum education requirement. Applicants can range from secondary school graduates to master’s degree holders.
  • No prior experience is required. However, individuals with prior experience are preferable.
  • A strong command of the English language is required.
  • All necessary and supporting visa documentation.
  • The applicant must be lawfully permitted to work in Canada.
  • A legitimate job offer from an employer (not older than two years).
  • Applicant must be eligible for Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program in order to apply for Agri-Food Pilot Program.

Benefits of Strawberry Picking and Packing Jobs 2023 in New Zealand 

  • There is no formal education required.
  • There is no prior experience required.
  • There is no upper age limit.
  • The majority of firms provide free lodging.
  • The majority of employers provide free medical care.
  • Because New Zealand’s Immigration Conditions are simple and accommodating, you can apply for permanent residence after a specified period of time.
  • A fruit-picking job is the best option for extra money if you are already in New Zealand as a temporary or permanent resident.
  • Because strawberries are farmed throughout New Zealand, you can easily find work throughout Canada.
  • Many workplaces provide free or subsidized food, as well as free or subsidized transportation.
  • System of paid overtime, paid vacations, and paid holidays.
  • You can work from early dawn until late at night.
  • The position is accessible to all international applicants without regard to nationality. Anyone, including foreigners living outside of New Zealand, is welcome to apply.

How to Apply for Strawberry Picking Jobs in New Zealand with Visa Sponsorship

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You can start a satisfying career picking and packing strawberries in New Zealand. There are jobs in Auckland for people from other countries who want to work there. People from all walks of life can take advantage of this chance because they don’t need any formal education or training. New Zealand’s welcoming immigration rules let you enjoy perks like free housing, medical care, and the chance to live there permanently. Send in your application now and enjoy working in New Zealand’s successful farming industry!

People Also Ask

  1. What is the strawberry picking season in New Zealand?

    In New Zealand, the strawberry season lasts from November to March. More than 40% of Kiwi strawberries (the most popular strawberry variety in New Zealand) are cultivated in greater Auckland, however, they can be found throughout the country.

  2. How much do fruit pickers get paid in New Zealand?

    As a result, gold kiwifruit pickers are frequently paid by the hour rather than by the bin. The hourly rate for gold kiwifruit picking is expected to be NZ$20–$25 per hour.

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