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Software Engineer Jobs in Dubai with Visa 2024 – Apply Now

IT jobs are the most sought-after by expatriates in the UAE, and many UAE companies are actively recruiting for IT positions. These positions include those of software developers, computer systems analysts, and IT project administrators, among others.

Numerous companies in England are willing to sponsor visas for highly educated workers in these industries, especially if there is a lack of qualified candidates in the local job market. In light of this demand, there are numerous IT jobs and Software Engineer jobs in Dubai and the rest of the UAE that provide visa sponsorship for the employee and their family.

Syncheron, a provider of IT financial services with 40 offices in 17 countries, is seeking a Spring Boot Software Engineer to join their team. If you wish to relocate to Dubai or work there, you have come to the right location. How to Apply for Software Engineer (Spring Boot) Jobs in Dubai with Visas for Employees and Families, as well as the link to apply for the job, are outlined in full on this page.

Details of Software Engineer Jobs in Dubai with Visa

  • Job title: Software Engineer (Spring Boot)
  • Job Region: Dubai, UAE
  • Employer’s name: Synechron
  • Expected Salary: 2K-4K per month (as per the UAE’s Salary Statistics)
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes, for the employee and his family

Requirements of Software Engineer Jobs in Dubai with Visa

  • Minimum of 16 years of schooling with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.
  • Minimum of two to four years’ experience as a Java developer, in another programming language, or as a Software Engineer in general.
  • Excellent knowledge of Basic English and Arabic.
  • Must be legally authorized to work in the UAE.
  • Preferred experience in Banking, finance, and Fintech in an enterprise environment
  • Experience adhering to Coding, Security, Unit testing, and Documentation best practices and standards
  • Knowledge of Agile methodology.
  • Ideally, 25 to 35 years old

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Benefits of Software Engineer Jobs in Dubai with Visa

  • Global Career Opportunities: Career Opportunities on a Global Scale Dubai, being a center of international business, offers employees the chance to gain experience in a global business environment. Possessing experience in Dubai can bolster the resume of a software engineer and provide access to international employment prospects.
  • Competitive Salaries: Highly Competent Software Engineers Are Offered Competitive Salaries in Dubai’s Technology Sector. Frequently, visa sponsorship signifies that the employer places a premium on the employee’s expertise and is invested in their continued service.
  • Cultural Experience: Working in Dubai offers an exceptional cultural experience owing to the city’s cosmopolitan and diverse populace. It provides the opportunity for people to fully engage with a diverse array of cultures and traditions.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Dubai is the venue for numerous industry conferences, meetings, and events. Employing in the city offers prospects for establishing a professional network, thereby cultivating connections that may prove advantageous for professional advancement.
  • Professional Development: By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and initiatives, software engineers in Dubai may have the opportunity to advance their professional development. In a dynamic business environment, ongoing education and skill development are highly encouraged.
  • Tax-Free Income: Dubai is renowned for its tax-free income policy, which entails that personnel frequently obtain their complete wages without any deductions for income tax. This has the potential to substantially improve the comprehensive financial bundle.
  • Quality of Life: Contemporary infrastructure, amenities, and an extensive array of recreational pursuits contribute to Dubai’s high standard of living. The city is renowned for its variety of lifestyle options, safety, and sanitation.
  • Visa Sponsorship: The provision of visa sponsorship by an employer guarantees the acquisition of lawful authorization to engage in employment in Dubai. By streamlining the immigration procedure, software engineers are better able to concentrate on their professional obligations.
  • Career Advancement: The dynamic economy of Dubai offers abundant prospects for professional growth and development. Software engineers might have the opportunity to work on innovative initiatives, assume leadership positions, or specialize in niche fields.
  • Work Environment, Multinational: Numerous organizations in Dubai operate on a global scale. Software engineers whose work environments involve collaboration with professionals of diverse cultural backgrounds acquire practical knowledge and improve their abilities to communicate across cultures.

Duties of Software Engineer Jobs in Dubai

  • As a Java Spring Boot developer, you will design and implement the company’s microservices using Spring Boot Frameworks, as well as integrate these microservices into the company’s overall databases.
  • Understanding stream processing technologies like Kafka
  • Understand and implement technical and design specifications.
  • Reuse codes and libraries and construct them to be re-used.
  • Using API gateway integrations such as 3Scale to test unit and integration services
  • Actively engaged in solving and troubleshooting issues in the distributed services ecosystem; conversant with CI/CD principles
  • Adhering to and following the Software Development Life Cycle in its entirety
  • Perform sufficient tests for design criteria.
  • Work in an environment that is fast-paced, project-focused, and team-oriented.

How to Apply for Software Engineer Jobs in Dubai with a Visa

  • Before going to online job search portals for Software Engineer Jobs in UAE with Visa Sponsorship Jobs and contacting potential employers, you should attempt to create and update your CV by the most recent tendencies in the job market. Then, you are expected to take the subsequent actions:
  • Create an account on Indeed if you do not already have one.
  • After supplying the requested information, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.
  • If you cannot locate the message in your inbox, check the spam or trash folders.
  • To activate your account, tap it.
  • Input “Spring Boot Developer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship”, “Software Developer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship”, or “Java Spring Developer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship.”
  • Select all of the UAE in the location bar immediately below the search bar.
  • Click on your desired position and provide your CV and any other requested information.
  • Continue to examine your mail for a response.

More Info

  1. How much is a Dubai two-year work visa?

    AED 3000 to AED 7000 for Dubai and UAE work visas

    Categorization 2: 600 to 2000 AED, dependent on the worker’s level of expertise. Category 3 is AED 5,000. Two-year Dubai employment visas cost between AED 3,000 and AED 7,000. Foreign employees over the age of 65: AED 5,000 per category.

  2. How much is the Dubai visa from Pakistan?

    Dubai Visa From Pakistan Get a 30-day or 60-day UAE visa…
    Yes, a visa is required to enter Dubai from Pakistan. You need to get a visa before traveling. Is a Dubai visa-free for Pakistani nationals? Visas for one month in Dubai cost Rs 55,000, and visas for two months cost Rs 65,000.

  3. Is software engineering in demand in Dubai?

    Dubai’s job market for software engineers is ripe with opportunities for those who possess the right blend of technical expertise, communication skills, and adaptability.

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