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Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark With Work Visa 2023 – Apply Now


Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark With Work Visa 2023: I bring you one of the best pieces of news this month regarding Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark in 2023. New skill shortage jobs will be announced on 1 July 2023, and now is the best time for all international job seekers to stay alert and prepare all necessary documents to apply for jobs and work visas in Denmark in the month of July.

Why you should consider working in Denmark in 2023?

I will begin by stating that Denmark is ranked nineteenth on a list of countries with the highest number of millionaires, which should be sufficient to persuade you to take your resume to the next level so that you can easily distinguish yourself from other job seekers in order to secure a position in Denmark (Ref Wikipedia – 385000 Millionaires in Denmark).


So, based on these statistics, we can get a sense of how wealthy the citizens of Denmark are and how effective their business strategies are in terms of finding employment and settling there. I should also mention that salaries in Denmark are also relatively high (Ref It is also worth mentioning that healthcare services in Denmark are free and provided by the Danish welfare system, which is funded by taxes paid by Danish citizens (Ref borger), and that education is also free for children up to the age of 16 at Danish folkeskole (Ref


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Consequently, being an international full-time employee in Denmark will also entitle you and your family to receive these services in addition to salary, other allowances, and job security, so I strongly advise my audience of job seekers to consider applying for jobs in Denmark.

Denmark Skill Shortage Jobs List – Positive List 2023

The term ‘Positive List’ refers to the Skill Shortage occupations list in Denmark, which means that if Denmark is unable to find professionals for certain jobs, then those jobs are placed on a positive list, which is essentially a jobs list to recruit international skilled workers, and this Danish positive list is updated twice a year, with the next update scheduled for July 2023, along with new job openings (Ref nyidanmark).

How to find and for Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark With Work Visa 2023?

Check out these two skill shortage occupation lists issued by the government of Denmark to hire foreigners in 2023 in order to discover the most recent job openings:

  • Positive skills shortage list for international skilled workers
  • Positive skills shortage list for highly qualified international job seekers

In addition, I would like to mention that this Danish positive list was last updated with 40 new job openings in January 2023 and that at the beginning of the following month (July 2023), this positive list will be updated again with new job openings for which you can submit your resume, cover letter, academic documents, and job application online (Ref Positive List).

By exploring this page of the positive list for Denmark jobs, you will be able to find new employment opportunities in July 2023, and if you believe that your qualifications and work experience make you eligible for any of the jobs listed in the positive list, you can submit an application directly online.

People Also Ask

  1. What is the job seeker visa in Denmark in 2023?

    Application Procedure for a Denmark Work Visa
    Step 1: Select an appropriate Denmark work visa scheme.
    Create a case order ID in Step 2.
    Step three is to pay the required work visa fee.
    Step four: assemble the necessary visa documents.
    Step 5 is application submission.
    Submit the biometric information as the sixth step.

  2. What is the age limit for a Danish work visa?

    The minimum age for a work visa is 21 years, and the official maximum age for a foreigner’s work visa is 60 years.

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