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Shift Worker Jobs in Canada 2023 – Apply Now

Shift Worker Jobs in Canada 2023: you may sign up for shifts at nearby businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. We pay 10% more for the identical work you receive through agencies and online job boards. No resumes. You are free to work whenever and for however long you like.

Details About Shift Worker Jobs in Canada 2023

Afterward, we will assist you in obtaining a higher-paying, longer-lasting career. Our mission is to give you a dedicated career coach, education, and permanent employment. When you suggest friends and relatives to work with us, we will give you a percentage of their earnings.

Shift Worker Jobs in Canada 2023 - Apply Now
Shift Worker Jobs in Canada 2023 – Apply Now

Why should you choose us above other alternatives?

  • Emphasis on Immigrants – As immigrants, we understand your efforts to find a consistent, well-paying job. We are designed to assist you and your family in achieving success in Canada, and not simply to treat you as a number.
  • Make More Money, More Quickly — 10% higher pay for temporary work, paid out within a few days following the shift, and access to permanent jobs with a higher salary.
  • Pick Your Schedule and Save Time — Register with a few clicks for on-demand jobs, training, and services. Quit spending time with applications, emails, phone calls, and visits to employment boards and agencies.
  • Get a Job You Enjoy — Use our Career Counselors to develop new skills, plan for your next employment, and locate something that you will want to do forever. (Coming Soon)
  • Assistance Beyond Employment — Get language instruction, cheap health insurance, and other resources in one location. Spend less time searching for the items you require. (Coming Soon)

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Other Specifics:

  • Greater Toronto Area: Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughn, Etobicoke, and surrounding areas
  • Living wage varies each shift on the app but is often >$20/hour for an 8-hour shift.
  • Timing of payment: less than a week
  • Ability to access job sites, excellent work ethic, willingness to learn and eligibility to work in Canada are prerequisites.
  • Depending on the shift, responsibilities may include loading, unloading, tracking, assembling, and disassembling supplies and fixtures while adhering to safety protocols.

Work Schedule

This occupation has the following schedule:



Benefits & Perks for Shift Worker Jobs in Canada 2023

This employment offers the following advantages:

Instruction and professional growth

Deadline: 2023-08-15

How to Apply
How to Apply

How to Apply for Shift Worker Jobs in Canada 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What hours do people work in Canada?

The typical work week in Canada is between 37.5 and 40 hours, from Monday through Friday, between 8:00 or 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (7.5 or 8 hours per day).

How much is the hourly wage in Canada?

$twenty an hour
In Canada, the average hourly wage is $20, or $39,000 annually. Most experienced workers can earn up to $69,866 per year, while entry-level roles start at $33,150.


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