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Retail Store supervisor Jobs in Canada at WARDEN WOODS PHARMACY


WARDEN WOODS PHARMACY is looking for a Retail store manager to carry out the duties outlined in the job description. Candidates who meet this job requirement should apply because this is a full-time position with flexible work hours. Interviews will be held, and candidates who perform well will be hired and begin their employment process right away. LMIA has approved this job position.

Complete previous jobs

The chosen candidate is accountable for:

  • Purchasing items
  • Assigning duties to sales representatives
  • Price and credit policy implementation
  • Choose which products and services to sell.
  • Assign responsibilities to employees and then purchase the merchandise for resale.
  • Identify consumer demand and potential sales volume.
  • Organizing and evaluating daily operations
  • Financial statement examination
  • Motivating the sales team to achieve their sales goals
  • Registrars per shift must be reconciled.
  • Implementing safeguards to protect the stock

Ideal job definitions

The chosen candidate must do the following:

  • Have excellent communication skills.
  • Provide exceptional customer service.
  • Have the ability to adhere to safety regulations
  • Arrive early for work and be results-oriented
  • Have a positive attitude and be energetic
  • Should be able to complete tasks quickly and with good time management skills
  • Must be easy to get along with, friendly, and bondable
  • Leadership abilities must be demonstrated.

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Extensive experience is required

  • The chosen candidate must have a minimum of a high school diploma.
  • 2-3 years experience in a related role

Contract type

  • Full-time job


  • Fluency in English


  • 99 Firvalley Crt, Scarborough, ON M1L 1P2

Workplace conditions

The chosen candidate would work in conditions such as:

  • Repetitive tasks are completed regularly.
  • Time constraints must be met.
  • To work, you must be punctual.
  • It is done to stand for long periods.

Working conditions

The chosen candidate would work in an environment where:

  • Healthy standards are strictly adhered to.
  • Working in a fast-paced, busy environment requires the ability to work overtime as needed.
  • It is necessary to pay close attention to details.

Safety and Security

  • The chosen candidate would have a criminal record.
  • The chosen candidate would provide an adult abuse registry.
  • The chosen candidate would provide a child abuse registry.

Benefits of Retail Store supervisor Jobs in Canada at WARDEN WOODS PHARMACY

  • Competitive Wages: Retail store supervisors in Canada generally are remunerated competitively, varying by employer and position requirements. Wages may be paid on an hourly or salary basis.
  • Benefits Package: A considerable number of employers, including Warden Woods Pharmacy, provide their staff with all-encompassing benefit packages. Health insurance, dental coverage, retirement plans, paid time off, and employee discounts are examples of such benefits.
  • Prospects for Progression: Retail store supervisor roles frequently function as pivotal moments that pave the way for professional growth and development within the retail sector. Those who possess demonstrated leadership abilities and experience may be eligible for promotions to positions of greater management responsibility.
  • Leadership Experience: By supervising and directing the activities of retail staff, individuals acquire significant leadership experience in the role of a supervisor. Future career prospects and personal and professional development may all benefit from this experience.
  • Skill Development: Opportunities for skill development abound in the retail industry, encompassing customer service, inventory management, sales techniques, and team leadership, among others. These are transferable abilities that are applicable across industries.
  • Job Stability: Job stability is frequently observed in retail establishments, with pharmacies being a prime example, owing to the consistent demand for their products and services by customers. This stability may provide financial security and serenity of mind to employees.
  • Work-Life Balance: Warden Woods Pharmacy, similar to other retail establishments, provides supervisory positions with the ability to adjust their schedules in a manner that respects the personal lives and preferences of their staff. Enhanced work-life balance and overall job satisfaction may result from this.
  • Recognizing and Rewarding Employees: Certain retailers acknowledge and incentivize their employees in response to their diligent efforts and commitment. Potential employee appreciation events, benefits, incentives, and professional development opportunities may be incorporated into this.
  • Community Impact: Employees of a neighborhood pharmacy such as Warden Woods Pharmacy have the opportunity to positively influence their community through the provision of vital healthcare products and services to patrons.
  • Training and Development: In order to assist workers in expanding their expertise and proficiencies, employers frequently invest in training and development initiatives. Training materials, seminars, and workshops may be available to retail store supervisors in an effort to foster their professional development.


The selected candidate would earn $24.25 per hour and work 40 hours per week.

How to Apply for Retail Store supervisor Jobs in Canada at WARDEN WOODS PHARMACY:

  1. What is a retail store supervisor job description in Canada?

    Retail sales supervisors supervise and coordinate the activities of workers in the following unit groups: Retail salespersons and visual merchandisers (64.100), cashiers (65.100), store shelf stockers, clerks, and order fillers (65.102), and other sales-related occupations

  2. Are retail supervisors in demand in Canada?

    The employment outlook will be moderate for retail sales supervisors (NOC 62010) in Ontario. The following factors contributed to this outlook: Employment is expected to remain relatively stable.

  3. What is the salary of a store supervisor in Canada?

    The average retail store supervisor salary in Canada is $38,025 per year or $19.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $35,315 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $45,896 per year.

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