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Retail Account Manager Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

We are seeking a Retail Appliance Account Manager in – British Columbia Market to continue the growth and success our dealer partners have experienced. You will collaborate with our dealer network daily, close sales in a professional manner, and communicate the benefits and advantages of Distinctive and its manufacturers to meet annual sales goals.

Join the best and only Canadian coast-to-coast appliance distribution sales team if you’re up for the challenge, enjoy having fun, and are passionate about developing new market opportunities.

What you should bring to table:

  • Three to five years experience in a related field.
  • Certification in sales and management.
  • Retail sales experience that is pertinent.
  • Relevant expertise in kitchen appliance technology (asset)
  • Advanced knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite and Excel.

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We are excited to meet you; therefore, join a unique team today!

  • * The use of the masculine gender includes the feminine and is employed solely for reading convenience.
  • Join our retail team at Distinctive Appliances!
  • We are seeking an Appliance Retail Account Manager (BC Market) to continue the growth and success we’ve experienced with our dealer partners.
  • You will work daily with our supplier network to close sales professionally, communicating the advantages and benefits of Distinctive and its manufacturers to meet yearly sales goals.
  • Join Canada’s best and only Canadian home appliance distribution team if you are up for a challenge, enjoy having fun at work, and are enthusiastic about developing new market opportunities. from one coast to the next.

What you should bring:

  • Three to five years experience in a related field.
  • Sales and management certificate.
  • Retail sales experience that is pertinent.
  • Relevant expertise in kitchen appliance technology (active).
  • Excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite and advanced Excel skills.
  • We look forward to meeting you; therefore, do not hesitate and join a unique team today!

* The masculine gender includes the feminine and is only used to facilitate reading.

Benefits of Retail Account Manager Jobs in Canada

  • Competitive Compensation: In addition to competitive compensation, retail account managers frequently receive incentives and bonuses that are contingent on their performance.
  • Career Advancement: The dynamic and diverse retail industry in Canada offers a plethora of prospects for professional development. Retail Account Managers may advance to executive-level positions within their respective organizations or pursue opportunities in alternative retail sectors, including operations, marketing, merchandising, or merchandising.
  • Employment Stability: Notwithstanding economic volatility, the retail industry continues to be a steadfast and indispensable component of Canada’s economy. Retail account managers hold significant importance in establishing and sustaining connections with critical clientele, thereby guaranteeing enduring business prosperity and employment stability.
  • Skill Development: Retail account managers acquire an extensive repertoire of competencies, encompassing strategic planning, customer relationship management, negotiation, and sales. These abilities are highly valued and transferable across industries, thereby enhancing career prospects.
  • Networking Opportunities: Retail account managers are presented with abundant networking prospects as they collaborate closely with suppliers, clients, and internal teams in the retail industry. Establishing solid professional connections has the potential to result in career progression, alliances, and fresh business prospects.
  • Flexibility: Numerous Canadian retail organizations provide flexible work arrangements, such as the ability to work remotely, adjustable hours, and part-time employment. The aforementioned adaptability enables Retail Account Managers to optimize their work-life equilibrium and accommodate personal obligations.
  • Employee Discounts: Perks associated with employment in the retail sector frequently include employee discounts on merchandise. These discounts can provide Retail Account Managers and their families with substantial financial savings.
  • Health and Wellness Benefits: Health and wellness benefits are customarily provided by retail establishments in Canada. These benefits comprise a range of provisions, such as vision, dental, and medical coverage, wellness initiatives, and employee assistance programs (EAPs).
  • Inclusive Work Environment: Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are highly regarded in Canada, and numerous retail organizations place a high priority on establishing an inclusive workplace. Retail Account Managers are afforded the chance to enhance an inclusive culture through their participation in diverse teams.
  • Economic Contribution: The retail industry plays a pivotal role in Canada’s economy by stimulating consumer spending and generating employment opportunities. Retail account managers are essential contributors to economic expansion by facilitating the generation of sales and revenue for their respective organizations.

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People Also Ask

  1. How much does a Canadian account manager make?

    The average account manager salary in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is $62,407 per year. In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the average additional cash compensation for an account manager is CA$14,729, with a range of CA$3,099–CA$70,006.

  2. Is account management a profession?

    Due to its diversity and variety, account management is regarded as a highly desirable profession. It also comes with opportunities to advance through various roles, often with a well-defined career path.

  3. What is the average salary for an account manager in Canada?

    How much does an account manager make in Canada? The average account manager salary in Canada is $154,840 per year or $79.41 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $71,064 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $190,655 per year.

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