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Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs In Canada 2024

Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs In Canada Tasks specific to golf course maintenance include raking bunkers, mowing greens, changing hole locations, hand watering, blowing debris, filling ball washers, filling water coolers, moving tee markers, etc.


The Booming Golf Industry

Canada’s golf business is doing very well, and people from all walks of life come to play. With so many golf courses across the country, it’s more important than ever to have committed maintenance staff.

The Unsung Heroes

Members of the golf community enjoy a well-kept course, but it’s the work of people who do upkeep that makes it all possible. These people are very important to golf because they do everything from mowing the fields to running the irrigation systems.

Details of Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs In Canada

Host Country: CANADA


Location: Waterton Park, AB

Salary: From $17.50 per hour

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Seasonal


  • Monday to Friday
  • Morning shift
  • Weekend availability

Benefits of pursuing a career in golf course maintenance in Canada

Job Satisfaction and Passion

One of the best things about working in golf course maintenance is that taking care of the lush, green landscapes that make the courses look so nice is a job that rarely gives people job happiness. For people who love working outside and appreciate the art that goes into making and taking care of a golf course, this job brings them a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

Competitive Pay Scales

People who take care of golf courses usually get paid well, which is fair considering the specific skills and knowledge needed for the job. As the need for skilled workers grows, so do the pay rates. This makes the field appealing to people who want to be financially stable and get noticed for their skills.

Access to Golf Facilities

Imagine being able to work in a place where the fairways and greens are always in great shape. Many people who work on golf courses are allowed to use the facilities, so they can enjoy the benefits of the sport they work so hard to improve. This access can give you free golf games, use of the driving range, and other fun things to do.

Job Stability and Growth Opportunities

As golf becomes more famous in Canada, there will always be jobs for maintenance workers. Because golf course buildings are growing, there is always a need for skilled people. There are also many chances to move up in your career, with jobs ranging from supervisory to expert ones in areas like pest control, irrigation, or turf management.

Outdoor Work Environment

Someone who would rather work outside than in an office would love working as a golf course repair worker. The work is done with their hands, which is a nice change from standard desk-based jobs. Enjoying this open space can help your physical and mental health.

Learning and Development

Golf course maintenance is an area that is always changing as technology and environmentally friendly methods get better. Working in this field gives you lots of chances to learn and grow all the time. A lot of professionals stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques in landscaping and turf care by going to workshops and certification programs.

Contribution to Environmental Sustainability

As people become more aware of the earth, golf courses are adopting more eco-friendly methods. Maintenance workers are very important for pushing and putting sustainability plans into action, which helps make golf courses that are better for the environment.

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  • Irrigation
  • Mechanical knowledge

Waterton Lakes GC is home to a variety of animals, including deer, elk, moose, and the odd cougar and bear. More than 1,400 plant species, many of which are unique to Alberta, make this area “where the mountains meet the prairies” home. The first nine holes were opened in 1922 when the course was only nine holes. To meet demand, a second nine-hole course was created, and Waterton Lakes was expanded to 18 holes on Canada Day, 1935. Further course upgrades were done throughout the 1950s with the help of Canada’s most recognized Golf Course Architect, Stanley Thompson.

Lakeland is in its third year of operation at the Waterton Lakes Golf Course. We believe we have made significant progress in enhancing the quality of conditions and are looking for individuals who are prepared to work together toward a broader aim. We like what we do and are proud of our golf course. We have momentum heading into the 2023 season and would want to encourage those who want to assist us to keep improving.

Job Requirements for Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs In Canada

  • Positive outlook
  • Strong work ethic and eagerness to learn Enjoy working outside, and be willing to work in any weather/conditions
  • Dedicated to ensuring the team’s success
  • Capable of working on weekends and holiday mornings
  • It is necessary to be able to work early mornings. Start hours at 6:00 a.m. (the sunrise is spectacular!)
  • Monday through Thursday are 8-hour days.
  • Saturday and Sunday are the shortest days of the week. 4-6 hours, depending on output.
  • On Friday, you can choose to work the reduced day or the full 8 hours.
  • Everyone is required to work five to six days each week, including Friday and one weekend morning.

Mowing grass with ride-on mowers, raking bunkers, assisting with irrigation, working with hand tools, doing little landscaping, and any other golf course maintenance will be part of the job.

The employment includes free golf for you, discounted golf for your friends and family, 40% savings in the pro store, 30–40% off dining in the clubhouse, a Waterton Park workers pass, and other benefits.

Prior golf course expertise would be advantageous, and a greater salary can be considered.
Irrigation and mechanical experience would be advantageous, and a better salary can be negotiated.

How To Apply for Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs In Canada

Please apply by emailing your CV and/or details to:, Nick Plantje, Golf Course Superintendent


In Canada, working as a golf course maintenance worker is a job that offers a mix of difficulties and rewards. And as the business grows, so does the need for skilled workers who can keep these sports paradises looking nice and working well.

People Also Ask:

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    Rake, weeding, outdoor, auto detailing, landscaping, irrigation, and landscape maintenance are the most prevalent key talents required by businesses.

  2. Is there a need for mechanics in Canada?

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  3. Is a license required to work as a mechanic in Canada?

    Automotive service technician trade certification is mandatory in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta, and optional in Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

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