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Registered Nurses Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Do you work as a nurse and have a professional nursing degree and experience? Not able to find a way to visit the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, or other Western countries? The United States is the best place for you to go because it has both ultra-modern cities and easy immigration rules for foreign workers, especially those who work in healthcare and medical fields like attendants, nurses, meds, and medicine doctors.

This article talks about Nurse Jobs 2024 in the USA for women with visa sponsorship. The person would be put in Norwalk, California, USA. Medical insurance, health and vision insurance, competitive pay, and other perks come with the job.

People who are qualified can get permanent visa sponsorship, such as TN visas for qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens who are licensed as RNs in the U.S. and F-1 visa/student visa holders with current Form I-20s and U.S. RN licenses. People who are qualified from other countries can also get help with the Green Card process. Read on to learn more about Registered Nurse Jobs 2024 in the USA that will pay for your visa.

Details of Registered Nurses Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: Registered Nurse
  • Job region: Norwalk, CA, USA
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Knowledge required: Yes
  • Experience required: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Expected Salary: $39.23


  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related field to work as a healthcare assistant. If not, he should have some other accepted nursing credentials, like a diploma with a stint of work or training.
  • Proven work experience as a registered nurse.
  • NCLEX stands for “National Council Licensure Examination.”
  • People with an F-1 or student visa a valid Form I-20 and a U.S. nursing license.

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  • Pay that is competitive, or $39. Employers will pay more, up to $50 more, based on the going rate in the market.
  • a 401k plan for workers.
  • Paid time off, like vacations and sick days.
  • Eye, dental, and medical insurance.
  • Get life insurance.
  • Help with getting a green card and visas for Canadians and Mexicans Everyone else can get help.


  • Enabling doctors and hospital staff to know and meet the unique needs of each patient and inmate through person-centered care.
  • Helping people with daily tasks like bathing, taking medications, eating, drinking, changing clothes, and so on.
  • Helping or letting people take care of their own hygiene, self-care, and appearance while respecting their rights.
  • setting up social and physical events for them and helping them take part.
  • You can do physical treatment or a short workout like walking. The same goes for any other social or pleasure activity, like going to the park or a close relative’s house in a wheelchair.
  • Keeping up a good level of contact with the families of residents.
  • Making sure that the health and safety standards in the house are met.
  • All the tasks that the nurses and managers asked of you.

How to Apply for Registered Nurse Jobs 2024 in USA with Visa Sponsorship:

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Registered nurse jobs in Norwalk, California, are a good chance for healthcare workers who want to work in the United States with visa sponsorship. This job has good pay, lots of perks like health insurance and a 401(k) plan, and help with the visa process. It’s stable and has room for growth. People who are qualified can get permanent visa support, which includes TN visas for Canadians and Mexicans, as well as help with the green card process.

People Also Ask

  1. What are the benefits of working as a Registered Nurse in Norwalk, California?

    There are benefits like fair pay, 401(k) plans, paid time off, health, dental, and vision insurance, life insurance, and help with the green card and visa processes. If market rates show that employers can make more money, they may do so.

  2. What are the responsibilities of a Registered Nurse in this role?

    As a caregiver, you are responsible for giving patients and inmates person-centered care, helping with daily tasks like bathing and giving medications, setting up social and physical activities, staying in touch with families, making sure health and safety standards are met, and doing what nurses and managers tell you to do.

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