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How To Quickly Become A Canadian Permanent Resident

Being a permanent resident in Canada is the fulfillment of a desire for a great number of immigrants who relocate here. Canada is not just one of the world’s largest countries, but also one of the most tranquil places to live. Each year, thousands of immigrants from across the world travel here in search of greener pastures; some come to Canada to start a new life with their families.

Despite being among the largest nations, the country’s population is quite tiny. Because of this, the Canadian government has opened its doors to qualified immigrants who seek to live, work, and remain in the country. A large variety of immigration schemes have been developed throughout the years to bring immigrants, refugees, students, and employees into the nation.

As a result of the Canadian government opening its borders to immigrants and foreign skilled workers, the country’s economy has developed greatly throughout the years, more employment and businesses have been established, and the country’s labor shortage has diminished dramatically.

Immigrants to Canada initially receive a temporary residency permit. You will eventually become a permanent resident of Canada if you satisfy the conditions to apply for permanent residency.

Who qualifies as a Permanent Resident?

A Canadian permanent resident is an immigrant or a person with complete authorization to live, work, and remain in Canada permanently. As a permanent resident, you can move freely in and out of Canada and have the same rights as a Canadian citizen, except for running for government office.

How To Quickly Become A Canadian Permanent Resident
How To Quickly Become A Canadian Permanent Resident

Especially if you’re a novice, the entire process of becoming a permanent resident can become quite confusing and convoluted. Permanent residents are issued a card that is typically renewed annually. But, you might lose permanent resident status if you lose your card or fail to renew it.

Prerequisites for Permanent Residency Applications

To receive a Canadian PR card, you must satisfy the following conditions:
You must be physically present in Canada during the application process.
You cannot be convicted of abusing your permanent resident card.
You cannot be served with a removal order.
Satisfy the Educational, Age, Language, and Professional Experience criteria of the PR program of your choice.

The Easiest Methods To Get Permanent Residence

There are several pathways and initiatives to becoming a permanent resident of Canada. Not all of them are simple; if you are a first-time applicant, you will have some difficulties applying for a Permanent Resident visa. In this post, we explored briefly several straightforward methods and approaches for obtaining permanent residency in Canada quickly.

The Express Entry Canada

Express Entry is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to become a permanent resident of Canada. The program, which was introduced in 2015 to assist provinces in attracting more immigrants to Canada, has now become a popular and simpler way to gain permanent residency in Canada.

With the advent of express entry, the Canadian immigration procedure has been more streamlined and expedited. If we ignore the impact of this year’s pandemic on the application process as a whole, the normal application processing period was typically between six and seven months.

The express entrance utilizes a point-based system referred to as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The system evaluates applicants and immigrants who submit applications and profiles demonstrating their desire to immigrate to Canada or become permanent citizens. The evaluation of candidates is based on their qualifications and other variables, such as age, job experience, language competency, etc.

Simple as that, the highest-scoring candidates will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency through their designated provinces.

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Program for Business Investor Immigration

There is another straightforward approach to Canadian permanent residency. The main disadvantage of this strategy is that you must have a substantial amount of funds to start or acquire a business in Canada. This strategy is ideal for business owners who wish to invest in or establish a company in Canada. After successfully acquiring or investing in a Canadian firm, you will be eligible for a permanent resident visa. But, you must own a minimum of 2,000,000 CDN.

Student Visa Route

As a Canadian student, you have a greater chance of getting permanent residency than many Canadian immigrants. One of the conditions for applying for permanent residency in Canada is job experience and length of time spent in the country. As a student in Canada, you are permitted to work concurrently with your studies, and the number of years spent counts towards your permanent residency application. Foreign students in Canada who have graduated and finished their studies are entitled to apply for permanent residency if they fulfill all conditions for permanent residence in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

With each province’s immigration scheme, applicants and immigrants can come to Canada. Under these initiatives, provinces invite immigrants depending on their professional demands and labor market requirements. The Canadian government authorizes provinces to propose people for permanent residency. Any candidate may submit a direct application for permanent residency if they fulfill all other criteria.

Faster Permanent Resident Permit Application Hints

Choose which approach and program best fits your needs and whether you are eligible to apply for such a program.
Do not hesitate to seek help and advice from professionals. If it is feasible, I would recommend hiring an immigration or public relations specialist, most likely an immigration attorney.

Inquire beforehand about the papers required to apply for permanent residency, and then get an early start on gathering them. Such papers include letters of employment reference and police reports, among others.
While applying and filling out the application form, be precise and prevent errors to avoid rejection.
Never lie on your permanent residency application. Your permanent resident status will be canceled if any deceptive information is later uncovered in your application.


Canada’s easy ways to become a legal resident make it an even more appealing place for people looking for a new life. There are many ways to become a permanent resident of Canada, such as through the popular Express Entry program, the Provincial Nominee Program, or the Business Investor Visa program. This article gives people who want to move to Canada important information about the requirements, the application process, and how to make the application process go smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can one obtain permanent residency in Canada the quickest?

    In 2024, however, the Express Entry method will be the quickest route to immigrate to Canada for the majority of people who are evaluating their options. The average processing period for Express Entry applications is between four and six months.

  2. Is it simple to obtain permanent residence in Canada?

    In general, migrating to Canada is not very difficult. It is easier for you to qualify for one immigration stream because Canada is receptive to new immigrants and provides many immigration options. Nonetheless, you must fulfill the prerequisites for the route you choose to pursue.

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