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Punjab Social Protection Authority Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

Latest PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority Jobs Job Openings. For the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project, which is run by the Punjab Social Protection Authority, there are jobs in PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority Lahore. The authority is looking for well-educated people, who have a lot of experience, work hard, and have good discipline for the following government jobs.

For the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project in Lahore, PSPA has jobs like (Deputy Director Audit, and Admin Officer). All of the above jobs will have one-year contracts that can be extended based on how well the job is done.

If you want to apply, you need to meet the qualifications and experience listed in the next image. In general, you need a master’s degree in the relevant field and to be between 30 and 45 years old.

So, people should take advantage of this chance and apply as soon as possible. PSPA will pay well, with salaries starting at 200,000 PKR per month and going up to 300,000 PKR per month. So, in the next step, you’ll finish figuring out how to use the process for these positions.

Punjab Social Protection Authority Jobs

Vacant Positions:

  • Deputy Director Audit
  • Admin Officer

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Benefits of Punjab Social Protection Authority Jobs

  • Contribution to Social Welfare: PSPA employees make a tangible impact on social welfare by providing assistance and support to marginalized and vulnerable communities in Punjab. These communities include but are not limited to the elderly, infants, widows, and individuals with disabilities. Their efforts in this regard imbue their work with a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
  • Job Security: In comparison to the private sector, government roles, including those within PSPA, generally provide employees with more stable employment conditions and greater job security.
  • Competitive Salary and Allowances: PSPA positions frequently offer competitive remuneration and a range of perks, such as lodging, transportation, medical, and educational allowances, which contribute to the employees’ and their families’ financial security.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: Pensions and retirement benefits are provided to PSPA employees as an entitlement, thereby ensuring financial stability in the years following their retirement.
  • Work-Life Balance: With fixed work hours and leave benefits, government positions generally provide a more favorable work-life balance, enabling employees to give precedence to their personal and familial obligations.
  • Career Development Opportunities: PSPA may provide employees with prospects for career progression via skill development initiatives, specialized training programs, promotions, and training programs.
  • Professional Development: PSPA potentially provides avenues for employees to enhance their expertise and understanding in the domain through professional development opportunities such as training workshops, seminars, and conferences pertaining to social protection, welfare, and advocacy.
  • Benefits for Healthcare: PSPA personnel generally enjoy all-inclusive healthcare benefits that safeguard their well-being and that of their families, ensuring prompt access to necessary medical attention.
  • Contribution to Social Justice: Individuals who work for PSPA have the opportunity to actively support the advancement of social justice, equity, and inclusion in Punjab through their advocacy for the rights and welfare of vulnerable populations.
  • Networking Opportunities: Prospective employees may be granted the chance to establish connections and collaborate with stakeholders, experts, and professionals in the field of social protection and welfare, both locally and internationally, thereby expanding their professional ties.

How To Apply for Punjab Social Protection Authority Jobs

  • Online applications can be made at
  • Send your application with a photo, an attested copy of your CNIC, and copies of your schooling and work experience certificates by courier to the address below.
  • Those who want to apply can also do so online at the link given below.
  • Applications that aren’t complete or are sent after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Those who want to work in the public sector must apply through the right routes.
  • PSPA is an equal-opportunity workplace, so women are encouraged to apply with confidence.
  • Only the people who cut will be asked to take a test or interview.
  • The applicants won’t get any money for taking the test or interview.
  • At the time of the interview, candidates should bring the originals of any papers they have.

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  1. Who is the CEO of the Punjab Social Protection Authority?

    Ali Shehzad took up his role as CEO of the Punjab Social Protection Authority in February.

  2. What is the social protection policy of Punjab?

    The Punjab Social Protection Policy is the first ever provincial policy to have the strategic objectives of promoting social cohesion, equity, gender equality, resilience, and opportunity.

  3. What is the meaning of PSPA?

    PSPA means the Punjab Social Protection Authority, established by the Project Implementing Entity pursuant to Section 3.(1) of the PSPA Act 2015, or any successor thereto.

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