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Resort Jobs For Foreigners In Japan 2023–24

Resort Jobs For Foreigners In Japan 2023–24: Getting a job at a resort is an excellent option for foreigners without big financial obligations to travel and earn money in Japan.
Working at a resort will allow you to instantly bond with your coworkers and even join a fantastic local group.
A resort is a location created for leisure activities or rest. People frequently visit these locations on vacation, so it is frequently necessary to have a full staff to serve these visitors.
Now, please continue down to learn everything there is to know about resort employment in Japan for foreigners, including the most recent openings and how to apply.

Resort Jobs For Foreigners In Japan 2023–24
Resort Jobs For Foreigners In Japan 2023–24

Details About Resort Jobs For Foreigners In Japan 2023–24

Occupations at resorts can be found in a variety of roles, from management to maintenance, and depending on the kind of resort, specialty resort jobs might be available.
In spas, five-star hotels, casinos, theme parks, and lodges, resort employees help the general public. There are a variety of jobs available, from entry-level retail clerks and housekeepers to highly trained game attendants and ski instructors.
So that you can have the correct amount of discovery and adventure in your life, you’ll need to strike a balance between work and leisure.
Working at a beach resort or any resort hotel, whether you are employed seasonally or full-time, is hard work and requires attention from its workers, despite the fact that it may sound like a holiday.
Each employee is essential to the successful day-to-day running of the company and the comfort of resort patrons.

Job Types in Resorts:

  • For instance, a ski resort would require lift operators, ski instructors, and ski patrollers. ski guardsmen
  • There will be a need for dealers, pit bosses, security workers, etc. in casino venues.
  • Outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking, kayaking, and other activities are frequently offered at wilderness resorts.
  • Jobs in hotels and resorts could be in housekeeping, janitorial work, or guest services.
  • Many of the positions already mentioned as well as golf-specific positions may be found in golf resort jobs.
  • Jobs at recreation resorts All-Inclusive resorts
  • Jobs at destination resorts Jobs at ecological and ecotourism resorts
  • Jobs at Historic Resorts
  • Resort Jobs in Casinos and Amusement Parks

Foreigners With Resort Jobs In Japan:

The top hotel chain in the world, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, offers a wide range of accommodations, from opulent full-service hotels and resorts to extended-stay suites and budget hotels.
For almost a century, Hilton has provided the best lodging, services, facilities, and value to both business and leisure guests.
Within their most recent open roles, they have a number of openings (eighty positions) for foreign applicants, including the following:

1. Accountant:

The primary duties of the Junior Accountant are to assist the General Cashier and perform some of the Receiving and Income Audit tasks.
By consistently approaching your work with the customers in mind and being prompt and proactive when it comes to their requirements and demands, you will maintain a strong customer service focus.


  • Accounting and management degrees from universities are preferred.
  • professional certification in accounting.
  • two years or more of experience working in the hotel industry or another sector of the hospitality sector
  • computer literacy.
  • must be highly reliable and moral.
  • Recognize the rules and legislation governing employment locally.
  • Positive outlook when working with linked departments
  • speaks and writes English well enough for business purposes.

2. Bartender:

The bartender is responsible for providing customers with efficient and professional food and beverage service in compliance with the standards, policies, and processes of the Hotel and Hilton.


  • education beyond senior high school or a hospitality-related specialty
  • 1-2 years in a managerial role at a hotel with a star rating of four or five.
  • Having good English abilities is necessary for business.
  • dedicated and driven, pursuing every assignment with enthusiasm, and grabbing chances to pick up new knowledge or abilities in order to boost one’s own performance.
  • You should be adaptable, quick to act positively in the face of changing conditions, and willing to do whatever is asked of you.

2. Executive House Keeper:

The executive housekeeper will be in charge of all cleaning and laundry tasks, working with other departments to provide a seamless process.

You will be in charge of carrying out various duties to the highest standards in your capacity as the Executive Housekeeper.


  • Having worked as an assistant executive housekeeper for at least two years.
  • responsive and client-centered
  • able to motivate both greatness and ordinary effort.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively.
  • able to appropriately modify work ethics and style.
  • Fluency in spoken English is advantageous, as is fluency in Japanese (above business level).

3. Chief Engineer:

In accordance with Hilton and hotel policies and procedures, the Chief Engineer oversees the cost-effective maintenance and repair of the hotel’s structures, grounds, and belongings. He also makes sure that all plants and equipment operate properly and safely.

Various engineering, management, and maintenance tasks will be planned out and executed by you. Aid the Director of Engineering (DOE) in effectively managing the Engineering department.


  • Undergraduate
  • English language proficiency for business purposes.
  • ten or more years experience in the hotel/building services industry or a related engineering profession
  • a minimum of three years as the hotel’s chief engineer or five years as the assistant chief engineer.

4. Sales Manager:

When directing and managing the sales team, the sales supervisor works alongside the assistant director of sales. As allocated, you will be in charge of supervising and directing every step of the negotiating and coordination process as well as the successful management of Corporate, FIT, MICE, Social, Tour, and Travel events.

This position directs the sales staff to ensure that the department runs smoothly in order to maximize commercial prospects and provide the best standards of service.


  • degree from a junior college.
  • experience working for at least three years in international hotel chains.
  • Excellent reading and writing abilities in both Chinese and English for commercial purposes.
  • a good ability to communicate.
  • Integrity & Hospitality

5. Marketing communication manager:

You are in charge of advertising the hotel to the general public, guests, the hotel, and the neighborhood in your capacity as marketing and communication manager.
Additionally, you will be in charge of developing a strong market presence by upholding healthy ties with the media and the neighborhood by getting favorable publicity for the hotel there.


It would be ideal to have prior marketing or public relations expertise in the hospitality/leisure industry.
English and Japanese creative writing and discussion at the business level are essential.
extensive understanding of the printing/production process and advertising/media planning.
Word, Excel, the web, and a working knowledge of the Desktop Publishing System is PC skills.
strong project management and time management skills.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Other Vacancies:

  • Japan’s Development Director
  • Banquet Kitchen Junior Sous Chef
  • Chef of the group
  • Kitchen – Cerise’s Commis
  • Supervisor of Information Systems
  • Dispatch Agent
  • Manager on Duty
  • Officer for Guest Relations (Front Desk)
  • Supervisor of Guest Services
  • Reservations Supervisor
  • The attendant in an executive lounge
  • Concierge and Bell Supervisor
  • Operator Manager
  • Manager of Guest Services
  • the operator of a telephone
  • Additional sixty positions

Japanese Resort Employees’ Salaries

Hotel Attendant salaries typically vary from JPY 2,698,969 to JPY 3,994,474.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner operate in a Japanese hotel?

As you can see, there are a variety of hotel types in Japan, and many are amenable to hiring foreigners. Due to these factors, there are numerous hotel positions in Japan. The types of available employment vary depending on the type of hotel you wish to work for.

Can a foreigner qualify for employment in Japan?

Foreign nationals wishing to engage in paid activities in Japan are required to obtain a work visa. On a tourism visa, it is prohibited to engage in any paid activities.

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