Punjab Government Solar Tube Well Scheme

Punjab Government Solar Tube Well Scheme: Pakistani doesn’t have a clear plan for how to use solar farming. In an effort to improve agriculture in the state, the Punjab state government said it will give free solar drip irrigation systems and pumps to farmers with less than 12 acres. Aman Arora, the minister of new and green sources of energy for the state of Punjab, said on Monday that the state government had decided to convert 100,000 electric agriculture tube wells to solar power.

Punjab Government Solar Tube Well Scheme 2023

In 2015, the government of Pakistan announced a plan to help small farmers with more than 12.5 acres buy solar-powered irrigation pumps by giving them incentives. Kissan Pakistan, a news source for the agriculture industry, posted on Twitter the application form that farmers must fill out if they want to get free solar panels. This ambitious project will save about Rs 200 crore per year in power handouts and will go a long way toward protecting the earth’s resources, he said.

Punjab Government Solar Tube Well Scheme
Punjab Government Solar Tube Well Scheme

Punjab To Give Free Solar System For Drip Irrigation And Sprinklers To Farmers 2023

It also gave the government a goal of installing 30,000 SIPs over the next five years at an expected cost of $93.2 million. Farmers must make sure they meet government-set standards to be able to take part in the program. Here are the rules that farmers must follow: “The energy sector is changing in a big way, and this first-of-its-kind step will make it easier and more environmentally friendly to use energy sources,” Minister said.

Free Solar Pump Scheme For The Poor Farmer In Pakistan 2023

In 2016, the regional government of Punjab, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank, started a similar program that gave 80% of the cost of installing solar-powered irrigation systems. In an announcement, the federal government of Pakistan said that poor farmers in Pakistan who want to use a free solar pump plan can do so until 2023. By putting this program into action, Punjab will get four important benefits, such as a lighter load on the government exchequer subsidy, less need for power, and lower costs for agricultural inputs.

Punjab To Solarise One Lakh Agri Tube Wells 2023

Solar Tube well is a great idea for Pakistani farmers and landowners. The government of Pakistan gives farmers with low wages a solar pump. Show all low-income families who are having trouble filling out forms how to apply for solar tubes or pumps. The minister also said that the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) had asked for bids to choose Solar Power Generators (SPGs) to power 25,000 agricultural pumps that are linked to the grid.

Tube Well Loan Scheme (Tube Well, Solarisation & Heis) 2023

Pakistan is a country that grows crops. It makes up 19.2% of the GDP and employs about 38.5% of the people. Pakistan’s government gives low-income families a solar pump, which is the best way for farmers in poor places to make money. The state government gives free energy to 13.88 lakh farmers in the state so they can connect their irrigation tubes to grids and use electricity to water their crops. It also pays for benefits that cost around Rs 7,000 crore.

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Solar Subsidy In Pakistan 2023

More than 65–70% of the people depend on crops for their income. Altaf Shakoor, who is the chairperson, has decided that low-income people should be able to get solar panels. The Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) was asked to think about the thought of putting solar panels on 100,000 electric tube wells that are connected to the grid.

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