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Personal Care Attendant Job in Canada With LMIA


Personal Care Attendants, who are also called caregivers, help old, sick, or disabled people do everyday things. Their jobs include helping people move around, helping with personal hygiene, and doing housework. Personal Care Attendants can work in care facilities or for clients directly.

Prosper Immigration Inc. is looking for a caring Personal Care Attendant to help clients with physical, mental, or cognitive problems. Among your responsibilities will be basic housekeeping tasks, helping with personal care, and being a friend.


To do well as a Personal Care Attendant, you should have worked in a similar position before and know the best ways to provide personal care. In the end, a good Personal Care Assistant will be someone who cares about their clients’ health and puts their needs first.


Personal Care Attendant Responsibilities:

  • Giving help, company, and comfort to people who can’t move or are sick or old.
  • As directed, I gave out medications, gave treatments, and helped with workout routines.
  • Notifying the right people when a client’s physical, mental, or emotional state changes.
  • Helping with things like going to the bathroom, bathing, putting on clothes, and cleaning teeth.
  • Getting clients to do good things, like play games, go for walks, or talk to each other.
  • Cleaning, doing laundry, and making food are examples of basic housekeeping tasks.
  • Helping clients with their bills, payments, and family finances, as well as running errands.
  • Taking clients on trips and making sure they get to medical appointments on time.
  • Helping people move around, like helping them with walking tools and wheelchairs.
  • Keeping the place clean, organized, and safe
Personal Care Attendant Job in Canada With LMIA
Personal Care Attendant Job in Canada With LMIA

Personal Care Attendant Requirements:

  • GED or high school diploma.
  • The National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC) is recommended.
  • At least two years’ worth of work in a similar job.
  • In-depth understanding of the best ways to care for people.
  • You must be willing to work odd hours, such as night shifts, weekends, and holidays.
  • Experience giving medications and treatments that have been recommended.
  • Lots of experience helping people move around and keep themselves clean.
  • Having the ability to clean the house, make meals, pay bills, and run errands.
  • Excellent people skills, a caring attitude, and being in good shape.
  • Ability to keep your living space clean and safe.

Personal Care Attendant Positions. (LMIA Support )

Prosper Immigration, Inc.

Toronto, ON


  • Bachelor’s


  • Communication skills


  • English

We are a firm that helps people find jobs and places them for free. We are also an Immigration Firm with a License. Personal Care Attendants (PCA) are needed by our clients and employers.

If you have a nursing degree or diploma or have worked as a personal care attendant before, please CONTACT US RIGHT NOW.

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Bachelor’s degree or other training or certification as a nurse or personal care worker.

  • Minimum 1-3 years of experience.
  • Minimum CLB Level 6 English is required.

Skills and Experience:

  • Willingness to work hard and learn.
  • Give care and company to people and families when they need it or when there is a problem in the family.
  • Give personal and private care to clients, such as helping them get up, bathe, brush their teeth, dress, and undress.
  • Plan and make meals and special foods for clients and help them eat.
  • Routine health-related tasks, like changing non-sterile bandages, helping to give medications, and taking samples, are under the general direction of a supervisor or Registered Nurse.
  • Things like cleaning, doing dishes, and making beds are examples of general housekeeping tasks.
  • Excellent English and the ability to talk to people.
  • Willingness to work from the home of the client.

Benefits of Personal Care Attendant Job in Canada With LMIA

  • Legal Employment Status: Adherence to immigration and labor regulations is ensured for personal care attendants in Canada through LMIA approval, which grants them legal employment status.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: A career in an LMIA-approved position may provide the opportunity to settle in Canada and provide long-term stability, thereby serving as a stepping stone toward permanent residency.
  • Competitive Compensation: Personal care attendant positions frequently offer competitive remuneration and a range of perks and advantages, such as health insurance, paid leave, and retirement schemes, which contribute to the provision of financial security and stability.
  • High Demand: Demand Steady: The geriatric population and growing healthcare requirements in Canada have generated a robust demand for personal care attendants, thereby guaranteeing employment security and stability.
  • Professional Development: A considerable number of employers offer personal care attendants training and development opportunities, which serve to hone their abilities in the areas of caregiving, medical assistance, and patient care.
  • Quality of Life: Canada’s excellent social services, healthcare, and education contribute to its renowned high quality of life, which makes it an attractive destination for workers in search of a balanced and satisfying existence.
  • Work-Life coordinate: Numerous caregiving positions in Canada provide the advantage of flexible working hours, which enables individuals to effectively coordinate their personal and professional obligations while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Supportive Work Environment: Personal care attendants frequently operate within collaborative and supportive work environments, where they are granted access to resources and support from fellow caregivers and healthcare professionals.
  • Engaging in Personal Care Attendants’ Work: By enhancing the quality of life for those requiring assistance with daily activities, personal care attendants perform vital duties that are remarkably gratifying and fulfilling.
  • Diverse Work Settings: Personal care attendants may be employed in assisted living facilities, private residences, nursing homes, hospitals, and nursing homes, among others. This provides them with a variety of experiences and opportunities to develop expertise in distinct facets of caregiving.

More Info

  1. What Are The Requirements for a Personal Care Attendant Job in Canada?

    Bachelor’s degree or other training or certification as a nurse or personal care worker
    minimum of 1-3 years of experience.
    A minimum of CLB Level 6 English is required.

  2. What is a personal care attendant?

    A personal care assistant (PCA) is a professional who assists the elderly, disabled, or people in recovery with performing day-to-day activities. For example, they help with household chores, hygiene, and mobility support.

  3. How much does a personal care attendant earn in Canada?

    The national average salary for a personal care aide is $37,853 in Canada. Filter by location to see personal care aide salaries in your area.

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