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Pakistan Army GHQ Rawalpindi Jobs 2024 – Apply Now


Most of the time, we talk about jobs for joining the Pakistani Army as a JCO or CO, but today we’ll talk about jobs for joining the Pakistani Army as a civilian at GHQ Rawalpindi. People from Punjab who have an Intermediate degree and can type 80 words per minute on a computer or shorthand are welcome to join GHQ, ITD DTE (Record Cell) GHQ Rawalpindi as a Stenotypist (BPS-14).

The Pak Army’s policy says that the selection will be made on a regular basis. Candidates who want to apply for government jobs should carefully read the list of who can and can’t apply, which is shown in the image below. Only civilians with the right skills, diplomas, and experience, based on the demand for open positions, are allowed to apply. So, people who meet all of the standards should follow the steps below on how to apply.


Pakistan Army GHQ Rawalpindi Jobs

Vacant Positions:

  • Stenotypist (BPS-14)

Benefits of Pakistan Army GHQ Rawalpindi Jobs:

  • Competitive Income: Depending on the nature of the position and posting location, military jobs typically offer competitive salaries and a variety of allowances and bonuses, such as a housing allowance, medical allowance, and hardship allowance.
  • Job Protection: Typically, military positions offer a high level of job security. After joining the military, you have a stable career with a low risk of unemployment or loss of employment.
  • Pension Benefits: Military personnel are eligible for retirement benefits, such as a pension plan, which ensures their financial security in their post-retirement years.
  • Instruction and Improvement: The military places a significant emphasis on training and growth. You will receive continuous training in a variety of skills that will be useful both in the military and in civilian life after retirement.
  • Healthcare Advantages: The majority of the time, military personnel and their families have access to comprehensive healthcare benefits, such as medical and dental care, which are typically provided at little or no cost.
  • The housing: Depending on your rank and position, the military may provide either on-base lodging or a housing allowance to assist with housing costs.
  • Educational Possibilities: The military frequently provides educational opportunities, such as opportunities to pursue higher education and professional development courses, which can improve your qualifications and skills.
  • Travel and Experience: Especially if you are deployed to various regions or on peacekeeping missions, military service can provide opportunities for travel, adventure, and cultural exposure.
  • Management Development: The military can help individuals develop valuable leadership and collaboration skills that can be applied to a variety of careers.
  • Sense of Objective: Serving their country and ensuring national security is a source of immense fulfillment for many individuals. It can give one a sense of purpose and pride in their task.
  • Access to Military Installations: On military bases, recreational facilities, libraries, and other resources are frequently accessible to military personnel.
  • Post-Retirement Possibilities: Veterans typically have access to job placement services and veteran-specific benefits, which can facilitate their transition to civilian professions following military retirement.

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How To Apply for GHQ Rawalpindi Jobs?

  • Fill out the application form and send it to the address below along with all the necessary papers.
  • If someone wanted to apply for more than one job, he or she would have to fill out a different form for each job.
  • Applications that aren’t complete or are sent after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • No TA/DA will be given to the candidates when they come to the screening.

Address: Senior Record Officer Record Cell, ITD Directorate GHQ Rawalpindi.

People Also Ask:

  1. How To Apply for GHQ Rawalpindi Jobs

    Fill out the application form and send it to the address below along with all the necessary papers. Address: Senior Record Officer Record Cell, ITD Directorate GHQ Rawalpindi.

  2. How can girls join the Pak Army?

    Through this lady cadet training, girls can join the Pak Army as captains. The lady cadet course is open to women who are not married and have 16 years of study in the right areas.

  3. What is the age limit for the Pakistan Army?

    Graduates (2-year program) ages 17–23 Graduates (4-year program) ages 17–24 serving Army soldier between the ages of 17 and 25

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