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Get information on how to join the Pak Army for females in FA, FSC, and ICS Intermediate, and all physically fit young women are encouraged to apply for Pak Army Jobs after Inter Fsc (pre-medical and pre-engineering). The Pakistan Army is the primary support for the Pakistan Army and is responsible for preserving world peace. This organization is remarkable in that it strives for world peace and sacrifices its members’ lives for the sake of their cherished country, Pakistan.

As the Pakistan Army provides career opportunities for women to enter this field and demonstrate their skills and patriotism for their country, women are encouraged to enlist and enter this field.


The complete requirements for Pak Army jobs for females after Intermediate HSSC (FA FSc, ICS, and I.Com.) are provided below. However, those who are extremely qualified can obtain Pak Army Jobs for Females After Graduation from our website,


Join Pak Army After Intermediate:

  • Lady Cadet Course
  • Short Service Commission – SSC
  • AFNS Nursing Lieutenant courses

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate must possess a degree from a college or university that the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) or Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has approved.
  • Candidates must be between 17 and 35 years old to enroll.
  • Her marital status ought to be unmarried.
  • Physical appearance consists of a woman’s age, which must be 28 years old, and her height, which must be 5 feet 2 inches.

Physical fitness:

Physical fitness is also required and a crucial factor in this profession, which necessitates the aforementioned elements:

  • 1.6 km run in 7 and a half minutes.
  • In a specified amount of time, 15 repetitions of push-ups should be performed within 2 minutes.
  • 15 repetitions of sit-ups are performed within two minutes.
  • Chin-ups are performed three times within two minutes. Here, time is constant.
  • Ditch Crossin: 7.4 x 7.4 x 4, with a depth of 4.

This is the selection procedure that women must complete to enter this field. In addition to these steps, candidates must take an intelligence test consisting entirely of multiple-choice questions from fundamental subjects such as Pakistan studies, Islamic studies, English, and general knowledge.

Benefits of Pak Army Jobs for Females:

  • Volunteer Service: Serving in the Pakistan Army enables females to contribute to the defense and security of their country, which can be a source of pride and fulfillment.
  • Career Advancement: The Pakistan Army offers career advancement and professional development opportunities. Female officers and personnel can advance through the ranks and assume greater responsibilities.
  • Competitive Compensation: Members of the Pakistan Army receive competitive salaries and allowances, which can provide them with financial stability.
  • Retirement and Pension Benefits: The Army provides a pension plan that ensures retirement financial security.
  • Education and Instruction: The Army invests in its personnel’s education and training. Officers and soldiers who are female have access to a variety of educational programs and seminars designed to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Healthcare Advantages: Army personnel and their families typically receive comprehensive healthcare coverage, ensuring access to medical facilities and services.
  • Housing and Habitat: Frequently, the Army provides housing or housing allowances to its members, ensuring that they have suitable living conditions.
  • Travel Possibilities: Female Army officers and soldiers may have the opportunity to travel within Pakistan and potentially abroad as part of international peacekeeping missions, depending on their assignments.
  • Social Assistance: The Army community provides a robust support system, and its members frequently form close relationships with their peers.
  • Management Development: Women who serve in the Army gain leadership skills, discipline, and a strong work ethic, which can be beneficial in a variety of professional and personal contexts.
  • Respect and Acknowledgement: The Pakistan Army is highly regarded throughout the nation, and its members are frequently honored for their service and dedication.
  • Equality of Opportunity: The Pakistan Army has made efforts to provide equal opportunities for women, permitting them to pursue a variety of combat and non-combat roles and specialties.
  • Diversification of Skills: The Army encompasses a vast array of responsibilities, ranging from medical and engineering to intelligence and administration. Female officers and soldiers have the ability to diversify their skill sets and acquire valuable experience.
  • Individual Advancement: Army service can result in personal development, enhanced self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Scholarship Possibilities: The Army may provide female officers and personnel pursuing higher education with scholarship opportunities.

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Required Documents:

  • certificate or detailed mark sheet of FA or FSC, or an equivalent. In the case of “O” and “A” levels, IBCC issues equivalent documents as a requirement.
  • Computerized National Identity Card for those over the age of 18, in addition to the “B” form and Guardian’s National Identity Card (Father or Mother) for those under the age of 18.
  • The back and front of six passport-sized photographs must be attested by a Principal Class 1 or Gazette Officer.
  • The old ID card and “B” form are unacceptable.
  • Candidates must be serving Pak Army soldiers with a minimum of 50% in F.A. or FSC to be eligible.
  • Repetitive candidates must submit the original and three photocopies of “Not Recommended” letters issued by the ISSB.

Ineligibility Criteria:

  • Already rejected twice by the ISSB/GHQ Selection and Review Committee.
  • Medically unfit applicants are not permitted to register for this examination.
  • Individuals who have been fired from a government position are ineligible.
  • The individual who has been convicted of a crime and is involved in moral turpitude
  • Here, one can find all the information necessary to apply quickly and satisfy all the requirements.

If, for whatever reason, any of you girls are unable to enter the Pakistani military after completing your FSC, you have another opportunity to join the military after completing your graduation, BA, BS, BSc, or Master’s degree.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How can I join the Pak Army as a girl?

    Girls can Join the Pak Army as captains through this lady cadet course. Female unmarried candidates having 16 years of education in the relevant categories can apply for the lady cadet course.

  2. Which army field for females in Pakistan?

    Girls have opportunities to serve in various fields in the Pak Army, including the Corps of Engineers, Corps of Signals, Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Corps of Ordnance, Information & Computer Technology Officers, and Inter-Services Public Relations.

  3. What is the Pak Army qualification?

    Candidates who secure 60% mks or above in BA/ BSc/ BA/ BSc-(Hons) and BBA/ BPA, with 50% mks in FA/ FSc are eligible for the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Long Course. Serving Army Soldiers. 50% marks in FA/ FSc and equivalent.

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