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Online registration for the Join the Pakistan Army as Captain Jobs campaign is now open. The Pakistan Army Lady Cadet Course LCC 23, the newest job opportunity for women, is proudly announced by the Pakistan Army. This is your chance if you’re a driven female from anywhere in the nation looking for a rewarding career in the illustrious Pakistan Army. Join Pak Army Jobs: Lady Cadet Course 23, a wonderful employment opportunity, is accepting applications right now.

Today saw the publication of the Pak Army Lady Captain Jobs Ad online applications will open. Don’t let this wonderful chance pass you by!


Details Of Pak Army Jobs as a Captain:

DepartmentPak Army
QualificationBachelor, Master
No. Of PostMultiple
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Benefits of Pak Army Jobs as a Captain

  • Competitive Salary: In the Pakistan Army, captains are remunerated competitively, which is in line with their level of expertise and rank. In addition to the base salary, employees frequently receive accommodation, medical, and transportation allowances.
  • Employment Stability: Upon being appointed, officers in the Pakistan Army generally enjoy a secure and stable position that presents prospects for sustained professional growth.
  • Possibilities for Progression: The Pakistan Army provides abundant prospects for career development at the captain rank. To advance to ranks including major, lieutenant colonel, and beyond, one must demonstrate merit, performance, and experience.
  • Training and Professional Development: Significant resources are allocated by the Pakistan Army towards the training and professional development of its officers. A variety of specialized training programs designed to improve the leadership, tactical, and technical proficiencies of captains are readily available to them.
  • Healthcare Benefits: A wide range of healthcare benefits are provided to officers and their families serving in the Pakistan Army. These benefits encompass visits to military hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Housing and accommodation are provided by the Pakistan Army to officers in the form of housing allowances or provisions, thereby guaranteeing a comfortable living environment.
  • Education Opportunities: The Army provides officers with a diverse range of educational opportunities, both domestically and internationally, to pursue advanced studies or professional development courses.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: Upon completion of their tenure, officers are eligible to receive pension and retirement benefits. These benefits afford retired officers and their families financial security.
  • Travel and Adventure: Military service provides officers with various travel and adventure opportunities, such as overseas assignments, training exercises, and deployments. These experiences afford officers the chance to expand their knowledge and perspectives.
  • Pride and Honor: Captaincy in the Pakistan Army instills an individual with a profound sense of pride, honor, and patriotism. Officers are presented with the opportunity to safeguard the sovereignty of their nation, serve their country, and contribute significantly to national security.

Name of Positions

  • Lady Captain
Pak Army Jobs as a Captain 2023
Pak Army Jobs as a Captain

Eligibility Criteria For Pak Army Jobs as a Captain:

  • Engineering (B.E.) in Architecture (Town Planning), Corps of
  • Corps of Signals (Sigs): Bachelor of Engineering in Information Security (BEIS) or Software Engineering (BESE)
  • Signals Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, System Engineering, or Informatics/Cyber Security (Sigs-IT): BS/BE
  • Army Service Corps (ASC): BS/MSc in Logistics/Supply Chain
  • BS/MS in Energetic Material, Corps of Ordnance (Ord)
  • A BE in computer engineering, aerospace/mechanical engineering, or avionic/electrical engineering is required for the Corps of Electrical/Mechanical Engineers (EME).
  • MA, MSc, or BS in English, Urdu, Biology, or Chemistry for the Army Education Corps

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How to Apply for Pak Army Jobs as a Captain?

  • An online registration form will be available at 
  • Before the deadline, complete the Pakistan Army Online Registration Form with your personal and academic data.
  • The test slips will be posted online.
  • Pakistan Army as Captain Jobs

More Info

People Also Ask:

  1. How long does it take to become a captain in the Pakistan Army?

    After 2 years of training an officer will be of 2/Lt rank with a minimum age of 19 years, it takes at least 3 years to become a captain so he will be 22 years old when he is promoted to the rank of captain. will be given, the age of the officer will be 27 years on promotion to the rank of Major after 5 years of service in the rank of Captain.

  2. What grade is a captain in the army?

    In the Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force, these pay grades correspond to the ranks of second lieutenant (O-1), first lieutenant (O-2), and captain (O-3), and in the Navy, ensign, lieutenant junior grade, and lieutenant.

  3. What is the age of the captain in the Pakistan Army?

    Join the Pakistan Army as a captain through the Lady Cadet Course Entry. Age: 21–28 years (after accepted) Height: 5 feet Qualification:…

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