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Nigerian Navy Military School Admission Form 2023/24 – Fully Explained

Nigerian Navy Military School Admission Form 2023/24: Admission forms for JSS1 at the Nigerian Navy Military School Ikot Ntuen for the academic year 2023-2024 are now available.

Request an NNMS Admission Portal scratch card from one of our designated locations. Pay the $2,000 fee and a card will be issued to you. Scratch the gray area to reveal your serial number and personal identification number (PIN).

Find below available scratch card sales outlets:

Nigerian Navy Military School Scratch Card Sales Outlets

1 . NNMS Cards – A – Abia -NNFLC Owerrinta

2 . NNMS Cards – B -Abuja – NUA Abuja

3 . NNMS Cards – C – Abuja – NHQ

4 . NNMS Cards – D – Akwa-Ibom – NNMS Ikot Ntuen

5 . NNMS Cards – F – Benue – NNPRS Makurdi

6 . NNMS Cards – G – Cross River – NNSS Calabar

7 . NNMS Cards – H – Cross River – ENC

8 . NNMS Cards – I – Cross River – NNS Victory

9 . NNMS Cards – J – Delta-Oghara – HQ LOG COMD

10 . NNMS Cards – K – Delta-Warri – NNS Delta

11 . NNMS Cards – L – Kaduna – AFDSS Jaji

12 . NNMS Cards – M – Ondo – NNSS Imeri

13 . NNMS Cards – N – Ogun – NNSS Abeokuta

14 . NNMS Cards – P – Rivers – NNSS Port Harcourt

15 . NNMS Cards – Q – Kogi – NNSS Okura-Lafia

16 . NNMS Cards – R – Kwara – NNSHS Offa

17 . NNMS Cards  S – Lagos Island – DNED

18 . NNMS Cards – T – Lagos-Apapa – WNC

19 . NNMS Cards – U – Lagos-Apapa – NAVTRAC HQ

20 . NNMS Cards – V – Lagos-Apapa – NNS Beecroft

21 . NNMS Cards – W – Lagos-Ojo – NNSS Ojo

22 . NNSS Cards – A0 – Directorate of Naval Education, 7th Floor, 1-3 Moloney St., Lagos Island

23 . NNSS Cards – B1 – NNSS Ojo Lagos

24 . NNSS Cards – B2 – NNSS Ibara Abeokuta

25 . NNSS Cards – B3 – NNSS Port Harcourt

26 . NNSS Cards – B4 – NNSS Akpabuyo Calabar

27 . NNSS Cards – B5 – NNSS Ogbomoso

28 . NNSS Cards – B6 – NNSS Imeri

29 . NNMS Cards – E – Oyo – NNSS Ogbomoso

30 . NNSS Cards – B7 – NNSS Okura-Lafia

31 . NNSS Cards – F0 – Naval Unit Abuja

32 . NNSS Cards – F1 – NNS BEECROFT

33 . NNSS Cards – F3 – Nigerian Navy Finance & Logistic School, Owerrinta Abia State

34 . NNSS Cards – B8 NNSS Kuje

35 . NNMS Cards – X – NNSS Kuje

36 . NNSS Cards – B9 NNMS Ikot Ntuen

37 . NNSS Cards – C1 – NNPS Ojo

38 . NNSS Cards – C2 – NNPS Okokomaiko


Scratch cards for the NNMS 2023–2024 entrance exams can now be purchased online.

To buy, simply click here. Ensure that your email address and phone number are accurate, as your scratch card information will be sent directly to you.

The entrance exam for the Nigerian Navy Military School Ikot Ntuen is scheduled for June 2023 at 8:00 a.m. Thank you very much.

The NNMS Entrance Examination will occur in June 2023.

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Online Application Guidelines for Nigerian Navy Military School Admission Form 2023/24

  • Candidates who are interested should visit https://www.nnssadmissions.com/.
  • Navigate to the Candidate Registration link at https://www.nnssadmissions.com/ by clicking on the Admissions Tab in the menu bar.
  • To access their registration form, candidates must enter their scratch card’s PIN and serial number.
  • Enter the information for your scratch card on the log in the tab of the menu bar. To gain access to your form, click Sign in.
  • Select and upload the file containing your passport photograph to initiate the registration procedure. You will then be able to enter your personal information, a secret question and its answer, your parent information, and your school information.
  • Please note that all images must be in JPEG, JPG, or GIF format, and their file size must be less than 20 kB.
  • Verify the accuracy of the form before clicking the submit button at the bottom of the page.
  • The form and your application are immediately transmitted to the Navy entrance exam team, along with your registration number and exam number, which are now displayed on the page.
  • As evidence of successful registration, you must then print the exam docket. The exam docket print button is located at the bottom of the page. Scroll to the page’s footer and click this button. Keep this slip and your answer to the secret question in a secure location.
  • Additionally, keep the parent’s phone number and email address handy in the event that crucial application information is posted there.
  • You can log in at any time with your PIN and serial number, for instance, if you passed the entrance exam.

Entrance Examination Date for Nigerian Navy Military School Admission Form 2023/24

  • Printing Exam Slips at Nigerian Navy Military Schools: Procedures (NNMS)
  • After entering your password and serial number, click the “Generate Docket” button.
  • If you have been assigned an exam number by the Directorate of Naval Education, the details will be displayed on this page.
  • Your exam slip (docket) will be created when you click the Generate Docket button.

Pin / Serial Number Retrieval

  • Those who have previously registered on this portal but have forgotten their login credentials can retrieve their serial number and PIN.
  • Applicants who have forgotten their PIN and serial number can retrieve them using the registration number.
  • Enter your registration number and the answer to your security question after clicking the “Forgot Password” link.
  • The system will retrieve your PIN and serial number and send them to the email address you provided during registration.

Keep the scratch card information (PIN and serial number) for future NNMS Admissions website visits. Maintain the GSM and email address listed on the completed e-form in order to receive periodic updates on the application’s status.

People Also Ask

  1. What is the purpose of the Nigerian Navy Military School?

    The Nigerian Navy operates the Nigerian Navy Military School (NNMS), a secondary education institution. The school provides a comprehensive, rigorous program designed to cultivate young leaders through high academic standards, strong moral and ethical standards, and rigorous military training.

  2. Who may apply for admission to the Nigerian Navy Military School?

    Male or female Nigerian citizens between the ages of 10 and 17 who can demonstrate medical fitness are eligible to apply for admission. They must possess the Primary 6 School Leaving Certificate or its equivalent and pass the entrance exam.

  3. How do I apply for admission to the Nigerian Navy Military School?

    The admissions application for the Nigerian Navy Military School can be found on the official website of the Nigerian Navy. Prospective applicants must complete the application form, pay the required fees, and submit the form along with the necessary documentation.

  4. What documents are required for the application?

    A copy of the candidate’s birth certificate or declaration of age, a local government identification letter, a primary school leaving certificate, and a passport-sized photograph are typically required.

  5. How are exams administered at the Nigerian Navy Military School?

    Examining English Language, Mathematics, Basic Science, Social Studies, and Verbal Reasoning, the test for admission to the Nigerian Navy Military School is typically a combination of multiple-choice and written questions.

  6. What Happens Following the Entrance Exam?

    Candidates who pass the entrance examination will be selected for an interview. This will involve a comprehensive medical and physical evaluation. Applicants who pass the interview will be granted admission to the institution.

  7. Can the application be completed in person?

    No, admission to the Nigerian Navy Military School can only be applied for online through the official Nigerian Navy website. This is to ensure that the application process is efficient and transparent.

  8. Is financial aid or a scholarship currently available?

    The Nigerian Navy Military School does not offer any financial aid or scholarships for enrollment. Nonetheless, prospective students in Nigeria can apply for a variety of government and private scholarships to assist with their education.

  9. How Long Does It Take to Complete Studies at the Nigerian Navy Military School?

    The length of study at the Nigerian Navy Military School is six years, in accordance with Nigeria’s 6-3-3-4 educational system. This includes three years of both junior and senior secondary school.

  10. What Courses Are Offered at the Military School of the Nigerian Navy?

    The Nigerian Navy Military School provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes, among others, English Language, Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Social Studies, and Nigerian languages. Additionally, the school offers military training and physical education.

  11. What are the facilities at the school like?

    The Nigerian Navy Military School is outfitted with state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate the all-round development of its students. These facilities include well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, sports facilities, and student housing.

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