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New Zealand Army Recruitment Application Form 2023/24 – Apply Now


The New Zealand Army is searching for a large number of people who are devoted, loyal, and passionate about working as part of a team to protect the country and secure New Zealand’s interests.

If you are interested in working in this nimble and highly flexible fighting force and difficult environment, I urge you to read this post and stay up to speed on the newest recruitment opportunities.


Details about the New Zealand Army

The New Zealand Army is the ground component of the New Zealand Defence Force, and it is entirely responsible for New Zealand’s defense.


Their primary responsibility is to safeguard New Zealand’s sovereign territory, including our Exclusive Economic Zone.

They promote national interests by conducting military operations at sea, on land, and in the air.

Officers in the army teach soldiers, supervise field exercises, and command troops in combat, peacekeeping operations, and disaster relief.

Documents / Requirements Required For The NZ Recruitment Application Process

  • Birth certificate including your name, date, place of birth, address, and contact information (including your next of kin)
  • You must be a New Zealand citizen or a holder of a New Zealand residency class visa.
  • Completed CV with past career facts such as dates, employer, places, and responsibilities
  • Record of learning displaying school credentials, including courses, grades, and year achieved, as well as an NZQA number if you have one
  • Any tertiary or trade credentials you have acquired, including grades and years, obtained
  • Details about your driver’s license (number, classes, and any endorsements)
  • Any criminal convictions’ dates and outcomes
  • Your exact current height and weight
  • Name and contact information for your doctor, including phone number and address
  • Dates, specifics, and results of any previous or ongoing medical issues (eg operations, broken bones, asthma history, any medications)
  • Your immunization/vaccination history (this can be obtained from your Doctor)
  • a list of the trades and services you like (s)
  • If you have already served, you must provide some past service information, such as your service number.

The Application Process For The New Zealand Army

  • After you have satisfied all of the requirements, you may apply for the appropriate position by clicking on this link –
  • Congratulations, you’ve now formally applied after completing and submitting this form! A Candidate Engagement Facilitator will now examine your application.
  • Following that, you must take online Defence Aptitude Tests and undergo fitness testing.
  • Then you’ll have to go to an interview.
  • If you are successful in the interview, you will be added to the pool of applicants.
  • We will issue you a formal employment offer termed an ‘Offer of Service’ if you are selected from the candidate pool.
  • You must undergo medical tests and security clearance.
  • Attend a fitness testing induction day.
  • After all of these completed steps, you are now eligible to join the intake at Waiouru Military Training Area.

Army Training in New Zealand

New Army recruits do basic training at Waiouru Army Camp for 16 weeks. Following basic training, cadets attend corps training to master the fundamentals of a specialized army trade.

Application Form for New Zealand (NZ) Army Recruitment 2023/2024

The site of the New Zealand (NZ) Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form is just for the candidates’ information about Recruitment 2023/2024.

The application website provides vital information on the New Zealand (NZ) Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form, allowing individuals to begin applying right away.

After applying and being accepted, you can become an Army officer or sailor in the New Zealand Army, where your primary mission will be to outwit crime by rational action.

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