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Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE 2024 – Apply Now

Several enterprises and organizations in the United Arab Emirates have an immediate need for mechanical engineers, which is why this page has been created to put them all at your disposal. There are certain prerequisites for mechanical engineering positions in the United Arab Emirates, including the qualifications, abilities, and expected responsibilities.

There are several advantages to obtaining a mechanical engineering position in the UAE, including a generous income and a pleasant working atmosphere. To be considered for this position, please see below for a list of the most recent urgent mechanical engineering jobs in the UAE, after which you can fill out the application form.

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As stated previously, mechanical engineering is in high demand in a variety of industries and countries; therefore, it is very worthwhile to be in this subject.
A career in mechanical engineering allows you to improve your own and the world’s future. This explains why 89% of engineers are extremely satisfied with their jobs and would select the same career path again.
A mechanical engineering position in UAE could take you to oil rigs, deserts, the Antarctic, and the depths of the ocean. Qualifications and experience in mechanical engineering are like a passport to work in a variety of sectors and places.

Immediately Available Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE

Included below are the UAE jobs in mechanical engineering for which applicants should apply immediately:

Engineers in Mechanical Engineering

Currently Recruiting Emirati Mechanical Engineers with a Bachelor’s Degree for a prestigious Dubai-based multinational corporation.

This position is part of the company’s Emiratization program, which will focus on training graduate engineers across the organization and assisting them in launching their careers in Engineering.

Principal Responsibility:

  • Planned, constructed, and conceptualized mechanical designs for new goods.
  • Establish testing procedures and test and validate new designs
  • Produce functional prototypes for beta testing and client demonstration
  • Calculate engineering variables to facilitate design work
  • Using the software, create and review technical drawings, plans, and specifications.
  • Work with vendors and contractors, and collaborate with multi-disciplinary engineering teams
  • Conduct thorough documentation to monitor the project development and design process.
  • Ensuring the project timeline is reached and the budget is adhered to.


  • Mechanical engineering undergraduate degree
  • UAE citizen with a family record
  • Strong communication abilities
  • Committed, enthusiastic, and determined applicants will fare the best.
  • The experience between 1 and 3 years

Mechanical Engineer Senior

  • Senior Mechanical Engineer on Site
  • Department: Site Management
  • Middle Eastern region
  • Reports to: Resident Engineer / Mechanical Site Operations Director

Resume summary

To implement and manage all aspects of the quality management systems and site supervision activities linked to the Mechanical Works throughout the project to deliver quality installations following the contract documents, applicable international standards, and others.


  • Establish quality procedures for site monitoring and evaluate the project’s submission criteria with the MEP contractor.
  • Analyze all construction documents and bring to the attention of the RE/SHOM any design and contractual issues.
  • Verify that all statutory authorities’ NOCs / permits/design approvals are present on the construction site.
  • Ensure that the prime contractor and designated MEP contractor coordinate with the relevant government entities and ensure that their needs are incorporated satisfactorily.
  • Exert the greatest effort to prevent contractor(s) from submitting claims for cost and/or delay.
  • During the Enabling Works / Main Contract Works, prepare a process control sheet for Mechanical work in collaboration with SHOM.


  • A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering required
  • Between 10 and 12 years of experience

Benefits of Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE

  • Lucrative Salaries: In the UAE, mechanical engineers are frequently remunerated with advantageous benefits and competitive compensation, especially in the infrastructure development, construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. Capable engineers are in high demand, which in turn influences the attractiveness of compensation arrangements.
  • Tax-Free Income: As a result of the UAE’s tax-free income policy for residents, mechanical engineers are permitted to retain a greater proportion of their earnings in comparison to numerous other nations that impose income taxes. By doing so, the net income available for savings or discretionary expenditure can be substantially augmented.
  • Opportunities for Career Growth: Prosperous Career Development Opportunities The UAE’s brisk economic growth has generated a plethora of prospects for professional progression across diverse sectors. As their careers progress, mechanical engineers have the opportunity to work on large-scale projects, acquire expertise in cutting-edge technologies, and assume leadership positions.
  • Diverse Industries and Projects: The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its multifaceted economy, encompassing prosperous sectors including renewable energy, construction, energy, transportation, and aerospace. Mechanical engineers are presented with a broad spectrum of opportunities to engage in varied and gratifying endeavors, encompassing the construction of skyscrapers as well as the advancement of renewable energy initiatives.
  • Multicultural Environment: A cosmopolitan and multicultural work environment is the result of the UAE’s international expatriate community. Collaboration with professionals of diverse cultural backgrounds provides mechanical engineers with the chance to develop and hone their cross-cultural communication and collaboration proficiencies.
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Modern Infrastructure and State-of-the-Art Facilities: Mechanical engineers in the UAE have access to cutting-edge resources, technologies, equipment, and equipment. Engineers are able to remain at the forefront of their profession and develop innovative projects by working in such an environment.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Opportunities for Professional Development The UAE provides an abundance of professional development opportunities, such as seminars, conferences, workshops, and training programs. Mechanical engineers can advance their careers by acquiring certifications, enhancing their skill sets, and remaining current on industry trends.
  • High Standard of Living: The United Arab Emirates provides a safe and stable environment, world-class healthcare facilities, modern amenities, and quality education opportunities, all of which contribute to its high standard of living. Mechanical engineers and their families are afforded access to a diverse array of leisure and recreational activities and an affluent lifestyle.
  • Global Networking: Mechanical engineers who choose to work in the UAE will have the chance to establish connections with professionals from all over the globe. Developing relationships in the United Arab Emirates, a center of international business, can facilitate future career prospects and international collaborations.

Mechanical Engineering Salaries in the UAE

  • The average Mechanical Engineer salary in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is 5,000 AED per month.
  • In the Dubai, United Arab Emirates Region, the typical supplementary cash compensation for a Mechanical Engineer ranges from AED 1,300 to AED 35,500.

Methods for Applying to Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE

To apply, please click the link below; once you are led to the official careers page, choose one of the two opportunities listed above that best matches your qualifications, and then complete the application form.

More Info

  1. How do I find work in Mechanical Engineering in the UAE?

    Sign up and complete your profile on the GulfTalent website or mobile application. Then, search for Mechanical Engineering jobs in UAE and apply to any openings that interest you for free and with a single click. Your resume will be sent directly to the hiring manager or recruiter advertising the position. Also, you can subscribe to job alert emails that inform you of the most recent Mechanical Engineering job postings in the UAE.

  2. Is there a demand for Mechanical Engineers in UAE?

    What Mechanical Engineering positions are in the highest demand in the UAE? Mechanical Engineer, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Technician, Kitchen Technician, and Production Technician are a few of the most in-demand Mechanical Engineering positions.

  3. What is the cost of living in the UAE?

    In the United Arab Emirates, the average monthly expenses for a single individual stand at an average of AED 4,000, while the average cost of living in the UAE for a family of four is AED 14,000. This encompasses essential costs such as rent, groceries, transportation, and leisure activities.

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