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Maintenance Plumber Jobs in Poland 2024 – Apply Now

Hydraulik Warszawa is seeking a Maintenance Plumber to join the team working on a local contract servicing a cluster of downtown Warsaw buildings. According to the most recent information available, maintenance plumber positions in Poland are characterized by an assortment of duties about the repair, installation, and upkeep of plumbing systems. It should be noted that job descriptions may differ in detail contingent upon the employer, industry, and the magnitude of the facilities under management.

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Details About Maintenance Plumber Jobs in Poland

You will be a member of a multi-disciplined maintenance team that works the day shift, night shift, and on-call.

Responsibilities of Maintenance Plumber Jobs in Poland

  • The jobs encompass a vast array of maintenance and repair responsibilities.
  • Experience with commercial and industrial plumbing and heating system operation and maintenance is required. Desirable is knowledge of boiler plants, pumps, ventilation systems, and controllers.

Requirements for Maintenance Plumber Jobs in Poland:

  • Prior experience with plumbing
  • Excellent English language mastery (oral & written)
  • Attention to detail and commitment to providing exceptional service.

Benefits of Maintenance Plumber Jobs in Poland

  • Competitive Salary: In Poland, maintenance plumbers are generally remunerated competitively, although this can differ depending on the employer, talents, and prior experience.
  • Stability of Employment: Proficient trades, such as plumbing, hold critical importance across multiple industries, thereby affording maintenance engineers enduring employment opportunities and job security.
  • Work-Life Balance: A considerable number of employers in Poland prioritize the maintenance engineers’ ability to balance their professional and personal obligations, thereby ensuring a harmonious work-life equilibrium.
  • Training and professional development: In order to ensure that maintenance plumbers remain informed about the most recent methodologies, technologies, and safety protocols in the industry, employers may offer opportunities for continuous training and professional development.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Healthcare benefits, such as medical insurance, are provided by certain employers to maintenance engineers in order to guarantee their access to necessary healthcare services.
  • Pension Plans: A considerable number of Polish businesses provide retirement savings programs or pension plans, which afford maintenance engineers financial security as they age.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Plumbing maintenance personnel may qualify for paid time off, which encompasses vacation days and holidays, thereby enhancing their general welfare.
  • Safety Standards: Employers in Poland are obligated to comply with rigorous safety standards. Plumbing maintenance personnel frequently benefit from safe work environments, which reduce the likelihood of accidents.
  • Social Security Benefits: Maintenance plumbers in Poland are generally eligible for social security benefits through the national system. These benefits include disability coverage and unemployment insurance.
  • Tools and Equipment: Employers have the option to furnish essential tools and equipment, thereby relieving maintenance plumbers of the financial strain associated with procuring such items on their own.
  • Professional Networking: Engaging in maintenance plumbing enables individuals to establish and maintain professional connections within the maintenance and construction sectors, which may provide access to novel prospects.
  • Diverse Employment Prospects: Plumbing maintenance staff may be afforded the opportunity to operate within a variety of environments, such as industrial, commercial, or residential construction, thereby broadening their professional horizons.
How to Apply
How to Apply

Monthly remuneration: 5000-5500 PLN (1100-1200 USD).
Day work, eight to nine hours every day, six days per week
The business provides dormitory-style quarters for two to three occupants; however, the employee is responsible for utility costs.

More Info

  1. How much does a plumber in Poland earn?

    In Poland, the average salary for a Plumber is PLN 94,791 per year or PLN 46 per hour. The typical income range for a Plumber is PLN 67,776 to PLN 114,318 per year. On average, the highest level of schooling for a Plumber is a High School Diploma.

  2. Will there be a demand for plumbers in the future?

    Job Outlook
    The anticipated 2% growth from plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters is slower than the average for all occupations. Despite slow employment growth, an average of 48,600 job openings per year are predicted for plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters during the next ten years.

  3. How do I find an employer in Poland?

    District labor offices publish job offers in the online Central Job Offer Database. The database includes all job offers submitted by Polish employers to district labor offices. They are available online at for all persons interested in looking for work in Poland.

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