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Leasing Professional Jobs in USA 2024 – Duarte Station


This position is responsible for coordinating the community’s marketing, leasing, and renewal strategies to achieve occupancy, revenue, and resident retention objectives by performing all activities associated with leasing to new residents, ensuring resident satisfaction throughout the lease term, and securing resident lease renewals.

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In the United States, professional leasing jobs have become more popular in recent years, as the real estate business has grown a lot. In this article, we’ll talk about the ins and outs of careers in leasing, with a focus on the possibilities in Duarte Station.


Understanding the Role of a Leasing Professional

In the real estate business, leasing workers are very important. They are in charge of showing possible renters around the properties, answering questions, and making lease agreements. Their job is to know a lot about the properties they promote, understand how the local market works, and make sure customers are happy.

Leasing Professional Job Description

  • Performs all sales and leasing tasks to meet the community’s revenue and occupancy goals. This includes greeting and qualifying prospects, giving tours of the community and showing apartments, processing applications, doing credit checks and criminal background checks, putting together the lease and move-in package, and making sure that residents can move in and sign their leases without any problems.
  • Before resident move-in, she inspects apartments to verify they are in move-in condition and schedules any outstanding repair issues with the maintenance crew.
  • develops and implements short- and long-term marketing plans and targets to maintain occupancy and adheres to the community’s set policies regarding concessions, promotions, and other initiatives to increase occupancy.
  • Plans and carries out marketing activities to generate and drive traffic to the community, including implementing resident referral and employer outreach programs, utilizing internet marketing tools (Craigslist, Facebook, e-mail, and other websites), and adhering to other community-specific marketing plans, driving, and special programs.
  • utilizes on-site property management software (OneSite, Yardi, etc.) to monitor unit availability, record traffic, and leasing activities, maintain resident and prospect data, and collect vital demographic and other information on current and prospective tenants.
  • Ensures that the community and show units meet the company’s show quality standards by inspecting the marketing corridor and leasing tour daily, communicating maintenance and upkeep needs to the community’s maintenance team, merchandising and ensuring a physically appealing show unit and/or model and amenities and preparing the leasing office for daily leasing activities.
  • Follows up with prospective and new residents to guarantee satisfaction by sending e-mails, thank-you notes, cards, or making phone calls or other contacts to complete lease and/or renewal decisions.
  • executes and performs activities in support of the community’s lease renewal program, including preparing lease renewal letters and packages for residents, meeting with and contacting renewing residents before move-out dates, and ensuring that lease renewal documents are signed and implemented on time.
  • responds promptly and courteously to resident and client/owner concerns and queries, and promptly takes action to resolve problems and/or document and relay resident and other requests to the proper individual (s).

Benefits of Leasing Professional Jobs in USA

  • Competitive Compensation: Leasing professionals generally obtain competitive remuneration, and in certain instances, they may be eligible for commissions or incentives contingent upon the execution of prosperous lease agreements.
  • Commission Opportunities: A considerable number of leasing professionals are eligible to receive commissions on the leases’ value or the quantity of leases signed. This may substantially increase total compensation.
  • Career Progression: Prospects for career progression may exist for leasing professionals operating within the real estate and property management sector. This may involve transitioning to a supervisory position or an associated field, such as asset management or property development.
  • Opportunity for Networking: Leasing professionals who work in the real estate industry have access to invaluable networking prospects. Establishing connections with tenants, property owners, and other professionals in the industry can provide opportunities for advancement in one’s career.
  • Diverse Work Environments: Leasing professionals are employed in an array of work environments, encompassing both commercial and residential properties. Their ability to acquire experience in various facets of the real estate industry is facilitated by their diversity.
  • Skills Development: Leasing professionals acquire a variety of competencies, such as marketing, communication, negotiation, and customer service. These abilities are valuable in a variety of professional contexts and are transferable.
  • employment Security: The real estate industry benefits from a consistent demand for leasing professionals, which in turn enhances employment security.
  • To attract and retain talent, numerous employers in the real estate industry provide employee benefits including health insurance, retirement plans, and other advantages.
  • Flexible Work Schedule: Leasing professionals may be granted a flexible work schedule, contingent upon the employer. Individuals in search of a harmonious equilibrium between their professional and personal spheres may find this flexible arrangement appealing.
  • Engaging with a Diverse Clientele: Leasing professionals are afforded the chance to engage in interactions with an expanding array of clients, encompassing potential tenants hailing from various sectors and backgrounds.
  • Contribution to Community Development: Leasing professionals contribute to community development through the facilitation of property leasing, which aids businesses and individuals in locating suitable locations to reside or conduct operations.
  • Knowledge of Real Estate Market Trends: Working knowledge of real estate market trends is a crucial asset for professionals in the leasing industry, as it enables them to remain informed about the ever-changing dynamics of the sector.
  • Difficult and Engaging Work: Leasing professionals are frequently confronted with novel opportunities and challenges, which contribute to the dynamic and captivating nature of their work.
  • Contribution to Property Marketing: Leasing professionals make a significant contribution to property marketing through the implementation of diverse strategies aimed at attracting tenants and optimizing occupancy rates.
  • Learning Opportunities: The leasing profession is presented with continuous opportunities for professional development and learning due to the dynamic nature of the real estate industry.

Job Type

  • Full-time

Requirements of Leasing Professional Jobs in the USA

  • OneSite Yardi Driving Permit
  • Criminal history check

Company Name

Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC

Required Licenses or Certificates For Leasing Professional Job in :

  • Current employees must possess all licenses and/or certifications mandated by state and local authorities.
  • A valid driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart on the premises.

Regular full-time and part-time team members may be entitled to participate in a bonus program in addition to their base compensation, depending on the position given. Members of the team may join the 401k plan once they become eligible. Also available to regular, full-time team members is a selection of medical, financial, and/or other perks.

More Info

Greystar will consider competent individuals with arrest and conviction records for employment.


In the end, leasing professional jobs in the United States, especially in Duarte Station, offers exciting opportunities for people who want to start a career in the real estate business. If you have the right education, skills, and drive, you can do well in this fast-paced job.

  1. What qualifications do I need to become a leasing professional?

    Typically, a high school diploma is the minimum requirement, but a bachelor’s degree and industry-specific training can be advantageous.

  2. What are the salary prospects for leasing professionals in Duarte Station?

    Salaries can range from $40,000 to $80,000 annually, with additional commissions and bonuses.

  3. How many leasing agents are there in the US?

     There are over 68,519 leasing agents currently employed in the United States. 74.6% of all leasing agents are women, while 25.4% are men. The average leasing agent age is 47 years old.

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