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Latest Security Guard Jobs in Malta 2024 – Apply Now

Due to the increasing emphasis on safety and security in contemporary society, there will be a high demand for security positions in Malta. As a prominent tourist destination in the Mediterranean, the protection of both locals and visitors has become an urgent matter. Opportunities presented by security guard positions vary from ensuring the safety of hotels and resorts to coordinating the protection of public spaces and events.

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Requirements of Latest Security Guard Jobs in Malta

  • The following qualifications are necessary to apply for security officer positions in Malta:
  • Candidates are required to possess a criminal-free record and meet the minimum age requirement, which typically falls between 18 and 21 years old.
  • Nonetheless, physical stamina and stamina will remain indispensable, as security officers will be required to traverse extensive distances while reacting swiftly to critical situations.
  • Maltese and English proficiency would likely be required for effective communication with coworkers and the general public.
  • Furthermore, the advancement of technology may result in an increased demand for candidates who possess a comprehensive understanding of security apparatus, including surveillance systems and access control systems.

Duties of Security Guard Jobs in Malta

  • The escalating prominence of security concerns has led to a heightened demand for safety protocols. You will be responsible for the following responsibilities as a security guard:
  • Prioritize the establishment of a safe and secure environment for security personnel. This also involves the monitoring and protection of designated areas in search of any signs of suspicious behavior or potential dangers.
  • They are instructed to respond to emergencies and administer aid in a timely manner when alarms sound.
  • Additionally, security officers are tasked with managing crowds or gatherings, overseeing individuals for admission, and controlling access to premises are all essential enforcement responsibilities.
  • In light of the ongoing evolution of the digital realm, individuals are likewise obligated to possess knowledge of advanced security systems and technologies that ensure the smooth operation of their tasks and resolve any complications that may arise.
  • In addition to monitoring, security personnel are tasked with maintaining tranquility and conformity for every inhabitant. In addition to physical prowess, this profession requires exceptional interpersonal and communication abilities.

Benefits of Latest Security Guard Jobs in Malta

  • Stable Employment: Stable employment opportunities are afforded by the general demand for security officer positions, which contributes to the expansion of Malta’s economy.
  • Competitive Wage: Particularly for those with specialized talents or experience, security guards in Malta may earn a competitive wage.
  • Training and Development: A considerable number of security firms in Malta offer their officers training programs that provide avenues for the improvement of their abilities and progression in their careers.
  • Flexible Working Hours: Security guard positions frequently provide the advantage of flexible working hours, encompassing both part-time and full-time alternatives. This characteristic renders these positions well-suited for individuals who have alternative obligations or schedule preferences.
  • A Wide Range of Work Environments: Security guards are allowed to operate in a variety of settings, encompassing residential complexes, retail establishments, office structures, and events.
  • Prospects for Professional Development: Security officers operating in Malta can progress to supervisory or managerial roles within security firms or associated sectors through the accumulation of experience and further education.
  • Job Security: The maintenance of public safety and the effective functioning of businesses rely heavily on security, which guarantees qualified professionals a steady demand for security officer services and job security.
  • Health benefits: Certain security companies may provide their employees with health insurance or additional advantages, thereby fostering their holistic welfare.
  • Advantages of Networking: Engaging in security officer work can present prospects for establishing connections with experts across diverse sectors, which may ultimately result in future collaborative ventures or career prospects.
  • Contribution to Community Safety: Security officers contribute to the well-being of the community as a whole by maintaining safety and security in both public and private areas.
  • Professional Development: Professional development is facilitated through employment as a security officer, wherein one can acquire transferable skills including emergency response, problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution.
  • Perquisites or Advantages for Employees: Certain security firms might provide supplementary amenities or benefits to their workforce, including access to employee assistance programs, discounts on products or services, or incentive programs.

Salary of Security Guard Jobs in Malta

Given that security guard jobs in Malta are likely to be competitive due to the importance of such roles concerning safety and security, it is anticipated that salaries will reflect this accordingly. With the growing popularity of Malta as a tourist spot and business center that attracts investment, the need for security personnel needs to be efficient training is bound to rise. Though individual salary figures may differ based on factors such as years of experience, educational background, and the employer they report to; it is however anticipated that security guards in Malta receive satisfactory amounts. For a security guard in Malta, the average salary is between €1800 and €24 thousand per annum with this number probably increasing over time. 

Tips to Apply for Security Guard Jobs in Malta

  • Personalize your resume to emphasize your proficiency in handling challenging circumstances, attention to detail, and effective communication abilities. Once your resume is complete, begin your search for security officer positions in Malta through various job portals, recruitment agencies, and company websites.
  • Don’t neglect to include a cover letter in your application that describes your qualifications and interest in the position.
  • It is advisable to acquaint oneself with security policies and practices prior to conducting interviews in order to effectively address inquiries pertaining to emergency management and public safety.
  • Finally, persist in enhancing your credentials through ongoing training and professional development courses to ensure that you remain current with the latest industry regulations and practices.

How to Apply for Latest Security Guard Jobs in Malta

Investigate initially the competencies and attributes that security officers in Malta ought to possess. Acquaint oneself with the certifications and training programs that have been officially sanctioned in this nation. Please revise your resume to highlight any pertinent experience or skills you possess in the field of law enforcement or security. Please follow the provided link in order to enroll.

More Info

  1. What is the basic salary of a security guard in Malta?

    The average pay for a security guard is €15,491 a year and €7 an hour in Malta. The average salary range for a security guard is between €11,820 and €17,986.

  2. How do I become a security guard in Malta?

    At G4S Malta, we offer accredited security guard license courses. To book a security license course or a refresher course, fill out the form below or contact us via email at or by phone at +356 20958900 (Mon-Fri 07:30–15:00).

  3. Are there jobs in Malta for foreigners?

    In conclusion, Malta offers an exciting range of job opportunities for foreigners and English speakers. With industries like IT, iGaming, financial services, hospitality/travel, and pharmaceuticals thriving in the country, there are various avenues to explore.

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