MEXT Asia Pacific University Japanese Scholarship 2024


The MEXT Asia Pacific University Japanese Government Scholarship 2024 to Undertake a Full Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. Degree Program at APU University is currently accepting applications. Fully funded MEXT APU Japan Scholarships are awarded to international students studying in Japan. Asia Pacific University is one of Japan’s preeminent private international institutions.

1993 marked the inception of the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU). The university offers programs in media, business, engineering, and information technology.


This scholarship is granted to exceptional international students on APU’s recommendation list. The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) is awarding this scholarship in an effort to promote the active exchange of foreign students in Japanese universities and increase global competitiveness.


Details of MEXT Asia Pacific University Japanese Scholarship:

  • University or Organization: Asia Pacific University
  • Department:  All University Programs
  • Course Level: BS/MS/PhD
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Nationality: International
  • The program can be taken in Japan
  • Language: English

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Language Proficiency:

Applicants are required to fulfill one of the language prerequisites in either Japanese or English, as detailed below:

  • English
    • Possess a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) English proficiency test score of B2 or higher (e.g., TOEFL iBT 72 or higher, IELTS 5.5 or higher).
    • completes an academic program with English as the principal language of instruction that fulfills the prerequisites for admission to Aisa Pacific University, Japan.

Benefits of MEXT Asia Pacific University Japanese Scholarship:

  • Provision for Tuition Coverage: By frequently providing full or partial tuition fee coverage, MEXT scholarships enable students to concentrate on their academic pursuits without the added strain of tuition expenses.
  • Monthly Subsidy: In general, recipients are provided with a monthly honorarium to assist with the costs of living. The amount may fluctuate based on location and the academic standing (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral) of the recipient.
  • Non-returning airfare: Scholarships from MEXT may provide financial assistance for round-trip airfare between the applicant’s country of origin and Japan.
  • Accommodation Assistance: Particularly designed for university students in Japan, certain MEXT scholarships offer assistance or facilitate the process of locating suitable housing.
  • Language Education in Japan: MEXT scholarships frequently provide Japanese language instruction to students who lack adequate Japanese proficiency, assisting them in acclimating to both the academic context and daily life in Japan.
  • Assistance with Research (for Graduate Students): Supplementary assistance for research endeavors, such as access to laboratories, apparatus, and research materials, may be extended to graduate students.
  • Exchange Opportunities in Culture: Participation in a variety of cultural exchange activities may be available to MEXT scholars, facilitating their assimilation into Japanese society and expanding their cultural awareness.
  • Medical Insurance: During their stay in Japan, MEXT scholarship recipients are typically enrolled in the Japanese National Health Insurance system, which ensures that their medical expenses are adequately covered.
  • Assistance for Reliance (if relevant): MEXT scholarships may, in certain circumstances, offer supplementary financial aid to accompanying spouses or dependents of the scholarship recipient.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: MEXT scholarship recipients have the privilege of establishing connections with Japanese academics and professionals, interacting with fellow international students, and expanding their global network while studying in Japan.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Desire to study abroad in Japan from a foreign country.
  • Without Japanese nationality and as a citizen of a nation with which Japan maintains diplomatic ties
  • Date of birth of April 2, 1989, or later


  • This scholarship is ineligible for applicants who are active military personnel or civilian employees of the military at the time of submission.
  • Recipients are required to have the ability to reach Japan within the arrival period designated by APU.
  • Individuals who are seeking to apply for this scholarship must have a minimum of three years of educational research experience subsequent to the final payment of their previous MEXT scholarship award, and cannot have previously received a MEXT scholarship.
  • Scholarship applicants are ineligible to submit applications for additional MEXT scholarships.
  • While enrolled at APU, recipients of this scholarship are ineligible to receive funding from any other scholarship organization.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to have a student visa status as their country of domicile in Japan.


  • One hundred percent of tuition (funded by the APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship).
  • Monthly living expenses of 144,000 JPY (amount subject to change).
  • Beginning and ending economy class airfare between the native country and APU during the program.

Documents Required:

  • Scholarship application for the Japanese Government (MEXT)
  • Area of Study and Research Strategy
  • Original or certified copies of official academic transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate institutions
  • Original or certified copies of the Certificate of Graduation or Provisional Certificate from both the undergraduate and graduate institutions
  • Abstract of Thesis (if completed) or an account of the ongoing investigation for your thesis
  • Evidence of outstanding performance or a successful track record
  • Such is the recommendation. Photographic Letter attesting to Language Proficiency
  • CV (any format allowed; however, complete academic and employment backgrounds must be disclosed)
  • A photograph of the passport

Application and selection process:

  • The APU application must be submitted by November 15, 2023. Further submission of documents is not mandatory in order to be eligible for this scholarship.
  • APU evaluates prospective applications and recommends exceptional candidates to MEXT.
  • Those who have been recommended for this scholarship are provided with the conclusive results of their APU applications.
  • Selected applicants provide APU with supplementary MEXT (SGU) application materials.
  • The final determination of scholarship awards is made by MEXT.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How do you qualify for the MEXT Japan scholarship?

    Be between 18 and 30 years old. have completed 12 years of education or have a high school diploma. Be enrolled as an undergraduate student in a country outside of Japan before applying and you will be able to return to that institution upon your return from Japan. major in Japanese language or Japanese culture.

  2. How much CGPA is required for the MEXT scholarship?

    To be eligible for the MEXT scholarship for graduate students, you need to have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.30 on a 3.00 scale. This is a sneaky eligibility criterion, as I discussed in a previous article. You will not find it in the application guidelines for students, either at the Embassy or the university.

  3. How much money is the MEXT scholarship?

    Each grantee will be provided monthly with 143,000 yen for research students (non-regular students), 144,000 yen for regular students in master’s courses or professional graduate courses, and 145,000 yen for regular students in doctoral courses.

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