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There has been a consistent decline in the farming industry as a result of the rise of automation and the trend toward seeking employment in urban areas. This is a challenge faced by the agricultural sector in all nations and regions.

The decline has actually been in the agricultural labor market. As a result of a large number of technically inclined individuals avoiding the market that produces the raw materials that are refined into food, the industry has been experiencing a labor shortage. Canada is not exempt from these difficulties.

Farmworker is one of the most desirable or available jobs in Canada. Canada hires immigrants who desire a better life, possess the necessary skills, and are willing to manage a ranch. Several immigrants work on these ranches for the love of agriculture and a more efficient farming system. To hire immigrants for their farms, farm owners utilize specific firms.


In the vast expanse of Canada’s agricultural landscape, the role of farm worker recruitment agencies has become increasingly pivotal. These agencies act as the bridge between skilled labor and farmers in need, contributing significantly to the growth of the agricultural sector. As we delve into the intricacies of farm worker recruitment in Canada, it becomes evident that these agencies play a crucial role in shaping the workforce that sustains the nation’s farms.

Current Agricultural Landscape in Canada

Overview of Canadian Agriculture

Canada has a wide range of farms, from large grain fields to fruit trees that are doing very well. Because farming is so varied, it needs workers with specific skills to meet the needs of each area.

Labor Demands in the Agricultural Sector

Because farming jobs are seasonal, they need workers who can be flexible and skilled. The need for people with specific skills is made even greater by the fact that modern farming is getting more complicated.

Worker Recruitment Agencies

  • Greentech Resources
  • Global Farm and also Ranch
  • Farm Labor Solutions (LLC)

Global Farm and Ranch

Since 1997, global farm and ranch employment has assisted agricultural organizations in meeting their labor needs. As provincially accredited international employers and immigration specialists, we offer recruitment solutions for international employees and permanent residents in Canada.


Recruitment services, such as the hiring of British, South African, and European workers,
Working with foreign employees, such as LMIA applications and applications for temporary work permits.
The provision of immigration services.

  • Area: Canada.
  • Call: +1-866-952-9604.
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 Green Tech Resources

GreenTech Resources is Canada’s premier farmworker employment agency. In recent years, we have assisted in matching hundreds of farmworkers with Saskatchewan-based farmers. Additionally, Greenwich Resources matches workers with farm owners and creates numerous farmworker jobs in Canada.”


  • Canada ranch employee visa.
  • Canadian farm employment for South Africans.
  • Canada’s LMIA farmworker tasks.
  • Immigrant work in Canada’s agricultural sector.
  • Place: Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Call: +1 -306 -500 -1704.

Work Vantage International Workforce Solutions

Work Vantage International Workforce Solutions, Inc. is a certified employment agency with over 15 years of experience. We assist Canadian workers in finding temporary staff and recruit certified foreign workers to meet their labor needs.”

Workvantage is responsible for the entirety of the staffing process:

We recognize the employer’s labor requirements, such as education, experience, language requirements (English, French, or others), and work duration, for available positions.
Our network of businesses searches for prospects who match the profile and provide us with numerous options.
We screen and interview candidates to ensure they are capable of performing the required tasks.
We introduce our candidates to our clients, who will have the opportunity to interview them via videoconference.
We oversee the LMIA application process and represent our clients before the Canadian government.
Our affiliated certified consulting firms efficiently manage the migration applications of foreign workers (job authorization as well as traveling visas).
If required, we also provide assistance with booking airline tickets, lodging, wellness, and relocation services.
If necessary, we provide companies and new employees with orientations to help them quickly adapt to their jobs in Canada.
Location: Toronto, ON.

  • Telephone: +1 (416) 800-0843

Farm Labor Solutions

Regarding:” iLCAg is a specialized team initiative of recruitment and immigration professionals, headquartered in Saskatoon, Canada, providing farm labor options specifically tailored to farmers and those associated with the industry since 2011. We are passionate about connecting people and finding the best match for our clients.”

  • Employer-Oriented Services
  • Aid in negotiations.
  • Applications for LMIA and Provincial Employer Status
  • Employment offer and assistance with the Employer Portal.
  • Assistance with Employer Compliance Audits.
  • Additionally, mediation and long-term retention.

Complete employment services for international workers, including candidate screening, selection, and outreach, assistance with interviews, reference checks, pre-departure alignment, and post-arrival assistance.
For Job-seekers.
Moving and negotiation assistance.
Visa and work permit applications.
Quick entry.
Permanent residency applications.
Site visitor visas.
Domestic use applications
Job placement assistance in Canada, including referrals to prospective employers and interview support.
Area: Saskatoon, Canada.

  • Contact the number +1 306 242 4024.

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About: We specialize in Agribusiness recruitment, the largest industry in the United States. We are actively involved in this industry and offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. We recognize that our clients are unique and have specific needs, which is why we tailor our solutions to meet your requirements.

  • Help Required Job Board.
  • Services pertaining to human resources
  • Agriculture Recruitment.
  • Independent Program.
  • Kitchener, Ontario is the area.
  • Call: 519- 872- 9796.

Benefits of Using Recruitment Agencies

Streamlining the Hiring Process

Many times, it’s hard for farmers to quickly find good workers. Recruitment agencies make this process easier by keeping a pool of qualified individuals who have already been screened. This cuts down on the time and work needed to hire someone.

Providing Specialized Services

Farmworker recruitment companies do more than just help people find jobs. They give useful information about the job market and give advice on pay, benefits, and other important parts of working.


In Canada’s agriculture, which is always changing, farm worker recruitment companies are an important part of building a skilled and long-lasting workforce. They play a big part in the growth and prosperity of the farming sector by helping farmers find qualified workers, understanding complicated laws, and building good working relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are farm workers in demand in Canada?

    The demand for hospitality professionals is growing as more people visit the country. This is primarily why a hospitality management professional in Canada can earn up to 58,000 CAD per year. So there is no denying that the scope of hotel management in Canada is vast.

  2. Which province in Canada is best for farming?

    Both Ontario and Quebec make significant contributions to Canadian agriculture. In addition to accounting for 40.9% of total farms reported in Canada in 2021, these neighboring provinces housed the vast majority of the country’s dairy cows, hogs, and pigs.

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