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Latest Factory Worker Jobs in Romania 2024 – Apply Now

Numerous individuals from Asia and Pakistan are seeking work as production line laborers in Romania and other EU member states. They are frequently unable to obtain these positions due to their lack of knowledge regarding the job requirements, visa prerequisites, locations where these positions are available, and the application process. Applicants for this position must be factory specialists interested in relocating to Romania for work.

Visa-sponsored data on the majority of production line laborer occupations in Romania have been disseminated, including information on working conditions, standard compensation, work hours, and requirements for work visa support. Additionally, we have compiled a list of the websites where these occupations are posted to prevent you from wasting time searching.

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Details of Factory Laborer Occupations in Romania

  • Job title: Latest Factory Worker Jobs in Romania
  • Job Nation: Romania.
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: Ideally, yes.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Types of Factory Specialist Employments in Romania

  • Workers in confectionery and bread factories.
  • Administrators of assembly parts and machine operators.
  • Supervision of production personnel.
  • Warehouse personnel.
  • Warehouse personnel.
  • Warehouse Maintenance Personnel.
  • Procurement Clerks.
  • Laborers in construction factories (all classifications).
  • Specialists in automotive factories (in every category).
  • Packaging personnel.
  • Industrial Cleaners.
  • Supervising quality control personnel.
  • Factory specialists in agricultural products (all categories).
  • Materials specialists.
  • Officers of waste and safety administration.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Coordinators.
  • Senior Engineer of Handles.
  • Director of Dispensing.
  • Meat Factory experts in every category.
  • Freight transporters employed by the Department of Coordination.

Requirements for Latest Factory Worker Jobs in Romania

  • The labor code in Romania is straightforward and accommodating.
  • There is no requirement for prior participation or specific abilities. However, certain companies have hiring requirements for their manufacturing facilities, such as fitting, which necessitate candidates to have a minimum of two years of experience.
  • Long-term employment eligibility for a work visa requires one to be between 21 and 50 years old.
  • A clear criminal record and mental and physical health are requirements. Possessing work experience in any Inlet country will enhance your employment prospects.
  • You are employed by Romanian businesses on a two-year contract.
  • BRI Universal, the preeminent international recruiting firm, mandates a minimum of a high school diploma and two years of professional experience.

Benefits of Latest Factory Worker Jobs in Romania

  • Stable Employment: Many factories provide workers with long-term, stable employment, thereby ensuring that they have a consistent source of income.
  • Competitive Wages: In Romania, factory workers are frequently remunerated competitively, particularly in sectors undergoing expansion or experiencing significant demand.
  • Benefits Package: Health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans are among the benefits that factory employees may be eligible for, contingent upon the employer and employment contract.
  • Training and Skill Development: To assist employees in acquiring the skills required for their positions, several manufacturing facilities provide training programs. Standards for quality control, equipment operation, and safety protocols may be covered in this training.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Career Advancement Opportunities Factory employees who have acquired experience and demonstrated their worth may be eligible for advancement opportunities within the organization. This may encompass positions characterized by greater accountability or specialization.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although factory work may entail overtime and shifts during periods of high demand, numerous employers emphasize promoting work-life balance by providing reasonable schedules and hours.
  • Job Security: Skilled factory labor is frequently sought after in the manufacturing sector, which is an essential industry. This may even afford employment stability during periods of economic instability.
  • Community Impact: By supporting local businesses and creating employment opportunities, numerous factories contribute to the local economy. Employees who labor in a factory may develop a sense of community pride through their contributions.
  • Diverse Work Environments: Factory work can entail a wide range of industries, including food processing and automotive manufacturing. This variety enables employees to acquire experience in a variety of disciplines and investigate numerous career paths.
  • Perks and Discounts for Employees: Certain manufacturing facilities provide employee discounts on company-made goods and services. In addition, employees might be granted access to recreational facilities, cafeterias, gyms, or other benefits.
  • Health and Safety Standards: To guarantee a secure working environment for factory workers, employers are obligated to comply with health and safety regulations. This may encompass the provision of routine inspections, safety instruction, and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Contribution to Innovation: Certain manufacturing facilities lead the way in technological innovation by employing cutting-edge equipment and procedures. Such work environments may offer prospects for acquiring knowledge and making contributions to state-of-the-art technologies.

Average Compensation of Latest Factory Worker Jobs in Romania

The average wage of a Romanian production line laborer varies by sector, geographical location, and length of service. Nevertheless, advertisements for Romanian production line specialist jobs on various websites indicate that the monthly salary ranges from EUR 550 to EUR 650. The average annual salary for a Plant Specialist, as reported by, is 39,472 RON, while the average hourly wage is 19 RON.

Where can I discover Factory Laborer Occupations in Romania?

Job openings for fast-food factory laborers in Romania can be found on each of the aforementioned websites.

  • LinkedIn, indeed,
  • is an
  • Top employment with OLX Romania.
  • Employment in is an organization.
  • Ilm
  1. How much is the salary of a factory worker in Romania?

    The average salary for factory workers is RON 7,904 per month in Bucharest, Romania. The average additional cash compensation for factory workers in Bucharest, Romania, is RON 5,254, with a range from RON 5,048 to RON 5,461.

  2. Can I apply for a job in Romania?

    Foreign citizens who are third-country nationals can work in Romania only after obtaining a work permit and, subsequently, a long-stay visa for work and a residence permit.

  3. How much is a one-month salary in Romania?

    Median salary. Romania’s median salary isĀ 8,130 RON per month (approx. 1,818 USD). This figure implies that half the Romanian population earns less than 8,130 RON every month, while the other half earns more than 8,130 RON per month.

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