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Jobs in Denmark for foreigners 2023


Jobs in Denmark for foreigners 2023 Jobs in Denmark for International Applicants – In terms of GDP per capita, the Nordic nations are among the world’s wealthiest nations. Obviously, this was not always the situation. Situation was different in the past, but since then their economic progress has been rapid. On the list of Nordic regions, Denmark holds the top position.

Denmark is an incredible place to consider for employment due to its high-paying occupations and excellent work-life balance. Obviously, it can be difficult for a foreigner to find a job in Denmark, since there are specific standards that must be completed. However, the high wage packages of Danish jobs make working in Denmark always worthwhile. It is usually preferable to hunt for employment in locations where your chances of obtaining a position are higher and where there are less local applicants vying for a post. If there is already intense competition among the locals, your chances of obtaining a job as a foreigner will be severely diminished.


The highest-paying and most-desired employment in Denmark are centered in these industries. Let’s examine the specifics of each one individually.

Jobs in Denmark for foreigners 2023
Jobs in Denmark for foreigners 2023

1.Education Employment in Denmark

In Denmark, education is regarded to a very high quality. Those who wish to enhance their talents and advance their careers overseas should keep Denmark at the top of their list. Each year, Denmark seeks to hire approximately 6,000 new teachers. Even at the university level, professors, lecturers, researchers, and other academics are frequently in short supply.

To be eligible for the positions of associate professor, professor, or post-doctorate, candidates must hold a PhD in the relevant subject. In addition, evidence of published research and the applicant’s contribution to their field as well as excellent instructional abilities are required. If you intend to obtain job in this industry, you can anticipate a salary of between 600,000 and 800,000 kroner per year.

University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School (CBS), University of Southern Denmark, and Aarhus University are among the highest-paying educational institutions in Denmark.

2. Business Sector Employment in Denmark

Denmark enjoys a major place in the international economy. Without a doubt, commercial activities contribute significantly to a nation’s and society’s economy. New enterprises generate employment chances for the unemployed, and their newly developed goods and services enhance the flow of money both domestically and internationally, so stimulating economic growth.

In Denmark, if you have a degree in marketing or business administration, you can make up to 400k kr per year as a sales manager, PR manager, or social media researcher. Around 18% of private sector jobs in Denmark are generated by foreign-owned multinational corporations, and you can look for employment at Novo Nordisk, Danish Crown, Arla Foods, Carlsberg, Maersk, and DLGl, which are some of the prominent firms with excellent career prospects.

3. Aviation Job Openings in Denmark

The aviation sector is another of Denmark’s top industries. In 2013, the Copenhagen airport was the busiest airport in Denmark, serving around 30 million passengers. This aviation activity ultimately results in the production of more jobs for the populace.

DAT Danish Air Transport, Sun Air of Scandinavia, Jettime, and Alsie Express are a few of the most prominent airlines in Denmark where overseas jobseekers can look for employment opportunities. These should be your ideal airlines if you intend to work as a Pilot, cabin crew member, air hostess, or ground staff member. In Denmark, pilots earn approximately 800k kroner per year, while flight attendants earn approximately 400k kroner per year. If you intend to work as an aeronautical engineer, you can anticipate a yearly salary of 500,000 Norwegian Kroner.

4. Health Care Employment in Denmark

Denmark distinguishes apart from other countries due to its superior health care system. According to the Social Progress Index, Denmark has the highest quality of life. Numerous academics have ascribed Denmark’s low mortality rate to its unparalleled health care system. Due to Denmark’s emphasis on health care, there is a constant need for new healthcare workers.

If you are a health care worker seeking employment in Denmark and do not know which hospitals to investigate, you may feel overwhelmed. So, for your convenience, I have compiled a list of the highest-rated hospitals in Denmark. There are several noteworthy hospitals, including Aarhus University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Odense University Hospital, Aalborg University Hospital, and Herlev.

In order to work as a general practitioner, surgeon, anesthesiologist, physiotherapist, or psychologist in Denmark, you must hold an M.D. and obtain Danish authorisation. In addition, you must be fluent in Danish and possess proof of insurance and immigration status while applying. There, medical practitioners are handsomely compensated. In Denmark, general practitioners earn approximately 115,000kr per year, while surgeons can earn up to 3,149,233kr per year. Similarly, nurses, physiotherapists, and psychologists can earn approximately 583,629, 850, and 550, respectively, each year.

5.Banking Jobs of Denmark

The financial sector in Denmark occupies a prominent position and contributes significantly to the economy as a whole. The significance of banks and mortgage banks to Denmark’s economic condition cannot be overstated. They are accountable for the majority of credit mediation in the community.

Cashiers, assistant bank managers, accountants, and front-desk personnel are among the highest-paying positions in the Danish banking industry. These positions offer typical annual salaries of DKK 170k, 820k, 340k, and 300k, respectively. Regarding educational requirements, the applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in accounting, finance, or business administration.

With over 108 banks in the region, banking and finance is another large industry with a manpower shortage. Danske Bank A/S, Nykredit Realkredit A/S, and Realkredit Denmark are a few of the important banks in the region where employment openings may be found.

6. Specialized mechanics

On the Danish labour market, specialised mechanics are in great demand. For instance, long-haul heavy truck mechanics, train mechanics, drilling equipment mechanics, underground construction, rail, road or bridge building mechanics, etc. have sufficient employment opportunities.

Train mechanics in Denmark make between 3,100 and 4,400 U.S. dollars per month, or between 22,450 and 31,291 DDK.

7. Nurses

In Denmark, nurses are in high demand and are compensated well. In Denmark, the average monthly income for nurses is 3,470 USD or 25,154 DDK.

In addition, the need for nurses is projected to increase by around 19% between 2021 and 2045. To perform this job, however, you will need to learn Danish.

In addition to nurses, the following medical careers are in high demand in Denmark:

  • doctors medical consultants
  • Chief medical officers dentists and clinical dietitians
  • The profession of occupational therapists
  • radiographers
  • medical lab technicians
  • dental hygienists

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can a foreigner acquire a job in Denmark?

    Foreigners who wish to work in Denmark may require a visa and work permit. Both are unnecessary for EU citizens, who are free to enter the country and begin working immediately. If they are staying more than three months, however, they must be officially registered (for a CPR number, a health card, etc.).

  2. How can I receive employment offer in Denmark?

    Typically, you submit your CV and cover letter electronically, and the employer will reach out to interview qualified candidates. Comprehensive research is required. The greater your knowledge of the organisation and how your professional qualifications can benefit its operations, the better.

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