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Italy Farm Working Jobs 2023 Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now


Italy Farm Working Jobs 2023 Visa Sponsorship: Farm Work Jobs are the most productive occupations in Italy. Apply for Italy Farm Work Opportunities With Visa Sponsorship in 2023. Italy is present in one of the largest agricultural industries in need of companies and workers for Framing Jobs. Italy, shaped like a boot, is a nation that constantly changes course. After the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, they lost many employees. The Government is now striving to fill these openings and open applications for Jobs in Italy to International candidates, staff, and students. The wage range for Italian agricultural workers is typically between 1,032.00 EUR (minimum wage) to 2,835.00 EUR. Over one million individuals contribute to the Italian agricultural industry.

Italy is without a doubt one of the world’s top producers of olives and fruit in terms of agriculture. It features strong Italian manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini automobiles, and fashion designers Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Armani. Agricultural Jobs in Italy involve Planting, Harvesting, Farming, and Fruit Selection. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the most effective farming techniques in Italy. Apply for the Framing Job by sending and importing your resume. And then wait for their reaction. If you receive a proposal letter, the Italian will help you create an Invitation letter, after which you can apply for an Italy visa.


Details Regarding Italy Farm Labor Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in 2023

Italy Farm Working Jobs 2023 Visa Sponsorship - Apply Now
Italy Farm Working Jobs 2023 Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

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  • Employment Nation: Italy
  • Business: Agriculture
  • Job Type: Farm Staff Required Expertise: None Required Knowledge: Not Extensive
  • No age restriction
  • Visa Sponsorship: Certainly
  • Salary: 2,835.00 EUR
  • Deadline: 2023-09-19

Employment opportunities for farm work in Italy

EURES Jobs in Italy:

This Portal has been created by the European Fee to discover all types of employment opportunities throughout Europe. This Portal provides access to Agriculture-Related Jobs in Italy. Wondering how this site operates? We have now provided detailed instructions. To obtain assistance from this portal, please follow the instructions below:

In the job class section, enter the desired job title (in this example, it must be an agricultural job), and then pick Italy in the subsequent country field:

This page will provide you with up-to-date listings of available employment in various regions of Italy.

Fram Jobs.It:

The greatest farmers require your assistance. On this website, you can immediately submit your CV/resume. They promptly contact Italian farmers to determine their needs. wxa4esq

Job within the nation – Coldiretti:

This Platform can also be used to find Agriculture-related employment opportunities in Italy. To make optimal use of the platform, you must register on the “Registrazione Lavoratore” website. Additionally, you will be able to upload your resume so any farms seeking labor can examine it and contact you if they are interested in your job experience.

Agrijob – Confagricoltura:

Agrijob, founded by Confagricoltura, is a second platform for finding employment in the agricultural industry.

CIA – Agricoltori italiani:

How to Apply
How to Apply

You can also register on the CIA-Agricoltori Italiani portal by providing your personal information and a few details about your experience in the agricultural sector, and you will be notified whenever employment opportunities become available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find farm employment in Italy in 2023?

You can hunt for seasonal employment chances in the agricultural sector if you are currently unemployed (jobs for a defined period of time). The majority of seasonal laborers who pick fruit and vegetables in Italy’s fields originate from foreign nations.

How do I find seasonal employment in Italy?

Before entering Italy, seasonal workers are required to get work authorization and a seasonal work visa. Italy employs a quota system that is fixed on a yearly basis.

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