Hubei Provincial Government Scholarships 2023-24 Apply Now


Hubei Provincial Government Scholarships 2023-24: The application period for the Hubei Provincial Scholarships for the academic year 2023-2024 or the Hubei Government CSC Scholarships will begin on January 10, 2023, at all of the province’s major universities. Similar to the China Scholarship Council’s scholarships, the purpose of this scholarship is to promote the internationalization of Chinese education.

The purpose of these scholarships is to bring foreign talent to China from abroad. The scholarship is only available to international students who intend to study in Hubei, China. Estimates place the total scholarship fund at $5,000,000 USD (around 35,000,000 yuan).


A huge opportunity exists in the ability to study Hubei for free. With approximately 120 higher education institutions, Hubei Province is one of the most developed regions of China. Hubei is home to two of China’s top ten universities, including Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University. The provincial scholarships allow students to pursue higher education in Hubei without having to worry about the cost.


Every year, the application deadline for Hubei Scholarships falls between the months of January and June.

Hubei Provincial Government Scholarships 2023-24 Apply Now
Hubei Provincial Government Scholarships 2023-24 Apply Now

Hubei Government Scholarships Funding Value:

These Chinese scholarships at Hubei universities are divided into five categories based on the level of study:

  • Type 1: Undergraduate recipients will receive a yearly award of 10,000 RMB.
  • Type 2 recipients will receive an annual award of 15,000 RMB.
  • The annual value of the Ph.D. award for Type 3 is 20,000 RMB.
  • Type 4: Scholarships for General Scholars are worth 10,000 RMB a year or 5,000 RMB every two years.
  • Type 5: The advanced scholar scholarship is worth 20,000 RMB annually or 10,000 RMB biannually.

Hubei Provincial Scholarships Duration and Degrees offered

  • The scholarship is offered for a maximum of four years to students enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree programs. For applicants applying to programs related to the Chinese language, specialized training, or exchange students who have made a significant contribution to the internationalization of Chinese education, the scholarship may last up to one year.
  • This scholarship program is affiliated with a number of distinguished Hubei universities. Wuhan University, Central China Normal University, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, South-Central University for Nationalities, Jianghan University, and Yangtze University, to name a few, are among these institutions.
  • These universities also provide courses in a variety of subject areas. Candidates are encouraged to confirm that the program they are applying to is supported by the scholarship. Philosophy, medicine, art, economics, law, literature, management, engineering, and agriculture are just a few of the subject areas covered.

Eligibility Criteria of Hubei Provincial Government Scholarship:

Applicants must have a legitimate passport and be of non-Chinese descent.
Applicants must be compliant with Chinese law and have a cordial demeanor toward their peers.
Bachelor’s degree candidates should be under the age of 35.

  • Applicants for a master’s degree must be younger than 40 years old.
  • A candidate for the Ph.D. should be younger than 45 years old.
  • Candidates for Chinese language programs or any other program that helps people develop their professional skills must have at least one year of research experience.
  • Applicants must satisfy the institution’s and program’s language requirements. Despite the fact that IELTS is not a standard requirement, some universities may attach the results of English language proficiency exams as a prerequisite.
  • Candidates cannot receive any other financial aid or scholarship from the Chinese federal or provincial governments.
  • Applicants must satisfy the admission requirements of the university or universities of their choice.

List of Universities in Hubei Province of China Offering Scholarships

  1. University of Science and Technology of Wuhan, Hubei University
  2. The Wuhan Institute of Technology and the Hubei University of Technology
  3. The Huazhong Institute of Science and Technology
  4. Hubei University of Automobile Technology Huazhong Agricultural University
  5. Hubei University of Economics, Yangtze University
  6. Wuhan Textile University Central China Normal University Hubei Medical University
  7. The University of Wuhan in China
  8. The Jianghan University Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Hubei Institute of Fine Arts
  9. Institute of Physical Education of the South-Central University for Nationalities in Wuhan
  10. Chinese Medicine University of Hubei
  11. Technology College of Wuhan
  12. The Hubei Nationalities University
  13. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Wuhan Conservatory of Music Wuhan University
How to Apply
How to Apply

How to Apply for Hubei Government Scholarships 2023?

The complete application process for Hubei government scholarships is outlined below.

  • Applicants must first choose a university in China’s Hubei province and a program that is supported by the Hubei Provincial Scholarship.
  • After picking a school, go to the school’s official website and look for the Hubei scholarship in the section for international students.
  • Fill out the scholarship application, compile the supporting materials, and submit them along with the application.
  • General Requirements for Applying for a Hubei Provincial Government Scholarship:
  • The Hubei scholarship application form
  • The passport’s photocopy
  • The highest degree or diploma earned
  • authenticated transcript and, if applicable, employment certification
  • Professorial or professional recommendation letter(s).
  • Certificate of Health and Fitness
  • Master’s degree students’ study plan
  • Ph.D. candidates’ research proposals
  • Motivation letter or statement of purpose (optional)
  • The documents are sent to the university in Hubei Province, China, at the address provided.

Application Deadline for Hubei Government Scholarship 2023

You have until June 30, 2023, to submit your application for the Hubei Government Scholarship 2023.

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