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How to Get UK Seasonal Work Visa 2023


How to Get UK Seasonal Work Visa: In today’s globalized world, working abroad has become an intriguing prospect, and the United Kingdom stands out as a thriving place for seasonal work. Whether you want to explore the history of London, the landscapes of Scotland, or the cultural scene of Manchester, obtaining a seasonal work visa can lead to an extraordinary experience. This post will explain how to apply for a Seasonal Work Visa in the United Kingdom.

What is the Seasonal Work VISA

Without a question, this is the finest spot to start our debate. A seasonal worker visa allows foreign individuals to work in the UK for a set period of time in a specific industry. It fulfills the same function as a nonimmigrant work visa in the United States.


Individuals who work as Seasonal Workers in Horticulture can spend up to six months in the UK in a 12-month period. Workers in the poultry industry must stay in the UK between October 2 and December 31 each year.


It is crucial to know that the Seasonal Worker visa does not lead to permanent residence, and candidates are not permitted to bring their dependent partners or children with them.

How to Get UK Seasonal Work Visa 2023
How to Get UK Seasonal Work Visa 2023

Requirements to Get the UK Seasonal Work Visa

To be eligible for the UK seasonal work visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are over the age of 18.
  • Your employer has provided you with a valid ‘Certificate of Sponsorship’ that includes information about the employment you’ve been offered.
  • You will be working in an eligible position in the horticulture or poultry production industries.
  • You have at least £1,270 in funds held for 28 days, or your employer has agreed to cover your costs in the UK up to £1,270 during your first month.
  • You have paid the visa application fee and the Immigration Health Charge, and you have given any required biometric information.
  • You do not qualify for refusal under the general grounds for refusal.

To apply, you must have a work offer from a UK-based approved sponsor and meet the eligibility conditions for the route.

You will be able to work in the position indicated in your sponsorship certificate if you have a Seasonal Worker visa. You can also study in the UK while you are in the country. Because the purpose of this approach is to facilitate temporary work. You may not work in any job that is not included on your sponsorship certificate. You are also not permitted to bring family members to the UK or to receive public subsidies while you are here.

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Eligible Roles for the Seasonal Worker VISA

You must have an eligible role in addition to being in the horticulture or poultry sectors. Here are some of the roles that are qualified for this visa:


The following goods are permitted to be grown:

  • Protected Vegetables: These are grown in glasshouse systems.
  • Field Vegetables: This group comprises vegetables, herbs, leafy salads, and potatoes that are all grown in the open air.
  • Soft Fruit: Strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, and numerous rabes and rubus species are examples of fruits growing both outside and under cover.
  • Top Fruit (Orchard Fruit): Fruit-bearing trees such as apples, plums, cherries, and apricots fall into this category.
  • Mushrooms: This usually refers to Agaricus bisporus, although it can also refer to more exotic species growing inside.
  • Bulbs and Cut Flowers: This involves the both outdoor and indoor growing of flowers such as daffodils, as well as bulb culture.
  • Pot Plants: Seasonal bedding plants such as pansies, violas, geraniums, and poinsettias are included.
  • Hardy Ornamental Nursery Stock: Shrubs, roses, ornamental trees, perennials, and even Christmas trees are included in this category.
  • Tree and Forest Nurseries: This covers the cultivation of trees for forestry purposes only.

Poultry Production

Your job must entail one of the following responsibilities:

  • Butcher;
  • Bird/game dresser;
  • Killer and Plucker;
  • Plucker;
  • Poulterer;
  • Poultry processor;
  • Poultry sticker;
  • Trusser;
  • Food operative;
  • Poultry catcher/handler;
  • Poultry vaccinator;
  • Poultry meat packer.

How to Get the UK Seasonal Wok VISA

To apply for a Seasonal Worker visa in the UK, you must submit your application up to three months before your intended start date, as shown on your sponsorship certificate. The application date for a poultry Seasonal Worker visa is 15 November each year. You can apply for horticultural Seasonal Worker visas at any time of year.

The application for a Seasonal Worker visa is completed online.

  • You will need to authenticate your identity as part of this process by either attending an appointment at a visa application center, gov. uk for fingerprinting and a photograph, or
  • By scanning your identity document using the ‘UK Immigration ID Check app. Here’s how to get and utilize the app. The visa application price is £259.
  • You may usually expect a decision on your visa within three weeks of submitting your application online, completing the identity verification, and delivering the appropriate papers.

Requirements for Employers

You must be an approved scheme operator and have a valid Temporary Worker sponsor license for the Seasonal Worker route to sponsor a Seasonal Worker.

Certain umbrella organizations, referred to as scheme operators, have already secured sponsor permits for this route in order to sponsor workers in poultry farming and/or horticulture. New scheme operators will not be awarded a sponsor license for this route unless they have previously been approved to operate a scheme.

Individual employers and organizations, even if they have a sponsor license for other routes, are not eligible to receive a sponsor license for this route.

Employers who have already secured a license must perform all sponsor duties, including those of an approved scheme operator. Failure to comply may result in the license being reduced, suspended, or revoked.

Duration of Seasonal Work Visa

You will be granted permission to enter and stay in the UK if you successfully apply for a Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker Visa in the horticultural sector. The length of your stay will be determined by one of two factors: the period mentioned on your Certificate of Sponsorship, plus 14 days before and beyond that period, or a maximum of 6 months within a 12-month timeframe, whichever is shorter.

You will be granted permission to enter and remain in the UK if you apply for a Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker Visa in the poultry production sector and your application is approved. Your stay will be limited to the time period specified on the Certificate of Sponsorship. With an additional 14 days before and after that time. Or the period beginning on October 2 and ending on December 31 of the application year (inclusive), whichever is shorter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if You Have a Child in the UK?

    If you have a kid while living in the UK, your child does not instantly become a British citizen. You must apply online for their VISA as their dependent. If you intend to travel to and from the United Kingdom with your child, fill out this form.
    However, you must produce a full UK birth certificate for each of your children, which includes both parents’ names.

  • Can UK Work Visa be Rejected?

    Yes, you can be denied a UK visa if you do not match the qualification requirements.

  • Can You Switch to a Permanent Visa with the UK Seasonal Work Visa?

    It is not possible to change from the Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker Visa route to another Temporary Work route.

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