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How to Become A Licensed Pharmacist in Canada


How to Become A Licensed Pharmacist in Canada: In Canada, the licensed pharmacist is one of the jobs with the highest demand. PharmEpass has sponsored this article. The most sophisticated PEBC test preparation platform for candidates seeking to pass the examinations on their first attempt. Use promo code CAREERS to receive $200 off any course!

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Quick Steps to Become a Licensed Pharmacist in Canada

How to Become A Licensed Pharmacist in Canada
How to Become A Licensed Pharmacist in Canada

Step 1:

You are going to register with Pharmacist’s Gateway Canada for International Pharmacists *except in Quebec. Once you register you will be given an ID number which is used to apply to PEBC.


Step 2:

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) will proceed with document evaluation. Once your documents are evaluated you will have 5 years to successfully complete the evaluation test.

Step 3: Pass the diagnostic test

Here you will take a 4.25-hour computer-based exam covering biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy practice, and behavioral, social, and managerial pharmacy sciences. A preparation course like can help you go through their online platform which trains you for a very realistic exam-like experience.

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Step 4: Passing the Qualifying Exams:

Part 1 consists of one-day multiple choice questions (MCQ) computer-based exam for which a preparation course like can help you prepare.

Language requirements

It’s no surprise that language barriers are often one of the most difficult challenges to overcome as IPGs. All Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (PRAs) require IPGs to meet language proficiency requirements. Check with your individual PRAs about language proficiency requirements.

Step 5: Structured Practical Training and Assessment

Each PRA will require candidates to complete some form of the structured practical training program and/or assessment. Contact your PRA for more details.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Step 6: Jurisprudence Examination

Every PRA pharmacist needs to understand the Canadian laws governing pharmacy practice (known as jurisprudence). Each jurisdiction will have its own test, but they are all pretty straightforward.

Step 7: License/Registration

The Pharmacy Regulatory Authority (PRA) will confirm the successful completion of all requirements to be licensed. you made it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do typical candidates study for the Evaluation Exam?

First, create a schedule and stick to it. The PharmaEpass course keeps you on track and identifies your shortcomings, allowing you to strengthen them. We advise alternating between clinical themes and calculations/professional practice to ensure mastery of both. We suggest studying for three to six months (this will vary based on how recently you graduated).

How much do these tests cost?

Document evaluation: $650
$890 is the charge for evaluating
Part I of the qualifying exam: $825
Part II of the qualifying examination: $1,855

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