Hongkong Scholarships in 2023 – Apply Now


Hongkong Scholarships in 2023: are now accepting online applications from students worldwide. Hong Kong’s universities are committed to research, development, and innovation, which makes them diverse, competent, and ideal for international students.

Hong Kong, the ideal synthesis of Eastern and Western cultures, is also renowned for its higher education and scholarship opportunities. Hong Kong is a hotspot for students who wish to earn a professional degree from a well-known institution, as six of its universities are ranked in the QS world university rankings. But before we delve into the Hong Kong scholarships that are available, let’s examine what it would be like to study in Hong Kong.


List of Hongkong Scholarships in 2023

The University of Hong Kong Scholarships

This grant will be used to pursue a fellowship programme at the Asia Global Institute of the University of Hong Kong. Candidates will attend lectures, conferences, and workshops during the 13-week residential programme in the field of Asian studies. They will also be able to travel to several Asian capitals and conduct firsthand research on Asian nations.


The recipients will receive a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, on-campus housing, and an allowance for study-related travel. The applicants will be responsible for their own airfare, but some may also receive a travel allowance. Scholarships are available to students of any nation. The fellowship is an interdisciplinary programme designed to cultivate public policy leaders.

Hongkong Scholarships in 2023 - Apply Now
Hongkong Scholarships in 2023 – Apply Now

Education University of Hong Kong Entrance Awards Scholarship

The Education University of Hong Kong awards undergraduate-level entrance scholarships. The value of the award is 112,000 Hong Kong dollars, which will be applied toward the cost of tuition. The eligible course for this award is a social sciences undergraduate programme in China Studies. The award is only available to international applicants and is renewable based on the recipient’s academic performance.

HKPF Hong Kong PhD. Fellowships

Fellowships for PhD study are available at a number of Hong Kong universities, including but not limited to the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Lingnan University. In each of these institutions, a unique list of PhD degree-granting programmes is provided.

The recipients will receive an annual stipend of 309,600 HKD (approximately 39,700 USD) and an allowance of 12,900 HKD (approximately 1,700 USD) for attending conferences and research trips. The duration of the award is limited to three years but may be extended in certain circumstances. This fellowship is intended for international students enrolling in a Doctoral programme in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Scholarships

Hong Kong Baptist University offers postgraduate scholarships in the fields of finance, management, applied economics, and accountancy to international students. The recipients will receive a full tuition waiver in addition to an allowance of 100,000 HKD, which is equivalent to approximately $12,800 USD annually. This extremely competitive scholarship is intended to produce business leaders and innovators. Preference will be given to students willing to participate in the international promotion of Hong Kong’s higher education.

Undergraduate Scholarships at the Lingnan University

This scholarship is available to non-Chinese and non-Hong Kong students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree at Lingnan University. The scholarship’s value is divided into three categories. The first provides full tuition assistance, housing, and a stipend to partially cover other educational and living expenses. The second and third types offer a full tuition waiver and a partial tuition waiver, respectively. The scholarship is awarded based on a variety of factors, such as the number of applicants for a specific programme, the applicant’s performance in the interview, professional and academic background, interests, and volunteer experience, among others.

Hongkong PhD Fellowships

The online application portal for the Hongkong PhD. Fellowship Scheme 2023-2024 is now available. Hong Kong’s international and domestic students can now enter this scholarship competition. Hong Kong PhD. Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) aims to entice the world’s top and brightest students to pursue PhD degrees in Hong Kong’s universities.

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