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You’ve come to the right place if you don’t have a lot of education or experience in a high-level area. Green House Worker Jobs in Ontario is the best chance for people without skills who want to work and live in Canada to find a job. We always look hard and go as far as we can to find the best jobs for everyone. We give you 100% real job offers that don’t cost you anything to apply for. You don’t have to look for jobs all over the Internet. You can apply directly for these jobs by clicking on the links at the bottom of each post, where you can also find more openings for the same job role.

Canada sends its fruits and vegetables grown in greenhouses to the USA, which is its closest neighbor and biggest trading partner, all year long. A report from Agriculture Canada in November 2022 says that in 2021, 892 industrial greenhouse vegetable operations in Canada grew 722,890 metric tons of vegetables. Every year, the greenhouse business in Lamington, Canada’s greenhouse hub, has been growing by a lot.


Canada Farm Jobs, our employer for today, is a place where immigrants and people from other countries can find work. Since 2011, they have helped farmers find farm workers and other options for farming. It helps Canada’s Agri-Food business by giving them farm solutions that are made just for them. It also helps people find jobs, move, and get settled in a new place. Another great thing about it is that it helps people who are looking for work through the process of applying for permanent residence. Let’s look into Greenhouse Worker Jobs in Ontario in more depth.


Details of Green House Worker Jobs in Ontario

  • Job title: Green House Workers
  • Job Country: Ontario
  • Expected Salary: CAD 15-20
  • Employee benefits: Yes. Depending upon the employers
  • Free Accommodation: Most of the time
  • Working conditions: Moist and Hot
  • Visa Assistance: Yes

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Requirements of Green House Worker Jobs in Ontario

  • There is no official education requirement. Anyone from those who have finished high school to those who have a master’s degree can apply.
  • You don’t need any training. But applicants with more knowledge are preferred.
  • It is important to be able to talk well in English.
  • All necessary and supporting visa documents.

Greenhouse Worksite environment

Depending on the location of the greenhouse (whether it’s in a flat or hilly area) and the local temperature and weather, the following physical features can be found in a greenhouse worksite environment:

  • Outdoors.
  • At heights.
  • Floricultural.
  • Confined Spaces.
  • Wet and Damp.
  • Odoured.
  • Hot (in freezing climates).
  • Cold/ refrigerated (if growing tender plants and weather is adverse).

Work responsibilities for Greenhouse Jobs

  • Brush Collecting.
  • Crop Cleaning and Weeding.
  • Crop clipping.
  • Deleting.
  • Fruit and Vegetable trees/ plant/ crops harvest activities like collecting them and packing them.
  • House maintenance.
  • Fruit / Vegetable Trees training.
  • Greenhouse cleaning.
  • Suckering plants like trees, shrubs, and other crops.
  • Tying vines and canopies.
  • Grafting seedlings and rooted cuttings.
  • Pot and re-pot plants.
  • Pruning trees and shrubs.
  • Watering plants and tendering them.
  • Planting bulbs.
  • Sowing seeds.
  • Transplant seedlings or rooted cuttings.
  • Maintaining/ Tending to lawn and garden.
  • Cleaning work area.
  • Picking and Packing greenhouse fruits or vegetables.
  • Operating greenhouse equipment machinery, and other set-up to maintain light and temperature for the plants.

Types of Greenhouse Plants/Crops in Ontario

  • Ferns.
  • Shrubs.
  • Plants or flowers for beds, like Marigolds.
  • Cut flowers like the ones that are used to make wreaths, bouquets, and vases for the home.
  • Fruits and veggies that are fresh.
  • Plants and crops that grow only during certain times of the year, like peppermint, chamomile, and ginger.
  • Orchids are a type of tropical plant.

Benefits of Green House Worker Jobs in Ontario

  • Stable Employment: A consistent labor force is frequently necessary for greenhouse operations to execute tasks such as crop seeding, cultivation, and harvesting. This affords greenhouse laborers consistent and continuous employment.
  • Seasonal and Year-Round Prospects: Depending on the commodities being cultivated, greenhouse labor may be seasonal or year-round. This degree of adaptability enables people to locate employment that corresponds with their schedules and preferences.
  • Experience in Horticulture: Greenhouse employees acquire significant practical knowledge in the field of horticulture through their involvement in various activities such as plant cultivation, insect management, irrigation systems, and other facets of greenhouse administration.
  • Variety of Crops: Ontario greenhouses are utilized to cultivate an extensive range of commodities, such as vegetables, herbs, and flowers. This diversity exposes employees to an assortment of plant species and cultivation techniques.
  • Learning Opportunities: Greenhouse employees frequently are presented with opportunities for experiential learning. Instruction in planting methods, crop upkeep, and the operation of specialized machinery is encompassed in this.
  • Community Connection: Numerous greenhouse operations are situated in rural communities, fostering a sense of community. Engaging in greenhouse work enables individuals to integrate into these communities, facilitating the development of relationships with both coworkers and residents.
  • Health and Well-Being: Working in a greenhouse entails time spent in a verdant setting surrounded by vegetation. This may enhance employees’ well-being by providing an escape from the confines of interior work environments.
  • Contribution to Environmental Sustainability: By providing a controlled environment for plant growth, greenhouses support sustainable agricultural practices. Ancestral personnel contribute to the promotion of resource-efficient and ecologically sustainable agriculture.
  • Prospects for Professional Growth: Greenhouse laborers who amass expertise and proficiency may be eligible for career advancement prospects in the horticulture sector. This may encompass positions of supervision or management.
  • A work environment that promotes inclusivity: Greenhouse operations frequently comprise teams comprising members who are disparate in background and origin. This fosters a collaborative and inclusive workplace environment.
  • Access to Regional Markets: As Ontario is a center for agricultural production, greenhouse laborers may contribute to the region’s supply of fresh, locally grown produce.
  • Assistance for Immigration: Certain greenhouse labor positions may assist with immigration, thereby enabling individuals to gain employment and potentially establish residency in Ontario.

Where to find Greenhouse Workers Jobs in Ontario?

Google “Greenhouse Workers Jobs in Ontario” to find all the foreign and Canadian job search sites that could help you find a Greenhouse Workers Job in Ontario in

  • Ca.Indeed.
  • ECO Canada.
  • Canada Job Bank
  • Workopolis.
  • Glassdoor.
  • Simply Hired.

How to Apply for Greenhouse Workers Jobs in Ontario on Canada Farm Jobs?

  • Go to the page for Canada Farm Jobs.
  • Click on the area for job seekers.
  • Choose your field of work, such as IT, Finance, or something else.
  • Click on the job role you want.
  • Send in the CV and any other important papers.
  • Canada Farm Job will get in touch with you within 24 hours to tell you how your document is doing and give you any other directions.

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People Also Ask

  1. How much do greenhouse workers get paid in Canada?

     The national average salary for a greenhouse worker is $33,680 in Canada. Filter by location to see greenhouse worker salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 14 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by greenhouse worker employees. How accurate does $33,680 look to you?

  2. What does a greenhouse helper do?

     As a greenhouse worker, your job duties include preparing the soil, planting bulbs or seeds, applying fertilizer, and watering the plants. You may also install and repair irrigation systems that are used within the greenhouse or nursery and spray for bug and disease infestations on the plants.

  3. Are farm workers in demand in Canada?

    By 2029, there will be more than 123,000 job openings in the Agriculture & Agri-Food Labor Force category than can be filled by the local labor force, predicts the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC).

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